1083 Tasting Notes

drank Orange & Ginger by Lupicia
1083 tasting notes

Thanks for the sample Marzipan!

I really like ginger in tea, but it turns out I’m spoiled from having used fresh ginger for so long when I get that ginger craving. This is good tea, but I wouldn’t buy any… I think I’d rather add fresh grated ginger myself! I’m a ginger snob apparently :P


I liked it well enough but it’s not a reorder for me either.


Ginger absolutely deserves snobbish drinkers, this is an amazing fresh spice


i do like ginger in Whispering Pines teas. all spices are super fresh

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Thank you so much boychik for the sample!

I really love rice shou. This is a particularly nice one. It may not be as fancy or have as many layers of flavor as you get in other shou, but something so satisfying about the rice essence. It’s almost like having something full of carbs, you know? Like when you are craving comfort food! It’s like a hug in a cup :)


yay! love this one.

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Thanks so much boychik for the sample!


i like this one too ;)


I really like this one too. Very nice!

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Thank you Marzipan for the sample!

I thought I didn’t really care for this type of oolong, but it has been more than a year since I have had one and I’ve never tried TeaVivre’s so I decided to give it a shot. I’m actually really enjoying this tea! It is toasty, roasty and satisfying. I like the sweet plum/raisin notes on top and the oolongy tang. I am a Big Red Robe convert! YAY!

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Thanks for the sample TeaTiff

Hmm, I wasn’t sure what to expect here. I don’t have much experience with lotus. The first sip I was convinced I hated it. But as I continued to drink it it grew on me. The lotus adds a savory element that I found disconcerting at first. It seems a tiny bit like a rice scented puerh with a hint of mushrooms or something. Now that I have embraced its savory flavor its kind of nice. I’m not getting a lot out of the sheng specifically though. Anyway, definitely interesting and glad I got to try it!

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Thanks for the sample TeaTiff

I’m not usually into these darker Wuyi oolongs but I’ve always been curious about this one! This is very complex, sort of spicy, and has a nice floral characteristic on top of the darker roastiness. Very nice!!!


I love Wuyi oolongs. Every steep is different.

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drank Top Leaf by Mellow Monk
1083 tasting notes

Thank you so much Cameron B for the sample! :D

I like to drink this type of green on the weekend when I am home where my kyusu is!

This is VERY nice buttery sweet green tea. Reminds me of gyokuro. Need I say more?

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Thanks Angel and TeaVivre for the sample!

This is an enjoyable green TGY oolong. SUPER vegetal and a little sweet. It has a lingering floral aftertaste that is pretty enchanting.

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Thanks for the sample cookies

This BOLD tea was exactly the kick in the pants I needed this afternoon. It is sweet, malty, bold and a little astringent. Did I mention it is bold? OK, just making sure ;)

Good stuff!


Was it bold?


Really love this one. Though I didn’t find it especially bold when following their steeping directions.


I will admit to not following instructions :P

Cameron B.

Yeah, who follows instructions? Psh. :P

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drank Chestnut Green Tea by Lupicia
1083 tasting notes

YUM! I am really impressed with this tea!

It tastes like buttery sweet sencha, with caramelized sugar or butter toffee and nuts. SO GOOD! It tastes more like cookies than the two Lupicia teas I’ve tried that actually had the word cookie in the name :)

Flavors: Butter, Nuts, Toffee


I like this way better than their chocolate and chestnut tea. Which reminds me… I have an unopened bag of this tea! Yay!


I really need to try this one!!

Lariel of Lórien

It was pretty good when I tried it at the store.

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Graphic artist, printmaker, lover of tea.

I love pretty much every type of tea camellia sinensis can produce. I like herbal teas sometimes but I can’t stand rooibos. I’m recently becoming a puerh addict.

Butiki, Verdant, Mandala, TeaVivre, Yunnan Sourcing, TeaUrchin, White2Tea and Den’s are my favorite online retailers so far.


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