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  • 2214 Thonotosassa Rd
  • Plant City, Florida
  • (813) 754-5683

1 Review

christina123 rated this place
and said Edit

DO NOT GO TO THIS TEA ROOM. I have visted MANY Tea Room’s in the Tampa/Plant City Area and this is by far the WORST tea room ever. This visit was for my daughters birthday and the owner showed an extreme lack of good customer service. Our reservation was for 2pm, we weren’t seated until 2:17, tea was not presented at the table until 2:42, and the owner came out about 15 times to ask me about the special menu that I had requested for my daughter which we had previously discussed twice in detail before our visit. It seemed like they were not prepared for us at all! As for the tea we were offered a choice of only two teas, we never got our chance to eat anything because the owner felt the need to argue with me after I expressed my frustration about her asking the same questions over and over … (more)and over!! She gave me excuse after excuse and even went so far as to tell me that she had spent alot of money trying to prepare our food and she still got it wrong. Everyone at our party was to have the regualr afternoon tea, the only thing that I requested was that my daughter’s after noon tea contain NO nuts due to her allergy. The owners husband even came out and asked if the reason we had requested no nuts was because she just didn’t like them or because she was allergic! I was totally mind blown considering HE is the one that prepares the food! We decided to leave when the owner became belligerent and disrespectful so much so that she followed me and my family including my 7 yr old and 3 yr old out to parking lot to argue with me and get in my face. I was so taken back and could not believe what was happening. I have NEVER had an experience like this at ANY of the MANY tea rooms that I visit. This owner will never earn my business and I suggest that you save your money and take it to Camilla Rose Tea Room in Plant City instead they were WONDERFUL!