1111 Tasting Notes

Sipping down TWO Butiki Teas today. Drinking my last serving of White Chocolate PTA now (SO many white chocolate chips in this cup!)

Later on I will have my last serving of Flowery Pineapple Oolong cold brewed :D

Project Drink All the Butiki Before it Goes Stale is going well!


I always have such a hard time finding a balance of ‘keeping this for a rainy day’ and ‘drink this before it goes stale’. Sigh. But, good job!


I’ve heard a few people complain of their Butiki’s going stale…hence my effort to not waste them Courtney

Butiki Teas

I would say at this point, the flavored teas are no longer good. If they aren’t stale, they have all at least lost quite a bit of flavor unless they were vacuum sealed.


Doesn’t that mean it’s time to come back Stacy?! Please!! ;)


Stacy has spoken! Sip them down NOW if you still have some folks!


Let the Sipdown Parties begin!

Butiki Teas

@TeaNTees-I’m afraid not. :(

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Refreshingly different! I am drinking it grandpa style and really enjoying how long it lingers on my palate :)



I haven’t had yabao in over a year. I do enjoy it from time to time. It makes me curious to try an aged version.

Thanks for the swap LuckyMe!

Doug F

I received this as a bonus sample in a recent YS order and I have to admit it was a bit too subtle for my tastes.


Try it grandpa style with a large amount of leaf Doug F! :)

Doug F

I will. Thanks for the suggestion!


I made the mistake of reading a review that said this tea tasted like “bedbug blood” before I drank it. So it really didn’t work out for me that day. I plan to come back to it in a few months though.


LOL curlgc :-o

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My ShanLinXi from Beautiful Taiwan was labeled “2015 premium.” I’m going to assume that this is the same tea but forgive me if it is not.

I have been so happy with all my BTT oolongs! This was no exception. It started out SO SWEET! Very lightly vegetal and slightly mineral…later steepings became more vegetal and got increasingly buttery. The mouthfeel is silky and amazing. MMMMmmmmm goood tea :)

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I drank through all of the green tea samples I got from Beautiful Taiwan this week! Next week will be Oolong Time :D

This Fish Hook and the Dragonwell were my top favorite greens. This one is sweet and vegetal and addictive. I think I SLIGHTLY preferred the dragonwell for its complexity, but I would certainly not turn down more of this one or the other green I tried from BTT, the Twisted Green.

Very impressed with all the offering so far. Seems to be a top notch seller for sure :D

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Wow another winner from Beautiful Taiwan!

This white is extremely creamy and malty, with hints of hay. There is a nutty note too. Super thick and mouth coating liquor. Resteeps very well. Not sure I’ve ever had a white tea this addictive! Each steep became sweeter than the last. Charming tea :)

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Saturday my husband and I spent the day in Indianapolis. We attended the State Fair Brewer’s Cup because my husband had some homebrew beer in the contest, and before that we met Paul from Beautiful Taiwan in Carmel IN to taste some of his teas and chat and buy samples from him. Paul was so nice and so knowledgeable about his teas and the farmers and farms they came from! This was the first tea I tried when we got back home. Pictures!




This was a stunning and complex tea. I really really enjoyed it. Lots of malty notes that opened up into fruity and sweet. I wish I had taken notes while I drank it yesterday but I was running around the house in between steeps doing laundry and cleaning the house after my trip. Anyway, I can’t wait to try the rest of my BTT samples if this is any indication of the quality! :D

Liquid Proust

Did you back their KS as well as visit them?


Did not know about his KS until my visit, so just the visit part LP

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Yum this is tasty tea! Thank you for the sample Marzipan

I’m not sure I can pick out the individual dried fruits or anything like that, but it is nice and has a faint warm spice note along with the sort of fruity flavor. Anyway, it’s tasty and I will gladly finish my sample but am not rushing out to buy any either. That may not be a reflection on the teas as much as it is a reflection on my lack of enthusiasm for flavored teas of late.


Welcome to the club. Can’t drink flav anymore. Even EG is weird tasting. And I used to love good EG


Send them all to meeeeee!

Lariel of Lórien

Almost got something like that once. Sounds interesting.

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I accidentally oversteeped it and it took it like a champ. Super smooth and creamy and malty and sweet but also a little savory. Addictive and so so tasty!! I can’t wait to try it again but more carefully and see what other flavors I can pull from it. YUMS


Accidentally oversteeping it is the way to go with these! So yummy!

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drank Thé du Loup by THE O DOR
1111 tasting notes

Thank you for the sample Marzipan :)

This reminded me a lot of my one of my fave from Fauchon, Chocolate Eclair!

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drank Green Snail Spring by Mandala Tea
1111 tasting notes

Thanks for the sample with my recent order Garret!

This is the 2015 version and it is super sweet and vegetal. Very nice green! :D

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Graphic artist, printmaker, lover of tea.

I love pretty much every type of tea camellia sinensis can produce. I like herbal teas sometimes but I can’t stand rooibos. I’m recently becoming a puerh addict.

Butiki, Verdant, Mandala, TeaVivre, Yunnan Sourcing, TeaUrchin, White2Tea and Den’s are my favorite online retailers so far.


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