1108 Tasting Notes

This is interesting sheng. Nice woody qualities. I am getting a little bitterness/sourness, but it could just be me. I never seem to do as well with mao cha as I do with sheng cakes. Perhaps I just prefer cakes? Or I haven’t got the brewing down on mao cha yet. Either way, not bad, but with as many other shengs I have found that I REALLY love, I probably won’t seek this one out again. I will definitely re-steep this a few more times and see if anything else interesting comes into play flavor wise. I do really prefer ones with a little sweetness/fruitiness!

Thanks for the opportunity to taste some of it, Cheri! I really appreciate it :)

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2nd orange oolong sample of the day! Interesting to compare this one to the Verdant I sampled earlier.

This one has a lot more orange going on, but nuttiness instead of spice. I think this would be great iced with a little sugar. Thanks for the sample Cameron B!

Cameron B.

Yum yum yum. :D

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Thanks Cameron B for the sample!

I actually quite like this. The TGY is of course, really delicious. The additions to it are subtle, but welcome and seem to pair very nicely. I would not have know there was orange just by the taste, but the subtle spices are very nice! Yummo.

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Thanks TeaVivre for including this sample with my recent order.

This is a mild, sweet, haylike white. It is creamy and tasty, but I generally find white teas a little bland and boring. Not bad though! Glad I got to try it :)


YES. BORING. I couldn’t think of the term to apply to white tea. But this one’s good :]


You two are crazy :-P. White teas are amazing!

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drank Violette by Mariage Frères
1108 tasting notes

Thanks for the sample Cameron B :)

I like the scent and taste of the violet in this tea! The sweetness is a nice touch. Like most flavored Frenchy teas, the base is mild and unobtrusive. Not bad, glad I got to try it, but probably won’t seek it out again.

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This is an incredible Dancong, thanks Cheri for the sample :D

First steep had a huge amount of sandalwood, and some interesting strong cannabis notes. My first steep was a bit longer than it should have been. Very potent. Second and third steeps were still strongly sandalwood with some spice notes. 4 and 5 have developed some floral, citrus and tannins and still some spice. Crazy good dancong. It is still going strong. I wonder what steep 6 is going to bring…

Overall impression this tea gives is darkly warm :)

0 OZ / 0 ML

Sandalwood!??! My favorite scent!


I should get some and get high;)


It was really good boychik, if I ever order some I’ll send you a sample ;)


I love this one!


Thank you ;)

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I picked up 50g of this on the Anniversary Sale. I wish I had taken a gamble and ordered more than that, because this is really good!!!

I find the jasmine scent and taste nice and strong, and the sheng sweet and clear. I am interested to see how the re-steeps will taste. I am impressed though, I love jasmine green tea and sheng makes total sense to add jasmine to. Recommended!

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec 8 OZ / 236 ML

This sounds AMAZEBALLS.

I’m not placing an order
I’m not placing an order
I don’t need more tea


hahaha, I should have slipped one into the package I sent you today, darnit! Next time :)


Cheri, you could write a song ;)


Like I really need the tea you’ve just sent, let alone any more.

I’m drowning in tea
Absolutely drowning in tea
No where to put it all
I don’t more tea


But I want more tea
I want more tea
All of the teas
That one is 50% off tea
I don’t need more tea


hee hee hee!


How many did you get in 50g?


Exactly 10


Thanks. Now I have to think about it….

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I picked up a few of these during the anniversary sale, and I’m glad I did!

This is nice creamy rich shu. I found no off flavors here, and I did give it a nice rinse before I drank it. I’ve never had anything with Chrysanthemum in it, but I found the flavoring similar to a rice scented tuocha I had once time. Similar but a little lighter. Good stuff!

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