1108 Tasting Notes


First tasting note! Thank you Stacy for including a sample of this with my recent order :)

Fans of sencha, this tea is for you! Smooth and sweet and grassy without being bitter or overly astringent, this tea does have strong asparagus notes, and a tart cherryish taste too. SO GOOD I am loving it!


oooh, this sounds yummy


I love how complex it is…so much going on here :)

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drank Qilan Wuyi Oolong by Verdant Tea
1108 tasting notes

From the November Classic Club box…

Creamy, floral, dark, vaguely fruity, full bodied, and kind of bitter is how I would describe this tea. Definitely drinkable but I strongly preferred the Dancong. This is not one of my favorite type of oolong, BUT it is nice to drink something different and since BrewTEAlly Sweet and I split the box I don’t have a whole lot to sip through….sadly the same with the Dancong though :P

BrewTEAlly Sweet

I’m currently drinking this one:) for once I’m getting to my club samples!! :)

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I’m feeling blah today and wanted a treat. This is doing nicely.

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drank Anji Bai Cha by Butiki Teas
1108 tasting notes

I decided this morning that today would be Green Tea Day for me :)

Green tea lovers, why haven’t you tried this one?? It is SO GOOD! Super sweet and buttery like creamy corn with a nice green tang. Perfect.

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Drinking this unsweetened this afternoon. SUPER TASTY and I do think I’m getting some spiciness from the hops, too :)

I’m considering making this one into a tea syrup for tea sodas tonight. Or maybe Ruby Pie…or With Open Eyes! Oh I can’t decide!!

Butiki Teas

Ooooh. I think this or the Ruby Pie would make an interesting soda syrup!


ooh – I can’t wait until I get mine!
(And it hasn’t even shipped yet. :P)

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drank Laoshan Black by Verdant Tea
1108 tasting notes

New Harvest from the November Classic Club box. Yep, still tasty :D

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Oh wow! Thank you for the sample of this with my order, Stacy. Now I know what I’ve been misssing!

No wonder everyone goes gaga over this one. So much going on here. It was love at first sip! :)

This also explains why the Caramel Vanilla Assam and Hello Sweetie are so popular as well! I might have to do a side by side some day of this and Laoshan black so I can pick a favorite black tea. SO GOOD! :D

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Another sample from the awesome BrewTEAlly Sweet!

Ehh, it’s not bad. I like the coconut flavor but honestly it is a little on the weak side. Glad I got to try it :)

BrewTEAlly Sweet

Ha ha we both like our coconut-iness STRONG!

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Thanks so much BrewTEAlly Sweet for sending me a sample of this one :)

I steeped at 200 degrees for 3.5 minutes. I can see why everyone is so fond of this one! This is very enjoyable with a natural maple flavor. I can’t stand artificial maple so you know if I like this tea it has got it going on! I drank it unsweetened, but it was still a treat! Very buttery. Perfect with pumpkin coffee cake for breakfast this morning :)

BrewTEAlly Sweet

Mmmmm sounds delicious! I should have sent you a slice of the pumpkin bread from work as well:)

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Another fabulous new tea! I have been loving anything with tart rhubarb lately, and the vanilla bean pairs perfectly with it here. I might be inspired to make homemade vanilla rhubarb tea infused jam next summer! If I am tasting the hops at all, they are pretty subtle. There is a pleasant subtle bitterness that I think might be them peeking out. I had my homebrewing husband taste the tea and he couldn’t detect the hops at all shrug. I’m thinking this would be a kickass iced tea.

I vote for Amarillo hops in the next beer tea blend! They are my favorite. Anyone a fan of Gumballhead beer by Three Floyds? I guess it is made in Indiana so probably not available all over the country. Beer import laws state to state are so screwy and weird. shrug

Butiki Teas

Did you try this one with a little sugar at all? It works so well. Just a tiny bit too much and the hops flavor disappears. The Willamette hops are more of a spicy flavor than anything. They don’t really add that bitterness like the Cascade hops that we used for the Peach HoppiTea. Last time I went hop shopping they were completely out of Amarillo, which is what I wanted to work with the most. Next time I will have to pick some up.


I probably added a bit too much sugar then- about a teaspoon in 8oz. Next time I’ll try a half or a quarter tsp! Yay Amarillo hops in the future :)

PS- the re-steep was almost as good as the first steep! Good tea!

Butiki Teas

Stephanie-Ahhh, I see. If you try it without sugar before adding the sugar, I think you would be able to find the hops fairly easily. This hops is kind of cinnamon-y, clove-y, woody. I hope I can find some Amarillo. Good to hear the re-steep worked for you!

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Graphic artist, printmaker, lover of tea.

I love pretty much every type of tea camellia sinensis can produce. I like herbal teas sometimes but I can’t stand rooibos. I’m recently becoming a puerh addict.

Butiki, Verdant, Mandala, TeaVivre, Yunnan Sourcing, TeaUrchin, White2Tea and Den’s are my favorite online retailers so far.


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