1212 Tasting Notes

drank Paris by Harney & Sons
1212 tasting notes

I REALLY wish the notes on here would have some semblance of organization…having your own listed first would be marvelous. I’m trying to find out if I ever coldbrewed this before, I’ve logged this tea five times but because the first time was in 12/11, that comes up first, and because it barely has any likes, it bumps me all the way to the FIFTH FREAKIN PAGE. In fact last time I logged it I bitched about this.

Answer: I coldbrewed it after the first time trying it. Guess I better commit that to memory now.

So I got this going last night when I realized I finished off a gallon of the pink lemonade iced tea already.

If you bought tea from me, it’s going out tomorrow. It was going to today but after I ate breakfast I felt like hell and my stomach is now realizing what’s happening (I’m doing a Whole 30) and oh it was not fun until about 3:30pm.

Then all I felt like doing was going to my garden and seeing what was grown…I had another huge zucchini. In 4 days I’ve picked 30 ounces of zucchini. I’ve picked 3 jalapenos too. There’s a lot of standing water in the mulch around the plots and it’s attracting mosquitos :( I got so many bites and I was only there less than 10 minutes! The deluge of rain lately has really screwed everyone’s tomato plants…they all look horrid on the bottom halves. I hope they’ll be okay. I’ve got some little bell peppers and cucumbers on the way soon.

I ate a lettuce wrap burger that I knew would be okay to eat because otherwise I was definitely not gonna eat nearly enough food for the day…and finally felt okay ot nap. That felt good, but I slept till 7:30 hahaha. So finally after that I got around to getting this out of the fridge. For being in there about 24 hours it didn’t get gross.

I. LOVE. IT. I need to do this more often. I think I far prefer it this way. It seems less bergamot-y and more fruity with a nice creamy vanilla flavor too.

Too bad I only made a quart of it and I’m already polishing it off.

PS anyone have any ideas of how to eat zucchini I’m already tired of it :(


I dislike zucchini, but my family loves it. So try eating it raw with lemon pepper on it. Baking it into zucchini bread or muffins, put it in any kind of stir fry or casserole, shred it into a coleslaw.


bread stuff is off limits for now :( but I did see a recipe for brownies that involves zucchini that will be back in later, and I’m sure I’ll still be picking zucchini then. I’ve actually never eaten it raw so I’m going to have to try that! I always saute it and for some reason raw it has never appealed to me, but at the same time I’ve never actually tried it to know for sure.


Zucchini tater tots or pancakes! Or hollow out larger ones, add spicy sausage, marinara and parmesan then bake. Or dice into fry sized strips, coat with egg and panko/parmesan blend with lemon pepper then bake on a cookie tray. Om nom nom!


Dice or slice them, blanch them, cool them and freeze them. :) Then you can eat something else for a bit and no food is wasted.


I envy the time you get to spend in your garden. I don’t get home from work until the Mosquitos come out. I’m certainly not doing any gardening then!
As for zucchini, you can make a nice light soup. Onion, garlic, broth, zucchini. Cook. Blend. Cream if you want. Eat.
You can add whatever flavors suit your fancy. Also nice chilled.
And just another shout out to zucchini pancakes. With feta. So tasty.


I tried to do a whole 30 in January, I maybe made it two weeks and definitely had a few chocolates in there, lol. I’d like to try again sometime!!

I’m waiting for my veggie garden to start growing. For zucchini I’ve used a julienne peeler to make “noodle” for chicken “zoodle” soup, or with an avocado cilantro sauce…. You could maybe layer it like you would eggplant to make lasagna too!
I didn’t read the other comments yet so I apologize if these have already been suggested :)


I think combining everyone’s ideas is going to be best…chop up, freeze, make these pancakes in the future. Also in the future: not let these silly zucchini grow so much!

I wish the garden had benches or something because it’s such a nice spot. But man the mosquitos were not fun. That was the middle of the afternoon too, I thought I’d be safe! But the standing water was that bad :( I’m waiting for the stuff on my patio to grow. I at least have all the herbs available but I’m kind of disappointed that the tomato plants there have just grown upward and done nothing otherwise. Maybe someone sprayed around there for bees without saying anything :[


I love to make stir fry with shrimp, onions, bok choy and zucchini; and zucchini-potato latkes with tzatziki!


You can also cook zucchini blossoms. Nip that problem in the bud… Literally! :D


I’ve had them tempura fried before…I have been so tempted to pick some of them on the ones on my patio since they had so many more but now I think it’s purposely dropping ones way too early on me on purpose. Though zucchini from there will actually be a normal size so clearly I need to go after the garden ones haha.


Grate them and pat dry. Mix in a few beaten eggs,salt and pepper pepper and fry like latkes. I’d experiment with pancake batter, grated zucchini, lemon and cardamom.


Grilled zucchini is delicious!

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drank Pink Lemonade by Southern Boy Teas
1212 tasting notes

USPS said my order wasn’t coming till Monday so I was psyched to check my mail last night and find these already arrived!

First off I like that they come in bigger bags now, although I’m guessing the need to make the labels bigger played in that too. Over the seasons I was not drinking iced tea I lost my ability to carefully open the smaller packets these came in last year.

I did the usual steeping of the bag in 2 cups of water then transferring it to a pitcher filled with ice and cold water. I then put the bag in a quart of water to cold steep it for a second steep since getting 2 uses out of these bags is great.

I always think these taste better after chilling in the fridge overnight so I didn’t even try it last night, but it was definitely the first thing I did this morning. Straight out of the fridge there wasn’t much flavor, but as it warmed at room temperature, out came the pink lemonade flavor. You can definitely smell the cotton candy in here over any other flavors, but you don’t taste it. It does its job at just adding sweetness, which is great because sometimes the grapefruit seems a bit heavy, especially as it gets too warm.

When it’s right it tastes just like a mix of pink lemonade and iced tea, minus the it being super sweet. I’m sure if you do sweeten it, it’ll be even better, but I quite like it how it is.

Honestly this might become my favorite SBT already.


Mmmmm! Can’t wait for mine to get here.


Ooooh, still waiting for mine to arrive too. Hurry up USPS! LOL!

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drank SBT: Neapolitan Ice Cream by 52teas
1212 tasting notes

I’ve been meaning to write this since Monday since it was my National Iced Tea Day iced tea! In fact, I wanted to do it last night but right before 8pm the power went out after a massive storm blew through. I only got power back at 4:50am, and I only know this because my smoke detector’s first power source is electricity and it beeped twice when it came back on, scared me half to death. There are trees down all over the place, I can’t even get to my garden and I’m worried about one of my tomato plants since it already looked like it had too much water D:

So yes this tea, it is hard to pick a favorite SBT because they are all so good. This one though I’d say isn’t up there, but it’s still good. This time around, it seemed more chocolatey than the other flavors, but the strawberry and vanilla were still there. I love that it’s sweet enough I don’t have to add extras, and it tastes creamy even though it’s just water and tea.

I guess the other bag I had, I made at the Dragon. I don’t even remember that, oops!

I haven’t made any iced tea since I came back home to my apartment so I feel like today and right now might be the time to do that. I could have done it by flashlight last night but then I would have taken my bird’s only light source. Once I set up the flashlight by him like a lantern, he ate dinner haha.

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drank Earl Grey by Tazo
1212 tasting notes

On Sunday, I went to a hotel for breakfast to meet my great aunt, who I’ve actually never met before. Her husband’s son was getting married here and a week before they found out we lived here, so they invited us to come eat breakfast. It was pretty neat! She reminded me a lot of me, as I do a pretty crappy job of staying in contact with people…you wouldn’t believe how much grief I’ve been given for this being only the second time I’m visiting this year.

So because this is one of those very Starbucks integrated hotels, Tazo was the tea. It was a pain because the cups were so tiny so judging how long to even steep this was impossible and it got grossly bitter with the bergamot. I tried to salvage it with some honey, but it did not help entirely.

And someone else there just left their tea bag in the cup while they drank it? blech.

This was the only black tea option, pretty much the ONLY thing there with caffeine too…who wants a tisane or decaf green in the morning? No thanks.

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Since I’m up at my parents, I brought along all the sample sachets I got when I last ordered from Harney.

This wasn’t bad, I just don’t think English breakfast is anywhere close to my top choices for a black blend. It ended up being steeped a bit longer tan I wanted so I had it with milk, which generally lately I have felt pretty meh about.

It wasn’t as hearty as I would like, because of that, but otherwise it would have been too strong/bordering on bitter. Blah! Well, it’s just yet another thing where it’s like if it was around, I’d drink it, but I wouldn’t actively seek it out.

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drank Stars & Stripes by Art of Tea
1212 tasting notes

So I guess nobody else has ever bought this tea and that is why Art of Tea discontinued it. For good reason, it’s not very good. I used my entire mini tin to make a pitcher of iced tea last night.

It’s alright…the black tea just has this odd almost musk to it and it overpowers any of the flavoring. I ended up having to add splenda to bring out other flavors, but it only did so for strawberry. The kiwi’s absolutely nonexistent. The black tea just overpowers everything and it doesn’t taste like it’s even a good type to use for iced tea.

I guess I am going to be the only one drinking it. Bleh. It totally made the steeper thing disgusting too with the little sugar stars. I’ve never had a problem with sprinkles in there before and now there’s a nice red sugar ring in a spot I can’t reach. Lovely.

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I had a cup of this last night while I started working on my French again (Je suis une femme! That’s about all I learned. Oh and the repeated use of Les robes et la pomme sont rouges. Got old. Quickly.)

This one is good though not as awesome as the macaron one. It was chocolatey but subtle about it. The black tea blends in really well with the chocolate flavor, which almost borders more on the taste of cacao nibs or cocoa powder rather than like milk chocolate. I really wanted to add a little milk and sugar but got distracted, so definitely next time to make it a bit more like mousse. It’s definitely really, really rich and decadent.

Thank you shmiracles for this awesome tea!

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I should post this already.

So a bit back, I bought a bunch of 52Teas stuff off KeenTeaThyme, and 3 of these iced tea packets were in there: the other 2 flavors were plum and root beer. I tried making the plum one earlier but its flavor did not survive two years. When I opened this one, I smelled it first and there was that definite citrusy-sweet prickly pear scent to it, so I went ahead and made it. I made 3 quarts from the whole thing, meant for a gallon originally because I wasn’t sure after the plum one that I should go about making them as if they were new.

In fact that was a bit too strong so after I poured a glass from the 2 qt pitcher I filled it back up with water.

The flavor is definitely there! I added agave too to help bring it out. It was very nice to have by the pool yesterday, the first 90 degree day this year. Blah!

I have to go to my parents’ tomorrow and I guess I am staying till Monday, I am worried about my dad yelling at me about school and not finding a job and I really don’t want to go :/ At least Sebastian will be entertaining on the car ride, he is unphased by being covered in the car and chirps along to songs he really likes. It’s very amusing.

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drank Mango Ice Cream by 52teas
1212 tasting notes

Oh man I can’t stop playing this game on my phone called Battle Cats. I only downloaded it because of its name and I definitely don’t regret it.

It cooled off enough thanks to storms that I wanted to drink hot tea! Yay! I was looking through stuff and realized I haven’t had this nearly enough, although I have given plenty away. I never had it hot, either.

It was quite good hot, in fact I still have some and it’s cold and I can’t taste mango whatsoever. It actually tasted like mango while it was hot. And it was just a bit creamy, not too sweet though.

Back to speaking of it cold, I previously cold brewed it and the creaminess wasn’t there. I think that’s a fine trade off. I’d rather have the mango. I mean I guess it’s slightly there when I finish the sip but it’s almost floral tasting too. It does have such an excellent base tea to it though, I almost don’t mind finishing the cup this way.

Hot or cold brewing the rest it is then.


Battle cats sounds awesome. Googling it now. :P

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I watch too much hockey and soccer. So does the bird in my photo, surprise. Finally getting back to drinking my way through my stash thanks to finally securing myself a real paying desk job.



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