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Another sample to try, compared to the saigon chai this one is like… powder. It doesn’t nearly smell as spicy either. Personally, I hate tea dust. It’s hard to clean up and even using a french press doesn’t always stop bits falling in. So the kicker is that this chai comes with what.. guarana berries? Personally I have no idea what that is supposed to taste like (even after drinking energy drinks) so I was curious to see which one between this and the saigon chai to buy.

Smells a little bit odd, I can smell the cinnamon and the anise but not so much the ginger. It is pretty easy to drink, not too spicy not too overwhelming feels like the ginger is just in the background. It’s funny though, I always think cloves are necessary in a chai but this one has none. Anyways, the berries don’t taste like much I assume and this chai is rather pedestrian. Between this and the saigon, this one cost $2 more per 50g and comes in choppy flakes. I think it’s a no-brainer to go for the cheaper and more full flavour saigon instead. I guess you can buy some guarana seed powder and dump it in any tea if you really think it makes a difference.
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Another one of my samples I picked up last time, asked the sales associate there to recommended me one of the new teas from the wellness collection and she came up with the glow and this one. I chose this one because I do drink coffee and well… It simply smelled better. And well, it’s supposed to replace coffee right? So I will grade it based on those merits.

Steeped about halfway of the 4-7 minutes recommended on the label and used a teaspoon and a half of the stuff, comes out… looking really alot like coffee, well without any coffee creama. It does taste bitter (warning!) but I drink black coffees and espressos so I would say more bitter than a light roast but on par with a darker roast coffee. I would say you probably can get away with using less substance and a longer steep. I love the vanilla taste that comes along too, very nice. The almond comes through a lot less. Like coffee this is best when hot, there is also little aftertaste.

I never heard of this chicory root thing, so I googled it up and wow, people have been using it for ages for coffee substitute and I can see why. So it was fun to try out, colour and taste.. almost coffee-like. Slightly sweeter I must say too. Now at $8 for 50 grams, I don’t think I’ll be giving up coffee for this, besides I like my coffee and there’s plenty of tisanes that I can drink when I want no caffeine. Interesting to try and I am sure many people will like this one!

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I agree with everything here! but did you find the licorice?? for the life of me… I’m having trouble with that


hmm that, I did not taste much at all, actually i wasn’t aware there was any licorice/anise flavour at all!


that’s what the girl at the shop said… but I think she was mistaken now. There are so many to track

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Normally I’m not big on chai teas and the spices but there comes to a time when you get tired of the same old and want to try something new. I picked up a tiny bit of this tea as a sample last week and finally decided to try it today.

Smells like cinnamon, looks really nice, i see a good mix of everything: assam, ginger, cloves, peppercorns, and cardamoms. I’m happy there is no anise, I hate that stuff Not terribly strong, and not terribly spicy this is really easy to drink (for me at least). It does remind me of the Coco Chai Rooibos, but i think this one does a better job with the black tea… actually… some coconut might be good with it.. Happy with it so far, might add some sugar next time in to see what the difference is but I think I wouldn’t mind getting some more of this to drink from time to time.

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Reading the description of this tea, it sounded like quite the perfect breakfast tea, I immediately went and bought a pouch. Looking at the reviews the past week or so, I was really excited to find it in the mail, let’s just say i had some high expectations for this one.

Opening the bag.. to be honest, it didn’t smell all that great, very odd smell but whatever, its how it tastes that matters! Sipping it, I do get a lot of buttery taste and it mainly tastes like a black tea. Now about that pancake thing, that’s when things go downhill. I don’t know how many of you have ever had soy milk before, but really that’s what I’m getting here. Black tea? Check. Buttery flavour? Check. Pancake? errr. Soybeans? Check. That’s what I’m getting as aftertaste too, so i don’t know maybe i did something wrong..

Anyways, I think I will sweeten this one with honey/maple syrup next time and give it another go.

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Third infusion, still good. Still taste abit of apricot left upping rating abit

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Another one of the teas I got from the inventory oops event, I’d have to say this was a good choice, I like my fruity teas. :)

Unlike the Partridgeberry in a Pear tea, this one actually smells like apricot, so yay again a little on the sweet side but at least the smell is right. What I am abit confused about with this one, is why there is white, green and oolong in here. Clearly we would never be able to taste the white tea right? That happens to just be the problem here, steeping this one, I can’t taste much tea flavour at all, it’s just apricot.. and well.. nothing. Doesn’t taste bad though but i would imagine a straight up oolong apricot tea would have been a better choice here; other than that, happy it actually tastes like apricots!

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This tea looked really interesting, so i decided to give it a go. I liked the Sencha Pear from Davidstea but hated the crappy quality of the sencha used so again, still looking for a perfect green tea pear tea. Never heard of the partridgeberry, but i assume its something similar to cranberries. Opening up the package, the smell of this tea came at me really strong and very sweet. It doesn’t even smell like pears, and i can’t really define exactly what it is, but if i were to guess… perhaps a really sweetened honeydew/plum smell?

Anyways, onto the taste… thankfully it wasn’t as sweet as it smelled but it really didn’t taste like pear, so that was a letdown. I have no idea what the partridgeberry is supposed to taste like either so I’m not sure exactly how I am supposed to pick up on that. lol The tea is fairly light and alot better than the one from david’s just that this one.. smells really sweet and un-pearlike.

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So I finished my exam today and on my way home I picked up some samples of tea today as a reward to myself =). Starting with this one, after tons of black tea and coffee the last few days I decided to have a cup of this before bed.

Anyways, I love the colour that it makes like a deep pink-red, it smells amazing too like grapefruit actually. It’s very citrus-y and kind of reminds me of pink lemonade but more like grapefruit lemonade. I was scared when i read the ingredients list: carrot flakes, this ruined the Forbidden Fruit for me so i was concerned that it might to the same for this tea, however I never tasted any of it so all good. It tastes just slighty sour but I guess I don’t mind it being that it really reminds me of a real fruit. It’s hard to pick up all the flavours when it is still hot, and I have to say tastes better when it has cooled down. I am sure it will taste better in summer to have it iced. So yea, this one will be a pickup for me I think I’ll get a tin of it… I haven’t tried the goji pop yet, but this appealed to me more, and for now, it has won me over.

One downside, you gotta use more substance like more than normal tea, Apple chunks and stuff, it’s kinda heavy could be a concern cost-wise.

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Sticking to the black teas, I just finished an exam and have another one tomorrow.. yay! Don’t think i’ll be sleeping much so… black tea here we go!

Having this with honey tonight, actually not bad.

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Stopped drinking water, switched to tea. =)
(ok, this is a lie but still :) )

How I rate teas is pretty simple, different teas have different expectations based on quality and price. I’ll rate a tea based on how good it is for its category/price point. I think i rate pretty fairly, I’m not afraid to give a bad score to a bad tea, and it’s relatively hard to get perfect score (partially because i believe there are only so many that can attain such a title)

I like oolong/green teas the most
black, white, tisanes to a lesser part.

I re-steep EVERYTHING, as that’s how I’ve learned from my parents. Blacks teas normally to a max of two times.

I like it when the tea actually looks of quality (eg. whole unbruised leaves). I hate it when i get a tea, and half of it is cut up stems of the plant… give me leaves!

I drink all my teas black and occasionally with sweetener. I do drink coffee too, and love espressos and cappuccinos. Yup, I do my coffee black too. Guess, it is to say I like strong flavours.
My current way of steeping tea, is my french press which i just got a month ago. I love it (well maybe not my cheapy one; looking to get a bodum one day). I used to just dump leaves at the bottom of my cup..

Ok. Rating meanings…

0-49: Various degrees of suck. Either terrible value or just not good.
50-59: It’s drinkable. I’ll finish my cup.
60-69: Not bad… but not good.
70-79: okay to drink, nothing too special, will not be a re-buy.
80-89: Enjoyable cups.
90-99: Worth holding on to.
100: Um.. I’ll tell you when I get here.

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