1108 Tasting Notes

drank Crimson Horizon by Butiki Teas
1108 tasting notes

Extremely simple yet very satisfying :)

Thanks again Jennkay

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WOWIE! This is good shu! Thank you boychik! I can’t believe how many amazing teas you sent me.

This shu is great. So smooth and creamy. I haven’t the words to describe it, but it is very enjoyable. Not very earthy and definitely not a trace of “dirty” flavor here. Very balanced.

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More shu for my belleh! Thanks boychik!!!

This one is REALLY GOOD! Super smooth, and smells just like basmati rice, which I love. Then I got to read about how both are scented with pandan leaves and geek out about it. Fun tea all around! :D


i love basmati rice too;)

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Another awesome puerh from boychik! I’m so grateful to have had all these really excellent samples to try :)

My guts are still recovering from my crazy weekend so shu is in order again today. This one started out very earthy/woodsy. Later steeps became a lot sweeter and almost fruity with some earthiness left over in the background. I love experiencing how these develop into different flavors as they go.

Also I know lots of people on Steepster have been saying that shu really helps with belly issues, but yesterday was the first time I’d experienced it first hand! I’ve been drinking shu for a while but generally my tummy is pretty tough so I’ve never tried to use it sort of medicinally like that. It really seems to help though! No more rumbly guts :)


That’s great!


My little one had tummy aches last night. so i fixed him a cup of shu. its a magic. in abt 10-15min he stopped complaining.


Only drawback is I can’t drink it late at night. Too much caffeine!

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drank Dark Rose Tea by TeaSource
1108 tasting notes

Thanks so much Amanda Wilson for sending me a very generous sample of this tea!

I had an AMAZING day yesterday you guys! HUGE all day outdoor art fair with incredibly beautiful weather, and then a gallery opening in the evening. The theme of the gallery show was a movie mashup- The Big Lebowski in Little China, LOL. Anyway both went great, and my Lebowski piece sold within an hour of the opening starting and I’ve already taken two reprint orders! WOO!

ANYWAY, yesterday was long and good but I reached for this tea because I may have had a little TOO much fun at the gallery opening (it was at a bar/cafe) so I reached for this one assuming the cute little compressed heart was some kind of puerh…

I’m not totally sure it is! It sure tastes more like a black tea to me. Nice and dark and malty. Also I think the rose adds a nice subtle sweetness but is not too overpowering. Very nice tea. I will enjoy drinking the rest of this sample packet for sure, whatever it is :)


That is so great, Congratulation Stephanie :-)


That’s awesome, good job!

Terri HarpLady

Yay Stephanie! Is there a photo?
This tea sounds interesting too!


Ok guys here is my Lebowski piece! I added a watermark so the internets can’t run of and steal it ;) http://twitpic.com/e1nngt It looks really great printed out, I made it a 16″×20″ :)

Terri HarpLady

That is awesome! :)


Omg Stephanie, that is huge!!! I love it. Congrats!!!


Congratulations!! That is wonderful!


Thanks everyone! I’ve been working in photoshop for a living for the past 10 years, but I think this piece was the most fun I’ve ever had in photoshop! :D


Wow, awesome! Congrats!

Amanda 'SoggyEnderman' Wilson

Yay! So glad you like it! I agree, even though it is a Dark Tea (Hei Cha, or whatever other names exist for it) it does taste a lot more like a black tea.

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Was feeling lazy this afternoon and my coworker was making a Starbucks run, so I had her get me an iced green tea latte (not a frappe!)

It is very sweet and full of matcha and hitting the spot! I will be caffeinated up to my eyeballs soon :)

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Drinking this one again just to make sure it wasn’t a tea mirage yesterday. Nope! Still amazing :)




Sad I can’t afford to buy more, haha. Oh well, at least I got to try it! :)

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I am feeling so incredibly lucky today to be one of the first to taste and review this SUPER FRESH amazing tea! Thanks so much Angel and TeaVivre!

I’ve only had a couple fresh spring teas in the past, but they are always some of my absolute favorites. I’ve tried a shincha and a fresh spring twist green tea. This one is no exception…As soon as I opened the packet I knew I was in for a treat. The dry leaf smell…SO INTOXICATING! Check out the dry leaf http://twitpic.com/e1e8le is that not gorgeous? Stubby baby BRIGHT green dragon well.

Anyway, steeped up this tastes amazingly sweet and crisp and fresh and so very alive. I really need to seek out more fresh spring teas in the future since they excite me so very much. Very glad and honored to have tasted this one!

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

Darn, it’s sold out :


Oh no! I’m definitely first in line to buy some next year!


That is the longest tea name ever. I want it on a t-shirt. Wow.


So glad you like this tea, and thanks for the photo. I like the words"Stubby baby BRIGHT", it’s so lovely:)

Roswell Strange

Holy Butts that’s pretty…

Terri HarpLady

I love that picture!! It’s SO green!
It’s already sold out? Wow!


It is back for sale today Terri…too bad I can’t afford it! LOL! I am just lucky I got to try it at all :) No filter on that picture I took BTW.

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Graphic artist, printmaker, lover of tea.

I love pretty much every type of tea camellia sinensis can produce. I like herbal teas sometimes but I can’t stand rooibos. I’m recently becoming a puerh addict.

Butiki, Verdant, Mandala, TeaVivre, Yunnan Sourcing, TeaUrchin, White2Tea and Den’s are my favorite online retailers so far.


Southern Indiana



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