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Thank you so much for the samples Wymmtea

This is a particularly awesome sheng! SO creamy and sweet and floral but still complex and interesting. Definitely just my style and up my alley. This is one I would drink again and definitely purchase if I could afford a cake :)


They sent me this too. Can’t wait to try it!

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Thanks for the sample TeaVivre 2015 spring teas YAY!

This one is very sweet, and smooth and creamy. Lots of sweet corn notes.

Very tasty! Thank you TeaVivre :)

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Thank you TeaVivre for the green tea samples for review!

This is a very yummy one. It reminds me of my favorite rich and creamy Laoshan green tea, but with more fresh crisp asparagus flavor! Very fresh and sweet and delicious :D

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Thank you for the sample Wymm Tea!

The dry leaf and packaging from Wymm is always so lovely. The first thing that struck me about this tea was as soon as the water hit it the aroma was quite intoxicating. Mostly like tart apricots with a hint of flowers. VERY aromatic in the first couple of steeps. Flavor is very nicely balanced between sweet and pleasant bitterness. It held up very well through many steeps too. It seems like a nice everyday type of sheng that is difficult to screw up. I oversteeped one since I brewed this up and work and I still found it quite drinkable when a lot of sheng would not have been!


Thanks for uploading the review so quickly Stephanie!:)

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drank Pistachio Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
1108 tasting notes

I was so excited to try this flavor this morning! Thanks for the sample Red Leaf!

I made myself a cold matcha latte out of this. I love pistachios, and while this is a very tasty matcha flavor, I wouldn’t say the taste reminded me of pistachios really. It definitely has a nutty vibe. Maybe like a pistachio candy of some kind? Or nougat. It is somewhat nougat-ish.

Anyway, very nice flavor! I’ll happily finish my sample but this one won’t be a re-order for me.

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A nice, floral focused DANCONG that I enjoyed quite a bit. B+ on the StephiDancongometer.

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drank Panettone Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
1108 tasting notes

No one has been brave and tried this flavor yet??

Perhaps no one is familiar with panettone cake? I will briefly describe it for those of you who may not be familiar. It is a light, airy cake the texture of a yeast roll, very lightly sweetened and studded with candied citrus peel and raisins. Since it is so light and not overly sweet it makes AMAZING French Toast!

So I got this matcha organic, lowest possible flavor level, and with the slightly upgraded “royal” matcha.

I made a cold latte this morning with 1/2tsp match, 1 cup milk, and 1 tsp powdered sugar (sometimes sugar helps the flavor pop)

It was VERY good! It has a nice candied citrus taste, and is not at all artificial or funky. Highly recommended if you like the idea of candied citrus matcha :D


This one I would be interested in trying a sample of…..


You got it Cheri!

Roswell Strange

You had me up until raisins :P


So glad you tried this! I have it on my list for my next RLT order (which I made a year ago but told myself I can’t order until I finish the RLT matcha I already have!), so I’m excited to hear that it’s just as delicious as it sounds. I loooove panettone. :D


It didn’t taste of raisins Ros!

I do too Fjellrev! You gotta try making it into French toast sometime :D


That sounds fabulous. Have you seen it year-round, though, or do you make it yourself? I absolutely love it toasted. Drool.


Nah I always buy it during the holidays :) Have not attempted to make it myself yet!


Damn, here I was hoping you found a place that sold it throughout the year haha. I’d love to make it myself but have a feeling I’ll mess it up.


Haha yeah I thought of online, but figured it would be quite expensive. Time to just make my own. ;)


:) :) :)

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Thanks again for all the DANCONG samples Kieblera5

I’m going to be real honest here. This is my 3rd different dancong sample from Jas-E-Tea so far, and they’ve all been extremely similar. I can’t tell the difference between Almond and Magnolia aroma. Not sure if this is a problem with my palette or a reflection of the tea itself. Having said that they have all been quite drinkable. Not OUTSTANDING but a solid B-

I’ve also read conflicting things about DANCONG itself. Like how it gets its “aroma”…not sure who or what to believe. “It is very hard to make this natural almond flower aroma since it requires great proficiency on the part of the teamaker to process the tea and impart this delicate aroma.” From Jas-E-Tea but yet another source says " The doppelganger of teas, Dancong teas are noted for their ability to naturally imitate the flavors and fragrances of various flowers and fruits, such as orange blossom, orchid, grapefruit, almond, ginger flower, etc."

Anyway, I’ll let you guys know if any of the other DANCONGS in this set are unusual or outstanding in any way :)

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drank Coconut Matcha by 3 Leaf Tea
1108 tasting notes

Thank you so much for the sample thelastdodo!

I actually drank this one yesterday for breakfast. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of unsweetened cold matcha lattes for breakfast with flavored matcha. I’m convinced that coconut is the BEST possible flavor to add to matcha. It has been so long since I’ve tried Red Leaf Tea’s coconut matcha that I couldn’t tell you for sure which one I prefer. I should have saved this one to do a side by side comparison since I have some of Red Leaf Tea’s on order right now and should be here soon! Oh well…I still enjoyed this one very much :)


Be careful not to get cocoloco!


It came from Cocoloco headquarters, you better be careful Steph!

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