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This reminds me of Laoshan black, especially the first steep. Tasty, but I guess I am more used to green oolongs, because I am not really getting any “oolongness” out of this one at all. It is possible too that my lower water temps at work are affecting it somehow. I’ll trying drinking this one again another day at proper steeping parameters :)

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drank With Open Eyes by Butiki Teas
1045 tasting notes

After a disappointing morning tea, I had to have something I know would be tasty this afternoon. Sure enough, this one is still REALLY GOOD :)

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drank The Skinny (organic) by DAVIDsTEA
1045 tasting notes

I’ve had a sample of this floating around in my tea drawer since Christmas. Decided I better drink it soon before it goes stale. It is a bit earthy from the puerh and also pretty gingery. Not my fave for sure but it isn’t bad enough for me to dump it out or anything. Meh.

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It’s is an excellent black tea! My husband and I each had a cup brewed western style while we cooked Thai food. We threw a little palm sugar in our cups and it really brought out the honey notes! Loving the roasted chocolatey taste, but yet this is still light and crisp and not overly heavy. It was a sample with my most recent Verdant order. Thanks Verdant! :)

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drank Hashiri Shincha by Den's Tea
1045 tasting notes

Busting out the Kyusu for a little bit of Shincha before work today. Working on a Sunday is no fun! Shincha is delicious however :)

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drank Anji Bai Cha by Butiki Teas
1045 tasting notes

Oh man, this is my kind of green tea! My first thought was, “ooh, this is like Laoshan Green but even sweeter!” So then I went back and looked at the description…and yes it is grown in China at high elevations, so probably very similar. Super delicious! I’m not sure how it can be both so light and so buttery at the same time. Putting this on my shopping list and waiting for it to go on sale, since I only had a sample of it. Thanks so much Stacy!


It re-steeped well, too :)


Ooh sounds yummy!

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Hmm, I’m not really sure what to make of this tea. Maybe its because I’m stuck at work on a Saturday and grumpy about it, but I think I’d prefer the Yunnan green jasmine by itself. It isn’t bad or anything, just more complicated than is really necessary, I think!

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drank Ruby Pie by Butiki Teas
1045 tasting notes

I don’t think I’ve ever had hibiscus in a black tea blend before! This tea really accomplishes everything it sets out to do…Strawberries? Check. Rhubarb? check! Pie Crust? Sure. The vanilla note really rounds out the “PIE” element. This is very very good stuff! Thanks for the sample, Stacy! :)

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I’ve been drinking the heck out of this one lately. So refreshing!

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drank Puerh Tuo Cha by Butiki Teas
1045 tasting notes

This is one of the more enjoyable straight puerh teas I’ve tried! I’m not a huge puerh lover but occasionally I get a craving for one. This particular one is smooth and not astringent or bitter at all. It is earthy, but not in a dank and mildewy forest floor type of way. It is more of a sunny summer’s day type of earthy. It makes me think of freshly tilled garden, or walking barefoot through the park. I am still on my first steep (I did do an initial rinse, too, which I discarded) but I am getting a note that reminds of a spice that I can’t quite put my finger on. Its like if cinnamon had a hippie cousin or something. Has anyone ever smelled Japanese aloeswood incense? Anyway, sorry this is so abstract. This is just how I have come to think about puerhs! :)


“if cinnamon had a hippy cousin” lol. You could probably turn that into a song!

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