1112 Tasting Notes

drank Yiwu 2006 Shun Shi by Tea Urchin
1112 tasting notes

I may have reviewed this tea before under a slightly different name. I’m a little confused about it!

ANYWAY a sample of this tea was part of my Christmas gift from Marzipan


Steepster appears to have mangled this one. Alas!




Yeah my note is incomplete…steepster ate a big hunk out of the middle


OH haha well it doesn’t look mangled at least..


Did you share this issue with Jason?


I had the same issue. I posted about it in the Steepster Bug Thread.


This is the 3rd or 4th note I’ve had this happen to. I’ll email him later when I have time. Thanks guys!

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Drank this one all morning while at work. I enjoyed it but failed to write detailed notes as I drank. Tea good…but Stephie fails at Steepstering :P


I never write detailed notes.


That happens to me all the time. LOL


oh i love this one. a lot !


Glad to see that you enjoy this one.

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drank Gulistan by Dammann Freres
1112 tasting notes

Nice and fruity…slightly marshmallowy/bubblegummy. I will enjoy this once iced :)

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Thanks for the sample Cameron B

Apparently ginseng is NOT for me. It tastes a little sweet and a little like oolong but mostly it tastes like licorice and medicine. So, WARNING, if you do not like the taste of licorice beware of ginseng!


I always wondered about ginseng oolongs…doesn’t sound like I need to explore them. :P


Haha, I didn’t find ginseng quite as bad as licorice, but I totally get the comparison!

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Got a sample of this one from a Steepster friend. Thanks!

Nice clean rich shou with a delicate rose scent. Not a lot of rose flavor but I actually prefer it this way!

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YUM! Enjoying my sample of this tea from a friend today :)

It’s all powdery bittersweet cocoa and spices. Smooth, but not very sweet or creamy. No funk here at all. I am really digging it. Sometimes shou really hits the spot!

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Aged sheng appears to be growing on me! That or I’m starting to find styles I actually enjoy.

I stole this sample from Marzipan when I went to her house a few weeks back :D Ok I didn’t steal it, she was very generous and willing to split some of her White2Tea samples with me!

I am drinking it today because Cheri was drinking it yesterday and the day before and talking about how awesome it is on Steepster chat! I agree, this is a very nice one :)
Still having trouble describing aged flavors. This one is sweeter and “cleaner” tasting than some of the others I’ve had. I guess some aged sheng tastes like raw, green lumber to me and this woody taste is more of a ripe, almost fruity wood with a more complex taste. Like the difference between the smell of a cheap piece of plywood and a fancy piece of apple or cherry wood maybe? I’m getting a little abstract here, sorry!


Yes!!! these are words I was trying to think of! It’s almost fruity with a complex sweetness to it. It just was so….WOW!


i loved this one. A lot. Sarcy didnt like it and shared a sample with me. Cheri, i hope you wont change your mind !


also i want to add that i have a problem with some wet aged sheng or shou. They make my throat dry and scratchy. some flavors just dont work for me. but this one is beautiful. Fruity !


I’m totally down with splitting a cake with you, boychik. Working my way through the rest of the w2t that I have so I can decide if I want anything else.


yay. Me too. i made it my priority samples. want to break Often now.


I think I’ll probably just get some more samples of other things again…which will probably lead me to asking if someone wants to split a $250 cake….


Weird, now that you mention it boychik I may have experienced that dry scratchy throat thing! Cheri is trying to tempt me to get in on this order…not sure yet ;)

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A clean non-funky shou with a good rice flavor. I’m not detecting any corn. Not bad but has not replaced a different rice shou as my favorite! :)


which is your favourite?


So far the Teavivre, which is loose and in a sachet which normally would be off putting to me. The others I have tried are various other vendors nest shape mini tuos which are all not bad.


My fav is Tao Tea Leaf


Have you had the Teavivre yet Boychick? If not I’ll set one aside for you :)


Sil, do you have a favorite?

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This was really good and unlike anything I’ve ever tried before!

I got pastry/baked notes, it reminded me of a green tea in a way, and towards the end some fruity notes came forward. Super cool and so happy I got to try it. I have the best Tea Friends!!!

Cameron B.

You mean #teafiends!

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I’m very honored to have been given a small sample of this tea. Thanks ChaiVeck!

I am still very new to aged sheng, but so far this is the most palatable one I have tried. There is a little woodiness, but nothing aggressive or overwhelming. I am having a lot of trouble describing the other flavors. I really hate that I am the first official reviewer and I feel like I am not doing it justice! it’s smooth and lightly sweet. I still find I prefer young sheng. They tend to be more complex and interesting in my opinion.

PS- I gotta say the torn up old wrapper in the picture kind of freaks me out…insect damage???


It is strange why that picture was used, not the most fetching image I admit. And you’re right it does look like insect damage, though it could be from the sun or simply from storing the cakes on top of each other unsuccessfully resulting in the rubbing of the paper. Very intriguing.


It’s 15 years old, and the wrappers aren’t made from reinforced concrete.

I’d be far more wary if a vendor offered a tea in a pristine wrapper and claimed it was from 99.
Insect damage is quite common, and not a very big deal, apparently the bugs like the wrappers a lot more than the tea, and leave the tea alone. (With the exception of the bugs responsible for bug shit tea, I guess?)

Over the course of 15 years the tea probably didn’t stay in one place, it’s likely to have been moved through the storage room quite a bit, and it likely changed hands between various vendors before it reached you.


I was shocked that in the OTHER pictures on SampleTea’s website that the tea cake itself looked pristine despite the wrapper condition! It looks quite delicious :)

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Graphic artist, printmaker, lover of tea.

I love pretty much every type of tea camellia sinensis can produce. I like herbal teas sometimes but I can’t stand rooibos. I’m recently becoming a puerh addict.

Butiki, Verdant, Mandala, TeaVivre, Yunnan Sourcing, TeaUrchin, White2Tea and Den’s are my favorite online retailers so far.


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