1112 Tasting Notes

drank Doke Silver Needle by Butiki Teas
1112 tasting notes

I got a package from CrowKettle yesterday, with a couple of teas she was looking to give away, but she also included a sample of this tea! Isn’t that nice?? :D

I was eager to steep this one up this morning…it has been so long since I’ve drank a straight white tea! It is very brisk and refreshing, with lots of hay and earthy notes, while still remaining light bodied. There are some light fruity overtones rounding out the experience. Very nice! Thanks again CrowKettle!

175 °F / 79 °C 4 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

I accidentally let steep #2 go for a long time….and it tastes like darjeeling now! WEIRD! But tasty ;)

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After my lovely time spent with a Teavivre sheng cake yesterday, I decided to revisit my favorite sheng today to make some comparisons. This tea definitely has a much smokier start but a similar fruity tangy zing in later steeps. I love shengs! :)

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Thanks again to Angel and Teavivre for providing me with these samples for review!

I am still fairly new to puerh, and sheng/raw style in particular. I have only tasted a handful. Luckily they have all been very high quality GOOD teas. However, I already very much feel like I know what I personally am looking for in a raw puerh and this one delivers! It has SO much energy! It is sweet but also has a bright fruity TANGY zing that I just love. I would say this is a close 2nd to my very top favorite sheng of all time, the Mandala Wild Monk cake. If you are a fan of that, you may like this one very much. This one has less of a smokey taste for sure. Almost no smoke element in this tea.

I am going to savor the rest of my sample and put more of this on my shopping list ASAP! :)

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Free Red Leaf Sample of the month! Thanks Red Leaf for offering this program. The more flavors of matcha I try the more likely I am to place an order soon, heh.

Anyway, I made a latte out of this today with 6oz milk, 2 ice cubes, 1/2tsp match and 1tsp sugar. Actually I made double what I just said and gave half to my husband! He really liked this flavor. He lived in Brazil for a while and was able to eat a lot of fresh Acai products, so that speaks well for this matcha. For me, not being very familiar with Acai flavor (I usually have it paired with blueberry or other fruits) it is a little strange. I think I might slightly prefer my “rich berry pie” flavored matcha, but I will have to do a couple more comparisons to come to a conclusion :)

Although I’ve never tried them, I think I’d prefer a creamy vanilla baked good, or nutty flavoring to my matcha probably…rather than fruity.


Thanks for the heads up on how much is in the samples. :) I was wondering myself.


The packet FEELS like more like 5 tsp, though I haven’t measured it. So if you only use 1/2 tsp it might be more like 10 servings!

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I’m so excited to be the first person to review this puerh. Thank you Teavivre for the generous samples for review!

My first steep is extremely creamy and nutty, and just a little mushroomy. It is earthy but not at all dirty tasting. Very full bodied and rich!

2nd steep is woodsy and brighter…this steep is clean but still very rich.

Very nice shu! Glad I have the opportunity to drink it a couple more times :)

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2nd Teavivre sample treat of the day! Thanks Teavivre!

This is a very rich, satisfying black. Very honey sweet and malty with faint floral and cocoa notes. This is the kind of tea I could definitely develop a craving for in the future! Absolutely no bitterness or astringency. Top notch stuff!

Flavors: Baked Bread, Chocolate, Honey, Malt

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 30 sec 2 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

This one is delightful.


In love with this one, a forever staple!!

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Thanks so much to Teavivre for providing another round of samples for me to review. I just love trying new teas!

This MIGHT be my first straight keemun?? If not, I am definitely not well versed in them, regardless. I am finding this to be a perfectly bold malty breakfast cup, and although it is sweet, there is a twinge of something a tiny bit sour or tart at the end. But don’t get me wrong, not in a bad way at all! I find this element adds some fruity interest and keeps the tea from being too basic or boring. I think I am going to try it again another day before I give it an official rating, as I’m eating oatmeal with spicy Indian pineapple and golden raisins for breakfast and it might be influencing my palate. Also I am not getting any smoke from this tea even though I hear all the time that keemuns are smoky!

Very enjoyable tea :)

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Almost out of this one. I took a big travel mug of it to a 1 year olds birthday party this afternoon. It was delicious with dinosaur cake! Hehe. Luckily I like the regular laoshan green just as much :)

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This was my breakfast tea blended with almond milk and ice. I wish I was not burnt out on this flavor cos I’m almost out of my other matchas!


Sounds yummy!

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I got a sample of this with my recent Mandala order. Thanks Garret!

Man, this is super good smooth shu. I have been drinking on it all day :) Basically, this embodies everything I like about shu!

I sort of wish I had ordered some of this instead of the Bu Lang Gong Ting now!


Apparently it loves me back! http://twitpic.com/dw9gye


It totally loves you back! So happy you are enjoying this one. I love love love this one, too. The Bulang shan stuff is great, but it is one small grade of leaf, begging for much shorter initial infusions. The Noble Mark is a blend of 4 leaves. I cracked up when I heard someone recently refer to this as a “gentleman shou”. That is fitting. Thanks for taking time to write about it, my friend! Tea ya!

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Butiki, Verdant, Mandala, TeaVivre, Yunnan Sourcing, TeaUrchin, White2Tea and Den’s are my favorite online retailers so far.


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