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Alice's Tea Cup, Chapter II Edit

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Alice's Tea Cup, Chapter II in New York, New York
Fuzzy_Peachkin rated this place
and said Edit

I was surprised at some of the reviews here on Steepster about the waitstaff being unfriendly. I have never felt uncomfortable at Alice’s Tea Cup. I’ve been there many times by myself and with friends. Sometimes the waitstaff does seem a little rushed when they are busy, but I have never felt like they are trying to move me on. It’s true that they don’t fill the cups to the brim, but that just allows room for adding cream.

The tea variety is excellent and they do steep each type of tea for a specific amount of time according to variety. The food is just scrumptious. They are known for their scones and I look forward to the seasonal varieties they have. They always serve them with clotted cream and strawberry jam. The other food tends to be savory. They have excellent sandwiches and salads. I love their Bangers and (Un)Mashed potatoes!

Often when I go with my sister, we will share a Mad Hatter Platter. Each person gets their own pot of tea (of their choice). You then get to share 3 scones, two types of finger sandwiches, either a chocolate mousse or piece of cake, and a variety of cookies. It’s always a challenge for us to try to finish all the goodies!

Alice's Tea Cup, Chapter II in New York, New York
AmazonV rated this place
and said Edit

Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter II NYC

156 East 64th Street, New York, NY 10065-7411 (Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter II)


After shopping at Kusmi I headed down to Alice’s for lunch. The reviews on Steepster left me a little wary but friends on Facebook had recommended I visit it next time I was in town.

I did need to look around a bit to find it as it was around the corner and the entrance was set down below the sidewalk.

Once I found it I headed in and asked for a table for one. The hostess was pleasant and happy. I did feel a little guilty coming in at peak time alone.

I was seated on the level below sidewalk next to the kitchen; there was definitely a second floor that plates were being brought up to.

The restaurant was skinny and long. The décor was mismatched china and framed prints of pictures of various Alice films, and artist pictures and painting inspired by the same.

There were little notes around (think eat me and drink me) like on the dessert case (come closer, come closer).

They did pull off the wonderland tea party, grandmomther’s parlor theme well.

The tables were wooden with wooden chairs; the table I was on was actually an old converted sewing desk with footpedal.

The staff seemed to have droopy too large and mismatched attire as a uniform (which makes sense) that added to the theme.

The tea menu was very large and descriptive – and sorted by type. I wished I were not alone and could order more than one tea to share and try with someone. The food selection was also diverse and tea themed (scones and such).

The wait staff didn’t seem happy with me; I guess I was taking up space at a four person table for only one person. I felt a little bad but wished they didn’t seem so grumpy about it.

I ordered Alice’s Tea (house blend and apparently a favorite).
The tea I received in a whole, not small, teapot with an interesting drip catcher sponge attached. It was served abruptly with my cup only half poured and sloshed about. Was this thematic to the mad hatter’s tea party or just an angry waitress that she got the one patron table?

The tea itself was a translucent orange brown color. There was not a strong aroma to the brewed tea. The tea was slightly astringent, so I added sugar to the first cup, but as I kept refilling it I didn’t bother as it was so slight. The tea was a smooth, medium bodied black with citrus notes. I couldn’t taste the green tea they blended into the black. It was a little floral.

For lunch I ordered the cumin carrot sandwich. It was delicious and filling and presented well.

I tried not to be a burden and to eat and drink in a not dawdling way, but I could not resist the cookie plate at the end.

There were chocolate peanut cookies; butterscotch chip cookies, crasin macadamia cookies and what I believe were shortbread.

Overall good food, not bad tea, and a grumpy wait staff.

Blog: http://amazonv.blogspot.com/2011/11/alices-tea-cup-chapter-ii-nyc.html

Alice's Tea Cup, Chapter II in New York, New York
JacquelineM rated this place
and said Edit

If you love scones, this is the place! The pumpkin scones were the best I’ve ever had. I had a pot of the Phoenix Dessert Blend tea with them, and it was so delicious that I had to take a few ounces of tea home with me :) I also had the steak salad and it was great.

Beware: It’s very cutesy and if fairy wings, Alice in Wonderland murals, and mismatched china are not your thing, you might not feel comfortable. Also, best to go on an “off” time to avoid lots of children if you are looking for peaceful tea sipping (I went around 5 on a sunday – perfect!)!

Alice's Tea Cup, Chapter II in New York, New York
Madison Bartholemew rated this place
and said Edit

I’m going to be returning to this place for a second look.
I asked my server, after I ordered the all you can eat jaberwocky feast thingy, for a second pot of tea so I could try a different kind… and he actually said no…
Really? A tea place giving you any food item you want and only one pot of tea? That along with the tea I ordered not being all that great makes me come to the conclusion that this place puts more emphasis on their food than their tea.
And don’t get me wrong… their scones in particular are absolutely amazing… but not trying to follow the food with an equally impressive tea sampling hurt my little tea loving soul.
So… if a second server pulls this same thing with me I’m gonna be pissed and I’ll be talking to a manager.
I’ll report back soon!