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Thanks to TeaVivre for this one!

I’m not a huge oolong person, but this is very nice. Tastes like a cross between tieguanyin and milk oolong. Yum :)

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I did a long strong steep on this one as a pick-me-up this afternoon. WOO! This one is really growing on me :D

I find it tastes even better if I let it cool a little bit before I drink it…I should try it iced soon :)

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drank Yiwu 2009 Spring by Teaurchin
834 tasting notes

This is SUPER good sheng!!!!

Excellent balance between sweetness and pleasant astringency, with some fruit and floral aromas. Great energy. Seems super solid and one of my top picks from TeaUrchin so far :)

Good Monday tea, for sure.

Terri HarpLady

I wish I’d brought some sheng with me…sigh… ;)


I never think to travel with sheng either for some reason, even though I loves it!

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Drank this one all day! It started out somewhat astringent, which I enjoyed but I think perhaps others might not appreciate. It was good, as almost all of my TeaUrchin shengs have been, but definitely not my favorite of the bunch. I give it a B-

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Sad Sample Sipdown! Thanks again Terri!

I’m definitely going to order some first flush dragonwell next spring. Not sure from where yet but the stuff is DEELISH! I’m ambivalent about regular dragonwell though. It’s not bad but doesn’t thrill me like this really young stuff does.

On an unrelated note- I think I’m going to make some homemade matcha and frozen yogurt popsicles this weekend. Doesn’t that sound fab? Oohh maybe I’ll throw in some avocado too…

Cameron B.

Maybe with a little bit of mint or lemon too? :D


OoooOoooh! That sounds good. I’ve also got some rhubarb I need to use. Might cook some down into a compote and make ice pops out of that at some point :)

Cameron B.

Strawberry frozen yogurt with rhubarb swirl! ;)

Terri HarpLady

Glad you like the tea! I’m jealous about the pop cycles!


That could be good. In Ecuador a store near me used to make a strawberry and Avacado shake that was amazingly good.

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Thanks very much boychik

This is SUPER BOLD! Quite delicious too. Not the sort of thing I’d reach for every day but it is hitting the spot this morning :)


You are welcome. I have to ask hubby bring this baby to me. Left it at home:(

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I enjoyed this sheng today, thank you TerriHarpLady for the sample!

I found the first steep lightly smoky, and all of the steeps sweet and woodsy. Makes me wish I could spend time outside even more! It is so cool and nice outside today for July. Stuck inside in front of the computer for another hour, meh.

Terri HarpLady

It really is amazingly awesome outside!
I have also been stuck indoors most of the day, but I did get a nice walk in a little while ago.
So worth it!

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YUM! This is a wonderful Yunnan Black. Thanks so much TeaVivre for the free samples!!! This one is malty and rich and sweet. I could drink it all day long.

PS I am feeling much better today. Glad my bird is no longer suffering. Just exhausted/emotional hangover from yesterday. Whew.


Hugs. It’s hard, but it was right.

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