1877 Tasting Notes

drank Comforting by Aveda
1877 tasting notes

Sipdown!! (160)

Thank you Allie for sharing. Unfortunately, I think Aveda should stick to cosmetics because this is a whole lot of nope. It smells minty but the taste is closer to licorice and has a cloyingly sweet flavor that coats your mouth at the end of every sip. This really is not for me.


whoa, who knew Aveda made tea?


Yeah I was pretty shocked when I pulled the teabag out of the swap package.

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drank Apple Cider by Bigelow
1877 tasting notes

Sipdown!! (161)

Thank you Allie for the chance to try this tea. As I brewed it up, I immediately noticed the pink color that really only comes from one thing…hibiscus. Checking the ingredients list only confirmed my suspicions. So sipping on the tea now, I am getting a lot of hibiscus, a hint of apple, and some strange combination of spices. It is really a weird cup and not one I intend to have ever again.

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Great Canadian TTB and sipdown!! (162)

I actually sent the box off this morning but in the interest of saving time, I pulled out a few of the teabags to try later. This one is something I really wanted to try and thanks to the wonderful Sil, I got that chance. However, I built this up in my mind (I blame the pretty tin for that :P) as an amazingly delicious peaches and cream cup. In reality, this is really rather odd. I get the cream and the base is present but something about the peach flavor is really quite off.


I’m such a sucker for a pretty tin!


Haha if it looks nice, you expect the taste to follow suit. Alas, that doesn’t always happen such as with this tea.

Also, random observation but steepster notified me that you commented on “VariaTea’s” tasting note as opposed to saying someone commented on “your” tasting note.


Sometimes I don’t even care what the tea tastes like, I just want the tin!

That is strange about the notification. For a couple months now I haven’t been able to view my messages on Steepster without opening the link in another tab. If I don’t it either crashes the browser or times out.

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drank Golden Mojito by Teavana
1877 tasting notes

Sipdown!! (163)

Thank you Allie for the sample of this tea. I dumped the whole bag into my nordic mug and brewed up the cup. I did not expect much from this being a Teavana tea which is good because it is just okay for my tastes. Every now and then I get a hint of nice pineapple flavor but mostly I just find it to be thicker than it needs to be and a touch too citrus. I am always happy to try new things but I am not sad to see this go.


Haha, and this one probably came from me:) Traveling tea!


Haha. In that case, thank you to you as well :P


I am sorry you didn’t like it. This use to be one of my all time favorites. It is slowly loosing its spunk though. I will have to try another cup to see how it stacks up.


I must admit to being biased as I really hate Teavana.

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drank Swaziland Rooibos by Cornelia Bean
1877 tasting notes

So I have a timolino and I loved it then one day I made SoHo Blend in it when I was back home in Toronto and something about that tea tasted off and metallicy. I poured that out and cleaned the timolino only to forget it at home (the Toronto home). When I finally got it back with me in Montreal, I noticed it was very discolored inside and despite soaking it with baking soda & vinegar, soap, etc. I couldn’t get it clean and any tea I made had the same metallic flavor as the SoHo Blend. Then I was given the awesome idea by many steepsterites to use polident tablets. Amazingly, they returned the timolino to its original condition and yet, this tea still tastes rather metallic. I have never had this tea, or any other rooibos teas from this company, so it is possible that it is the tea’s fault but I am more inclined to believe the timolino is the culprit here.


Hmm, I hope it’s not permanent. Maybe it needs time to air out or something.


I’ve had rooibos (but not this blend) from Cornelia Bean – I wouldn’t have said that it was metallic.
I hope you can get your timolino back the was it was. :))


I really don’t know how to fix it. Prior to the SoHo blend, I never had a problem with it. Worst comes to worse, I will steal one of my siblings timolinos when I go back to Toronto since they don’t use them.

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drank Prickly Pear by Cornelia Bean
1877 tasting notes

A fruity herbal with no hibiscus, can it be? It can!

This is a tasty cup. Sweet fruity flavor with just a little bit of a sour kick. It is like a jelly belly :)


i’m going to be stalking your tasting notes lol


Haha. I have some swap teas I should probably drink first but I got so excited when the box arrived I immediately started brewing some teas. Luckily most of the ones I ordered are caffeine free where as the swaps are caffeinated so I can try those teas during the day and the Cornelia Bean teas at night.


Haha I know how you feel! I totally opened up my lupicia teas to drink the non caffeinated ones…..after I was making so much progress sipping down things. I’m thinking my cupboard may explode tomorrow…..


I was looking at the Lupicia Orzo teas as caffeine free options because they sounded interesting. How have you found them? And are your getting the teas from Terri tomorrow?


Orzo is similar to soba from h and s…but flavoured and tasty…I can send some later. Also, Two packages to pick up tomorrow…but I’m not sure from who.


Sounds delicious and yay for packages!! I am hoping the Butiki order shows up tomorrow but if it doesn’t then I am sure it will appear sometime next week. It cleared customs today.

Roswell Strange

Tea Desire has a Prickly Pear herbal without hibiscus (it’s great cold brewed). Next swap I can send some to you if you wanna try another similar blend.


And I can send you this as well. I think I will have to start a list of things to send to you :P

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drank Cookie by Lupicia
1877 tasting notes

Thank you Dustin for the chance to try my very first Lupicia tea EVER!! And, it isn’t just any Lupicia tea but the infamous Cookie tea. YAY! Very exciting.

I quite like it. It is clearly a black tea but somehow the hint of base I am getting highlights the cookie-eqsue taste of the tea. It is smooth, buttery, and sweet just like a cookie should be. Delicious!

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drank Birthday Cake by DAVIDsTEA
1877 tasting notes

I am having this today in honor of my tea triplets 19th birthday.


Hope you are having an awesome day. All the best :)

It is also a mini Sipdown as I have finished off the tin from August. Luckily I have some more as I grabbed 50 g in my most recent order.

Roswell Strange

Aw, thanks! I have this one set aside for later tonight after work :) Have you gotten your Birthday card in the mail yet? I sent it a while ago, so fingers crossed it didn’t get lost along the way.


Nothing has arrived :)


Woot, happy birthday Roswell Strange! Tea triplets!

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drank Peaches & Cream by DAVIDsTEA
1877 tasting notes

This reminds me of something and I cannot put my finger on what which is really quite bothersome. I also can’t quite determine if I like it or not. Luckily I have a few more cups to wrap my head around this.

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drank Blue Lagoon by DAVIDsTEA
1877 tasting notes

Something about this blend is not sitting right with me. My friend thought it tasted like medicine but I am not getting that either. I get blueberry at the start of the sip then a hint lemongrass and it ends with sweet pineapple. I just can’t but feel that it is missing something though to bring all the flavors together.

Is there stevia in this?!? That is what is off to me. Something tastes like artificial sweetener in this blend.


No stevia that I saw, but there is something not quite right in it for me either. I had one cup and the rest I’ll pass along.


I think I may follow suit. I will probably try cold brewing first.


Stevia isn’t artificial. It’s a natural sweetener but there may be artificial flavouring in there that you’re picking up. I


Stevia tastes like artificial flavour to some people. I can only deal with it in very small amounts before the taste is apparent.


I know stevia is natural however, it tastes almost like aspartame to me a lot of the time. I suppose they could have put a different sweetner in but I mentioned stevia specifically because I know DAVIDs is a fan of it.

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After being overweight all my life I finally decided to commit to the long journey of weight loss. When life got too monotonous with all the diet food I decided to try teas in hopes of finding new flavors. I never realized the addiction I would face and now I am in love with all things tea!

However, I am still new to the tea scene and although I have bought many David’s Teas and Teavana Teas I know there is just so much out there to try and I am excited for each and every new experience. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! My cupboard has grown exponentially since joining this site and I have a lot to share. Feel free to snoop through my cupboard and message me if anything interests you – I am always happy to swap!

Well after over a month on steepster, I have learned many new things about tea and my own personal tastes. For me, flavored teas are definitely my sweet spot. I will most often reach for black teas and rooibos or honeybush blends but I do keep some flavored whites and greens around for when the mood strikes. I have a few herbals/tisanes but most of the time I find myself disappointed by them as they often smell deliciously sweet and then end up tasting tart/sour. I have a little bit of an aversion to pu’erh and oolong teas. I am also wary of florals, earl greys, and chai teas. I do not like overpowering citrus flavors nor do I usually like hibiscus, licorice or chamomile. I love dessert teas – caramel, vanilla, and other sweet flavors make me smile. Fruits like strawberry, peach, mango, and pineapples will often catch my attention as well. Oh and I LOVE Red Leaf Tea’s flavored matcha.

I have also realized that although I really enjoy adding frothed milk to some of my teas, if I do not like the tea with zero additives (just in plain water without milk or sugar), I probably won’t drink it. The one exception is flavored matchas which I will happily drink in cold milk if I do not like it mixed with hot water. My theory is if the tea can’t stand on its own then it is not for me and I will more than likely try to swap it out for something else.

Tea Ratings (a loose guide):
1-15 – This cup is going down the drain
16-30 – I will finish the cup but I am not making another
31-50 – I don’t think I like this but I will try another cup just to be sure
51-60 – I am really on the fence about this tea
61-70 – I like this enough to finish what I have but I won’t be buying it again
71-80 – I like this and will buy it every now and then
81-90 – I really like this and will replace it as soon as I can
91-100 – I LOVE this and will buy more before I run out of what I have so that this is never missing from my cupboard


Thornhill, Ontario

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