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The Pegg House Tea Room in Kernersville, North Carolina
Edwoid rated this place
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My wife and a family friend are visiting the area for a few days this week. They both love high tea and so made a reservation over 1 week in advance. They arrive a few minutes ahead of their 1PM reservation, step inside and no one is to be found. Someone comes from the back to let them know “they are full”. My wife says that she has a reservation. The rude lady responds, “did you leave a number when you made the reservation so we could call you to cancel? We had a last minute booking of the whole place.” My wife was speechless. She couldn’t even think to ask for a manager. The lady didn’t apologize. She made it sound as if my wife was at fault for not leaving a number when she made the reservation. She didn’t offer to provide a discount if my wife would come back another day…NOTHING. They never asked my wife for a number when the reservation was made. Even if my wife HAD left a number, what then? They planned to call and just ditch because something better came along with no offer of a discount on the next visit. This is the poorest of poor service. I am guessing they figured a full house was worth ditching a two-top. The fact that they wanted to take the full booking isn’t the problem. It is the fact that they acted like it was my wife’s fault, didn’t apologize and didn’t try to make things right at all. Well, I am planning to put this review up on every site I can find to make the word of mouth far outstrip the single full house booking.