1108 Tasting Notes

Thank you for the sample Phi!

This is a soldly tasty black tea. Probably not something I will re-purchase because there are cheaper black teas that I enjoy even more but I am quite glad to have a chance to try this one! :D

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Thanks for the sample Dennis!

This is a bit of an odd bird to me. A lot more vegetal than other young shengs I’ve experienced. Light spiciness/herbaciousnes in early steeps. Extremely mild bitterness, and a tiny bit of sweetness but not much. Really interesting and different!

Glad I got to try it :)

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Thank you for the sample kieblera5!

This is a very nice DANCONG. There are definitely some floral notes but it is not as intensely floral as some others I’ve tried. Decent level of complexity. I give this one a B- or a C+

I was given several new varieties to sample so I’m definitely going to take notes on each one and figure out which kind is my favorite!


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drank 2013 FT Feitai 7572 by White2Tea
1108 tasting notes

Thanks to my buddy BezoomnyChaiVeck for the sample :D

This is incredibly solid shou. Sweet and rich and very satisfying! Looks like this was a very good price too but is now sold out. I will remember for future reference that Feitai is good tea and 7572 is a nice recipe! :)


I have a whole cake of this that I haven’t even broken into yet. I could send you some more, if you wanted.


Aww you should try it Cheri! :D


7572 is the best recipe in ripe IMO :) and I’m the one who bought the last cake :)


I have a cake of this I have yet to try. I will have to break it out soon.


Jelly pax!! I JUST missed you in chat too, I was at lunch :)


I’ll come by later on today :) Cheers Steph!

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I was lucky enough to get a sample of this tea from a kind friend. Only my 2nd Naka puerh ever and so far they are consistently winners. The taste was wonderful and the feeling even more so. I drank this on Thursday while making art and it was like liquid inspiration! Sadly I did not steep the leaves all the way out in the first sitting, so I decided to try to save them to have again the next day and that did not work out very well for me. Lesson learned though. Next time I’ll just drink it all at once! No wasting Naka!!!!


I hate it when good leaf goes bad while resting for an extended time between steeps.

But honestly, it’s really unpredictable in my experience! Sometimes they turn absolutely rancid, sometimes it makes no difference, and sometimes they really do well after some rest!

I wish I knew what made the difference so I could make use of it!


I have to say I was majorly bummed. I had been hoarding this sample for months! Saving it for a special occasion and then I basically only got to drink half of it. Oh well, what I did get to drink was wonderful. Win some, lose some :)


Would it work to stick the teapot into the fridge? I never of doing such a thing until just now.


That’s what I did actually, Cwyn. Well, I dumped them out of the yixing and into a bowl and then stuck them in the fridge!


i leave them on plate on a counter. i really dont like leaves after the fridge.


I leave them in the pot usually but in the summer that doesn’t work.

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drank Ma Passion by Nina's Paris
1108 tasting notes

Another sample from Marzipan thanks again!!!

This is another winner from Nina’s. Sweet juicy passion fruit! Really natural and well balanced flavor with the base. Great stuff!

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drank Peach Black by Tattle Tea
1108 tasting notes

Thank you for the tea Marzipan!

This makes decent enough peach iced tea. Not a spectacularly natural peach flavor but certainly no worse than bottled iced peach tea. Works for me and the price is very good.

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drank Montagne d'Or by Mariage Frères
1108 tasting notes

I snagged this tea from the Pass the Stash TTB when I went to visit Marzipan the other day.

Mostly this tea is generically fruity, with a hint of that powdery floral that some French flavored teas tend to get. Not my favorite thing ever but I was glad to get to try it :)

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Thanks to Marzipan for this cake!

I was confused when I posted this photo on Instagram, I thought it was a shou cake! https://instagram.com/p/01Bot9xh4F/

But no, it is a delicious black tea! I found the flowers to be present but not overwhelming. This is NOT an overly sweet tea. Good stuff and very different from anything I’ve tried before :)

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Yay thanks for the sample kieblera5!

I drank this at work earlier but was too busy to write a tasting note. I really enjoyed the sweet/ roasty flavor, with the long lingering floral/mineral aftertaste. Quite a nice Dancong, I think they only one I prefer over this one is the one I have from Verdant tea.

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Graphic artist, printmaker, lover of tea.

I love pretty much every type of tea camellia sinensis can produce. I like herbal teas sometimes but I can’t stand rooibos. I’m recently becoming a puerh addict.

Butiki, Verdant, Mandala, TeaVivre, Yunnan Sourcing, TeaUrchin, White2Tea and Den’s are my favorite online retailers so far.


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