Tea Leaves Tea Tasting Bar Edit

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Type Tea Shop
Serves Loose-leaf
Features Tastings

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Photo submitted by Karen Hartwick
Photo submitted by Karen Hartwick

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Tea Leaves Tea Tasting Bar in Stratford, ON
Jessie rated this place
and said Edit

This was the highlight of my one-night Stratford stay. We participated in a delightful tea tasting paired with local honeys, and I talked to Karen Hartwick a little afterward as well as picking up a few teas from her incredible selection.

The space is absolutely charming, the teaware was beautiful to browse, and the teas are of an excellent quality. Karen was lovely: very passionate and knowledgeable but welcoming and so willing to share her knowledge. She made everyone feel included despite varying experience levels and I think everyone in the group left having learned something and enjoyed the tasting.

Customers can stop into the shop where Karen will offer a tasting of teas chosen for you, and help pinpointing your tastes or finding a new favourite. I didn’t get to take advantage of this but it sounds like a wonderful system.

I’m looking forward to drinking the lovely teas I left with as well as hopefully making it back soon for more tastings or seminars. It was a really great experience hearing from someone so connected to the teas she was selling.

ETA: Wonderful tea shop and amazing teas. But, I received the tea of the month subscription as a gift. In over five months, I’ve only received two of my shipments and both required us inquiring what was going on. Ruins the experience!