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Type Tea Shop
Style Asian
Serves Loose-leaf
Features Tastings, Tea ceremony, Free wi-fi
Good For Dates, Groups, Meetings
Mon Sun 12:00 PM 11:00 PM

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Tea Drunk in NewYork, New York
BigDaddy rated this place
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Great little tea shop specializing in Chinese tea. There is a bar and table set ups for gonfu style tea drinking. I decided to sit at the bar and chat up the server who was extremely knowledgeable in her teas. There is a menu that covers all of the styles from white to black. Within those styles there is one tea which they offer different grades. I chose to start with the high grade Bi Luo Chun as I am new to greens and was curious if I had been doing the preparation correctly at home for some BLC I bought on-line. The answer was no. She walked me through the temperature, tea/water ratio, what water to use, steeping times, vessel to use, visual inspection to show high grade versus inferior grade, she was amazing. Then the tasting, we talked about where the flavors hit and the aromas as well and to somewhere take time and sip on some plain hot water to go back to the tea and see what flavors shine. What a great experience. She then poured me a few steepings of a previous customers Ooolong that was not finished, very generous in deed. By then a few other customers arrived and sat at the bar and we had a tea-fest. We all shared our teas (BLC, Shou and Lapsang Souchong)and not a bad one in the bunch. She also shared her private tea that she drinks for herself, made by a friend in China. I need one of those friends. I had a great night. The shop also carries tea-ware for sale, all things gongfu. There are limited to go cups of tea but that will change as the shop gets more popular. As of right now plan on bringing cash because the internet provider is dragging its heels to get the place up and running. You can also sign up on their website for tea memberships. I truly feel blessed to have a teashop to call my own now.