29 Tasting Notes

drank Genmaicha by Wiseman Tea Company
29 tasting notes

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drank Jasmine Tea by TeaSpring
29 tasting notes

Jasmine has a beautiful smell, vegetal without being overpowering. An excellent morning tea, its bite replaces coffee without being the least bit bitter.

180 °F / 82 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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drank Japanese Sencha by Upton Tea Imports
29 tasting notes

Yes, it’s vegetal. But it is indeed delicious. soft and yet not as much bite as the smell might portend. Can be sweetened a bit too. One of my consistent favorites.

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If Lapsang Souchong had a drinkable cousin, it’d be this vanilla black. Bears a passing resemblance to it, in terms of its smokey haze and the taste as a result comes off very different than you’d anticipate from the name of the tea. Less taste of a vanilla from my experience or at least, what I’d have preferred. It’s perhaps a bit more earthy and strong. So a nice sturdy black if you want that kind of thing. I wanted to like it more, but just can’t seem to get into it.

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drank Tulsi Tea by Mountain Rose Herbs
29 tasting notes

For loose-leaf drinkers, this team resembles faintly the smell of a strong green blend of some kind. But rather than a vegetal taste, it carries a more menthol smell that extends to the drink itself. Just not an especially pleasurable drinking experience if you don’t know what you’re getting into. Just a bit too bitter, not especially flavorful in an enjoyable way and certainly not the type of drink to oversteep. More enjoyable than say, Yerba Mate, but…not by much.

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It’s an herbal tea I purchase for road trip tea drinking. It’s floral, minty and is combined with a variety of herbal elements to give it a very earthy smell. It’s strong, almost pungent and bears little resemblance to many things you’ll ever drink. Wouldn’t recommend sweetening it, as that just makes it worse. Just an acquired taste herbal and I’m admittedly not an herbal tea drinker.

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Was not a Rooibos partisan before or after this particular blend, but I must say it is the most delightful Rooibos I’ve ever tasted. Blended almost perfectly, the cinnamon and orange blend with the rooibos to produce a unique taste that lingers slightly. Excellent breakfast tea and also useful as a gateway to new converts to loose-leaf (a big crusade of mine..)

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