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Sipdown!! (172)

Thank you NayLynn for the chance to try this tea. It is a really unique tea. I actually quite enjoy it for its one-of-a-kind flavor. Dates contribute a sweetness while the figs contribute a nice fruitiness. There is also a nuttiness that makes for a full flavor while sesame rounds everything out nicely. It is a great treat every now and again but I don’t think I would reach for it often enough to justify stocking it. I wouldn’t turn down a cup though :)

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drank Ginger Snap by Della Terra Teas
3020 tasting notes

Sipdown!! (173)

Thank you Satsuma for sharing this with me!! I am sad to see it go. Weirdly enough, this tea is tasting like delicious cinnamon apples. I am not sure why that is the case but I am really, REALLY liking it. I think I would get more of this tea in the future if every cup I had was just like this one.

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drank Creamy Eggnog by Butiki Teas
3020 tasting notes

Thank you Satsuma for sending me some more of this tasty tea! I haven’t quite committed to purchasing this tea (mostly because I think I prefer the idea of it to the actual taste) but I do enjoy getting it in swaps every now and then. Today’s cup is more creamy and eggy, with a slight vegetal base (though not unpleasant, just present) as opposed to the vanilla bean ice cream I make this out to be in my mind. Still good though :)

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drank Miz by Nina's Paris
3020 tasting notes

Sipdown!! (174)

Though I am enjoying the green base quite a bit – smooth and buttery – I am finding he cherry flavor lacking in this cup. Perhaps that is a result of underleafing? All in all, it is pleasant enough but there are so many other teas from Nina’s that I prefer that I don’t think this will be a restock.

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drank Neapolitan Honeybush by 52teas
3020 tasting notes

Thank you Dustin for sharing so much of this tea. I am slowly making my way through this and it really is finicky. Some cups are awesomely accurate to tasty neapolitan ice cream and others are 100% honeybush. This is in between, a hint of strawberry vanilla flavor but mostly a lot of honeybush.


Sounds like you are already enjoying it more than I did! Never could get the hang of that tea.


It is not too bad nor is it the best but it is alright every now and then.

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Sipdown!! (175)

Thank you Fjellrev for this delicious nougatty tea. Sweet, creamy, and oh-so-nutty. Amazing! I am sad to see it go but I am sure we will meet again eventually!

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drank Sichuan Caravan by Verdant Tea
3020 tasting notes

Sipdown!! (176)

Thank you MissB for sharing this with me. Tbh, I was preparing for pu’erh overload and even had more water ready in case I had to dump the cup. Luckily, that was not the case. The spices completely obscure any pu’erh flavor, leaving room for the savory flavors to really shine. Though I don’t think this is something I would have again, it was fun to try something new.


this one resteeps forever


I might have tossed the leaf already. Oops.



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drank Winter Nog by Della Terra Teas
3020 tasting notes

Sipdown!! (177)

So long creamy eggnog tea. You are certainly very tasty but seeing as winter is on its way out (it was actually above 0C today), it is only fitting to say goodbye to this winter tea too. Thank you Satsuma for sharing this with me :)

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This is yet another tea shared by the wonderfully generous TraceyC. I have had a couple Della Terra blueberry teas before and enjoyed all of them so I was intrigued by their caffeine free version. Tasting it now, the rooibos mutes the blueberry flavor just a bit but it still remains sweet and present. Personally I think Blueberry Creme is my favorite Della Terra blueberry teas but this is a nice alternative and one I am glad to have more of in my cupboard. Thank you TraceyC!

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 45 sec

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drank Graham Slam by Herbal Infusions
3020 tasting notes

Thank you TraceyC for sending this my way. This is one of the HI teas I have wanted to try for a while now so I am grateful for the opportunity. This is not bad, though a tad thin. It smells awesome, just like a graham cracker, and tastes very similar, I just wish the flavor was stronger.

In other, but related news, I came across this interesting tidbit on wikipedia about the history of the graham cracker: "Reverend Graham would often lecture on “self-abuse” as masturbation was commonly called at the time. Graham would often say how these experiences were inspired by children eating crackers. One of his many theories was that one could curb one’s sexual appetite by eating bland foods. Another man who held this belief was John Harvey Kellogg, the inventor of the corn flakes cereal." The more you know :)

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 45 sec

Jeepers. Really? I’m… wow.


I was pretty confused too. I wonder if this is one of those instances when someone fudged with the wikipedia page as a joke.


I’ve heard this before, in my psychology of sex class back in the mid-90s.


Yeah, no, this is totally legit. We learned about it in Sexual Deviance XD

Sami Kelsh

Yep, legit.

Though I can also say that I have empirically proven on a number of occasions that enjoying a tasty snack of delicious graham crackers or cornflakes does nothing to curb impure thoughts and impulses.

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My cupboard has grown exponentially since joining this site and I have a lot to share. Feel free to snoop through my cupboard and message me if anything interests you – I am always happy to swap!

For me, flavored teas are definitely my sweet spot. I will most often reach for black teas and rooibos or honeybush blends but I do keep some flavored whites and greens around for when the mood strikes. I have a few herbals/tisanes but most of the time I find myself disappointed by them as they often smell deliciously sweet and then end up tasting tart/sour. I have a little bit of an aversion to pu’erh and oolong teas. I am also wary of florals, earl greys, and chai teas. I do not like overpowering citrus flavors nor do I usually like hibiscus, licorice or chamomile. I love dessert teas – caramel, vanilla, toffee, cookie, cream, and other sweet flavors make me smile. Fruits like strawberry, peach, mango, and pineapples will often catch my attention as well.

I have also realized that although I really enjoy adding frothed milk to some of my teas, if I do not like the tea with zero additives (just in plain water without milk or sugar), I probably won’t drink it. The one exception is flavored matchas which I will happily drink in cold milk if I do not like it mixed with hot water. My theory is if the tea can’t stand on its own then it is not for me and I will more than likely try to swap it out for something else.


Thornhill, Ontario

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