1196 Tasting Notes

drank Coconut Cream Pie by Butiki Teas
1196 tasting notes

:( I do not like not being sure if I have logged a tea before.

I knew I had this though, I just wasn’t sure how but thankfully my note isn’t way down hiding. I for some reason thought I tried it iced before but didn’t. Well good then. I am drinking it iced with some condensed milk. It looks a lot like Thai iced tea.

It’s okay. Like last time I think it could use more coconut. The creaminess is definitely there, and I think sweetening it up in this manner takes away from the gross rooibos taste.

I have the old version though so maybe the new one will be more to my tastes. Of course I have no intention of finding out anytime soon because I. DO. NOT. NEED. MORE. TEA.


I like your new profile pic! What kind of bird is it?


Thank you! It’s my parakeet, Sebastian. Here’s his full body since his coloring is why I picked him out (other than the fact he was being cute): https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc1/1005859_10200192572086011_788828414_n.jpg


And he has two feet he just really loves to get comfortable and tuck one up haha.


Wow! He is super pretty! Just gorgeous!

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drank Fig Rose by Teavana
1196 tasting notes

I wanted to get this tea but I was waiting for someone to give me the card so I could get 30% off. Clearly 50% off is a better deal. I picked up 4 oz since after looking at it, it definitely looked like it’d be a heavier tea as a lot of fruit based tisanes tend to be.

At first I didn’t see myself drinking this hot ever, and I realized when I got home it was pretty funny I turned down even smelling Berry Almond Amaretto for its almond notes when this one has them too. And then I made it and I realize I definitely need to try it hot.

This isn’t as floral as I was hoping it would be :( It’s also way sweeter. It tastes a lot like cake, for me this is a definite product of the caramel flavoring. The fig flavor is decent, and the hibiscus isn’t too tart. I jut wish there was just a bit more rose, because it smells much more floral than it tastes.

Aimee Popovacki

I preferred berry almond amaretto to this one, but this one isn’t too bad. I’m probably going to pick up both on this online sale.


I found myself wishing for more rose taste too with this too…it does taste good combined with the Strawberry Rose Champagne. Not just an online sale, also going on at the stores. Been tempted to go, but nothing I really want is on sale and since I’ve got a bunch of tea coming in this coming week, (And hopefully be arriving before my Dad gets home! So I can hide it.) I’d better try to be a good little brat and not buy anymore tea!

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This is not so much a tasting note as it is a note on how this tea works steeped in butter. I made the above cupcakes and used this tea rather than an Earl Grey like the recipe calls for. I figured these cupcakes have the flavors of what I’d consider iced tea and I don’t have 30g of EG sitting around, so why not?

This was the first time I actually used tea this way, I put tea into muffins before (but I messed them up) and I kind of did something similar for the butter in a tarte tatin, but that’s definitely not the same as all the steps for this butter, it was hard to save 2/3 of it in the end! I was kind of surprised.

I let the butter sit overnight hoping that might give it time to really meld in its flavors. I could definitely smell the tea and you could see it in the color of the butter, but the other flavors in the cupcake were a bit overpowering so maybe EG would be better in this particular case.

I have some peach Torani syrup and I think I’ll be cold steeping a pitcher of this tonight and mixing some of that syrup in for a nice summer drink to take to lunch tomorrow. And this definitely has made me want to bake more with tea. I see some fun experiments ahead with tea infused butter, especially because the frosting recipe w/those cupcakes made WAY too much so I need to use it up with something else!


sounds like an interesting experiment…


That sounds good, I will have to try it sometime.

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For a cheap tea that smelled pretty artificial this didn’t turn out so bad cold brewed. It definitely needed to just sit and mellow out for an extra day though.

There’s this weird floral quality to it though as it warms up. I don’t care for it. But I think I only have enough to cold brew another pitcher and I’d never have it again. But it tastes enough like mango. And black tea. I guess. It’s still nothing special even though it doesn’t taste terrible.

I have not been drinking much of anything interesting outside of water lately. Or probably much of anything at all. Blah. Such blahs.

And I did a go-kart race last night in some really intense go-karts and my entire body still hurts. I had to get up for work at 5 today too. It’s amazing I was actually able to put together the pastry case today and not have my arms fall off and I didn’t drop a plate of pastries on the floor either yay.

But in exciting news: THE PANDA AT THE ZOO HAD TWINS! and a hockey facility is being built half a mile from where I live. I am going to just go watch everyone play hockey because I can.


i swear cold steeping improves everything.


I agree, I always resort to cold brewing if I don’t care for something.

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drank Tropicalia by DAVIDsTEA
1196 tasting notes

If you have Netflix instant and you haven’t watched Orange is the New Black yet, do it!!! It’s so good. I’m taking a break to watch this…I’ve already watched five episodes, oops.

I’ve also been mostly drinking coffee because I’m trying to get a sense of the flavors in it for work, I remembered I like Latin American coffees so I’ve got two from Whole Foods and all I really get is chocolate. Well that’s not really a problem I guess. I also learned that tea is about 32895289 times easier to cold brew. Holy crap it takes a lot of coffee. I went to work for the first time at 5:30am yesterday but I was only there roughly an hour, I actually quite liked being out at that time…cuts the travel time in half!

I’ve been holding onto this from last summer because I didn’t want to have to buy more, but now that I’m working I think it will be okay to load up again soon. This is definitely my favorite fruit tea. Or maybe tied with that cherry kiwi coconut one. I am terrible at playing favorites. But I seem to have forgotten how I like it, I used a tablespoon per cup for double strength tea to ice and it just doesn’t have the same oomph I remember. I know I definitely used a lot more. I did put 2 tbsp worth in the measuring cup and have left the rest just sitting so I’m going to pour myself another glass.

It’s a bit better, I’m wondering if it just doesn’t last, so to speak. It just doesn’t taste as good as I remember and this is one of my favorites!! So once I get my first paycheck I think I will order me a fresh batch. It has the sweetness I remember but it just feels like the flavors have dulled down.

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drank Charitea (Bottled) by Argo Tea
1196 tasting notes

I went on a tour of a really big Whole Foods today with Yelp and saw that not only were bottled Argo Teas on sale, but they had this one, which I had never tried before! So of course I got a bottle and I regret not getting two!

The name is a cute play on what it contains too…charitea is a cherry tea! It has cherry, hibiscus, and vanilla. It’s sweetened so it’s not too tart, but you can definitely taste each of these things. I really like the way vanilla and hibiscus taste.

I only drank half the bottle tonight because it’s pretty sugary and I wanted to try a coffee I bought. I enjoyed the coffee more I am so sorry tea.

But really this is one of the better bottled Argo options. I hadn’t ever seen this one in a store before.

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drank Chance Combinations by Custom
1196 tasting notes

Ok since this drink is only possible in two US cities right now I’m sticking it in here.

So Starbucks in Atlanta and Austin have like a sodastream-esque machine for making three sodas and they’re also pushing carbonating iced teas and possibly those refreshers? So the manager said they were told green tea doesn’t really work but she found a way…by mixing it with the ginger ale. She is very insistent on drinks, I love it. I had told the guy when I first got there that I was fine drink-wise but she had him make her one when we were getting started then of course had to get me to get one.

It was worth it! I’m pretty sure all the sugar has destroyed me. I have been really trying to limit my carbs but I think I’m going to have to triple the amount that’s ok on days I work hahaha. As much as I don’t want to I don’t think it’s fair to limit what I can taste so that I can tell people how things taste. And that seems to be a big thing w/my manager. Don’t know what something tastes like? Taste it. And I really like that because it drove me crazy at my brief time at Pinkberry that tasting things was not done very well (franchisee was too cheap to even allow free yogurt after work or on a break. Ridiculous.), and I think when you’re working somewhere with food you had better know what everything’s like so you don’t give that lame “everything’s good!” crap when someone asks you what you like.

Ok anyway. If you have the opportunity to have such a thing as this green tea ginger ale, you must. I think the sodas Harney & Sons sell come in such a variety? I’m not sure what the exact parameters are (yet) but it was really good. And it has that fresh ginger taste to it, which typically isn’t my favorite but goes so well with green tea.

I’m excited to try the passion tea lemonade this way. I’ll do that Wednesday hopefully!


Adding ginger ale actually sounds good…although I love ginger ale, even that green tea version from Canada Dry!

Aimee Popovacki

yeah, there was a green tea gingerale variety from canada dry awhile ago here.. i loved it… it got discontinued unfortunately! it tasted awesome together!

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drank Bananas Foster by 52teas
1196 tasting notes

I have had a headache for seven hours and I can’t get rid of it. I’ve been drinking tons of liquid, I took magnesium, I’ve been drinking water with a potassium/b vitamin mix added to it, I took ibuprofen, oh and Sebastian is slamming his mirror around aka not helping.

I remembered I liked this iced so I cold steeped it. I love it. I can definitely taste rum in there along with banana and cinnamon. Still the cinnamon is kind of strong. But this is so good, I’m pretty sure to kill this headache I will drink it all by tonight.

And sadly I have almost drank it all. I hate that this is “sadly” because I should be really psyched it’s almost gone and I have one less tea, but I love this one!


I hate lingering headaches. Hope you feel better soon!


I know what you mean. I was sad when I finished my pouch of it. IT WAS SO GOOD! Hope you feel better. Headaches are the worst.

Terri HarpLady

I can’t function with a headache. The only thing that seems to work for me when I have one is alternating between an ice pack (usually a bag of frozen peas or corn), & a heating pad. You have my sympathy!


i was going to say… an ice pack can help me, also something like powerade (yes i know, ghastly) because headaches can be a sign of bad electrolytes.


Thank you guys, I somehow completely managed while at work for a few hours (thankfully nothing but sitting there for the first few days). I know it is most definitely an electrolyte issue. I think suddenly having so much sugar did not help things out. When I got home, it was so bad I tried to cook for myself and failed miserably (you know, pretty much near burnt on the outside but somehow lukewarm in the center, NOPE) so at least I got myself to Chipotle and home and since then it’s been worse!

I’ve got a pack of frozen wild blueberries on my head now. Definitely feels like it’s helping.

Terri HarpLady

When you’re done using them as an icepack you can drop them in the blender & make a smoothie :)


That’s why I have them! I do for once have everything necessary to make one too.


mixing molasses into hot water with a pinch of salt acts as a very good ad hoc electrolyte remedy… but if you can’t stomach molasses then not so much.


Ahh I don’t own any, I think if it’s not better in the morning I will get some of that G2 gatorade, I don’t mind that stuff and it might be more well rounded in electrolytes than what I’m adding to water at present. Thankfully it’s starting to subside but I think it’s because I finally hit my last resort of taking stronger pain meds.


yeah, i’m more likely to pop a cup of tea than pain pills, myself. =0) but sometimes chemicals save time.


Yikes I hope you feel better soon.


Yep, it was coming up on 5 hours and at that point time to just do it. It’s pretty much gone now too and thankfully there’s no side effects of it. Yay!


excellent! glad to hear no sideaffects+no headache!!


Sipdowns are always bittersweet.

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About five billion internet days ago, I tried this tea and it tasted oddly savory to me, and Della Terra sent me a sample. I never got around to it. Until now. I’m sorry.

I still get a little weird taste but not to the same level as last time. I think it’s a result of the skins on the apple pieces.

This is alright, I don’t like the oily layer on top and as it’s cooled it’s just become apple. I had been hoping to have it hot and iced but it only had the full flavor hot.


I could never quite get this one to work for me

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drank Gooey Butter Cake by 52teas
1196 tasting notes

This was my Formula 1 watching tea. I ended up oversteeping it because I got too into finding a live stream hahaha. Easily fixed with a touch of milk.

I want to like this more than I do but it just comes off so strongly lemon to me. I don’t get a lot of butter, or cake, or icing. I guess maybe I’ll try a lower temperature.

And I have to try it iced after reading the description again. Oh yeah.

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