2603 Tasting Notes

drank Cotton Candy by DAVIDsTEA
2603 tasting notes

Between this and Jolly Jellybean, I guess it would be fair to say that I’m craving sweets today. Unfortunately, as a plain hot cup there is nothing to dilute the sweetness so it’s like drinking hot sugar water.

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drank Jolly Jellybean by DAVIDsTEA
2603 tasting notes

So I noticed today that looking at my teas, this and Hello Sweetie, that they are weirdly thick. As in when I move the mugs, the tea moves as whole rather than water which would ripple. It’s hard to explain but it’s sort of like that stage in the process of making jello where it hasn’t solidified but it is thicker than the water was when it got poured in.

Anyways, not sure why that thickness would be the case for Hello Sweetie but this one I could probably attribute to the two jelly beans that made it into the steeper. I figure the gelatinous/wax coating could create thickness. That worried me a bit since this tends to have an artificial/chemical note to it and the added jellybean could definitely have made that worse.

However, having this tea iced has been a much better experience than any of the hot mugs I’ve had of it. Despite seeing the thickness, that doesn’t come across in mouthfeel when drinking. Also, the icing tones down the base which can be medicinal or a contributing factor to the chemical. That leaves me with a sweet/fruity flavor, similar to, well, jelly beans.

Not my favourite tea by any means but I’m finding ways to make it more bearable which is great since I had to buy a lot of it.

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drank Hello Sweetie by Butiki Teas
2603 tasting notes

I was in class today and for some reason thought of this tea and just really started craving it. I haven’t had caffeinated tea in forever since I’m trying to stay hydrated but honestly at some point you gotta say fuck it and enjoy life. I’ve changed my eating so drinking tea won’t kill me :P.

Anyways, this is awesome. The base is a bit more prominent than usual today and so is the toffee and banana which is making for a nice bread pudding sort of vibe. Amazing, as per usual and definitely satisfying the craving :)

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drank Pistachio Cream by DAVIDsTEA
2603 tasting notes

I brewed this up hot and Caramel Corn iced, then I got distracted. So now I am drinking this cold and tossed the Caramel Corn in the fridge for tomorrow. Nothing really new to say about this one. It’s sweet and creamy and basically what I thought Pistachio Ice Cream should have tasted like but didn’t.

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drank Lime Chiffon by Della Terra Teas
2603 tasting notes

Sipping on this while watching American Ultra (super weird btw) and needlepointing. I should probably be sleeping or doing school related stuff but this is more fun/relaxing so this is the plan I’m going with.

As for the tea, I am having it iced and the creamy custard element is really shining. There is lime but not in the fruit sense as it is blending with the cream notes and just imparting flavor. Awesome, as per usual.

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drank Swampwater by DAVIDsTEA
2603 tasting notes

I’m back on Jenny Craig so I am trying to get back into my healthy lifestyle. Prior to going on the diet the first time (a few years back), I drank copious amounts of water so when I started the diet, I had no problem getting in my daily amount and then some. Then, as I continued on Jenny Craig and needed to find something to get new flavors into my life, I found tea. I still always had water everyday but I also drank a crapton of tea (minimum of 6 16 oz cups daily). Tea drinking replaced my water drinking so when I went on my hiatus from tea, I stopped drinking everything for the most part so now I am reteaching myself to stay hydrated. I have been averaging about 3-4 litres of water daily now so that leaves little room for tea. Nonetheless, I am trying to find a balance so I am slowly starting to bring tea back into my diet with caffeine free blends.

I grabbed this tea because I wanted something sweet and fruity given its the springtime and that seemed to fit the season. This fit the bill. I iced it since it is rather warm and sunny and the result is awesome. The rooibos is almost completely faded to the background while strawberry remains constant and strong throughout the sip. Notes of pineapple and caramel pop up here and there, both complementing the berry flavor beautifully. It’s really delightful and definitely satisfying.

On a side note, I start my new semester tomorrow and I am already a little panicked. I only have 3/6 syllabuses so far and I already determined a week from hell. My brother’s best friend, who used to live with us but moved to Detroit for uni a few years back, is getting married June 18. My whole family is invited to the wedding in Detroit. My mother has decided this is the perfect time/place for me to buy my Maid of Honor dress for my sister’s wedding in September so she wants me to go early (Thursday) with her and my brother to Detroit and come home late (Monday) as opposed to going with the rest of my family Friday-Sunday. Problem is, the 3 syllabuses I DO have informed me that I have midterms on June 21, 22, and 23, each worth 35% of my grades and since I don’t have my syllabuses, there could be more stuff that I am required to do. That’s a lot of stress and a lot of studying time I am missing out on. Okay. Rant over.

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 15 sec 3 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

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drank Birthday Cake by Butiki Teas
2603 tasting notes

Having this iced and the lemon note is back

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Today this tastes like maple syrup soaked pancakes.


Did you add milk? I can never seem to pull the pancake flavour from this one.


I didn’t add anything. 2 tsps in 16 oz for 2 min at 200 was my prep method and it just seemed to work. Other times it hasn’t so who knows what changed this time.

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I’m actually drinking this so I thought I would log it though it is not as tasty as it was last night. Oh well.

Anyways, I don’t have much new input to say about this personal favourite so I will just ask: anyone watch game of thrones last night?!? About that, I do have a lot to say and most of it is along the lines of OMG HODOR! OMG DRAGONS! OMG JON! And the thoughts continue in that fashion.


shhhhhhhhhhhhhh no spoilers!


Tyrion just gives the show what it needs—-comedic breaks from all the darkness.
The baby was just too much though….


Haha Sil, that was my means of avoiding spoilers!

And Tyrion is absolutely amazing, such an awesome character. And yeah, that was…something with the baby.

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Prepped as a tea affogato using honey frozen yogurt and 6 tsps of leaf. Again, my proportions are off so this is a lot more liquid/tea than I needed and the frozen yogurt melted much faster than the ice cream, however this tea brewed in such a concentrated manner still makes for a great treat. It is bringing out the mocha quite s bit and the honey ribbon of the frozen yogurt married perfectly to boost the butterscotch elements. It’s creamy and sweet and liquid dessert and hitting the spot so all in all I’m happy even if this wasn’t perfect.

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My cupboard has grown exponentially since joining this site and I have a lot to share. Feel free to snoop through my cupboard and message me if anything interests you – I am always happy to swap!

For me, flavored teas are definitely my sweet spot. I will most often reach for black teas and rooibos or honeybush blends but I do keep some flavored whites and greens around for when the mood strikes. I have a few herbals/tisanes but most of the time I find myself disappointed by them as they often smell deliciously sweet and then end up tasting tart/sour. I have a little bit of an aversion to pu’erh and oolong teas. I am also wary of florals, earl greys, and chai teas. I do not like overpowering citrus flavors nor do I usually like hibiscus, licorice or chamomile. I love dessert teas – caramel, vanilla, toffee, cookie, cream, and other sweet flavors make me smile. Fruits like strawberry, peach, mango, and pineapples will often catch my attention as well.

I have also realized that although I really enjoy adding frothed milk to some of my teas, if I do not like the tea with zero additives (just in plain water without milk or sugar), I probably won’t drink it. The one exception is flavored matchas which I will happily drink in cold milk if I do not like it mixed with hot water. My theory is if the tea can’t stand on its own then it is not for me and I will more than likely try to swap it out for something else.


Thornhill, Ontario

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