3123 Tasting Notes

drank Honey Fig Tree by Tea Squared
3123 tasting notes

Thank you Roswell Strange for sharing but I just don’t know how I feel about this. It sort of tastes like rosey butter. Seriously. It’s weird and I don’t think I’m a fan, at least as a hot brew. The rest of my sample is cold brewing now so hopefully I have more luck with it prepped that way.

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This is my oldest Butiki and I feel like it’s time to let go so I am having one last cup of this creamy melon deliciousness and saying my farewell. 223.

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drank The au Chocolat by Lupicia
3123 tasting notes

The Lupicia base, that I don’t usually love, actually lends itself quite nicely to the rich chocolate flavor of this tea. It smells amazingly like rich milky chocolate and at times it tastes like milk chocolate but mostly it tastes like a thick dark chocolate. I don’t know if I would want this in bulk because I just don’t reach for chocolate teas that much but I certainly wouldn’t turn down another cup. 224.


I was surprised that I like this as well….I think Peet’s Red Cloud Cacao tea is more dark chocolate tasting, but this went well with milk for a very decent cup!


I didn’t add milk but I could see that really making this that much better. And I have never tried the Peet’s tea but I have a lot of the Crio Bru teas and those are cups of rich dark chocolate so I guess I’m covered for a while.

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drank Coffee Ice Cream by Butiki Teas
3123 tasting notes

Made this as a hot latte and the milk really helped cover up the honeybush flavor leaving behind the awesome Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz ice cream flavor. I could see this being good as an iced latte as well. However, I won’t get a chance to try it because I am passing along the rest of this tea for someone else to try.

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Somehow I already took this tea out of my cupboard so I am not sure if it is this lot that Sil shared with me a while back but I do believe it is so I am writing my note here as I sip on the tea. It’s a pleasant enough cup, though I certainly prefer TTC’s Sun Moon Lake Assam. There is something light about this tea, as if it is missing a flavor. That could be to human error though having to do with the way I steeped the tea. However, what I am getting is a strong carby flavor. Usually that is accompanied by some other element like fruits or spice, and at times I get a hint of spice, but mostly just carbs. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing but I have had better. Still, I am always grateful for the opportunity to try something new so thank you Sil for the share.


new teas are fun…esp if you haven’t bought them lol


That is certainly true.

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drank Minted Monkey by Tippy's Tea
3123 tasting notes

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drank Minted Monkey by Tippy's Tea
3123 tasting notes

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drank Cranberry Pear by DAVIDsTEA
3123 tasting notes

I used the last of this to make an iced latte this morning. I used cashew milk and together with the tea it has boosted the creamy pear flavor while muting the cranberry. It’g good but I think I prefer it as a hot latte with eggnog. Nonetheless, this tea is one of my favorites so when I reel in my cupboard, I will be picking up more of this. 255.

carol who

Cashew milk is my new favorite “milk”. Yummy and soooooo creamy!


It really is a good one.

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First off, I just want to say Happy holidays to everyone, whether it be Passover or Good Friday :D

This came in a big bag of tea that had samples from Kittenna, Sil, MissB, Cavocorax, Dexter, and OMGsrsly. I’m not sure who shared this particular tea but I am grateful to get another taste so thank you so much. I am enjoying the breadiness of this cup this morning. It also has nice honey drizzled fruit notes – I want to say plum and raisin to be specific. It’s like a nice comforting breakfast in a mug and comforting is nice right now since one of my dogs passed away this morning. It was a long time coming so it wasn’t a shock but it’s still been a crappy day.


I’m so sorry about the puppy! My childhood dog definitely took a piece of me when she passed… Still not over it! Yay for tea comforts!


Awww – sorry about your furry friend, they are such a huge part of the family. :(

Roswell Strange

I’m so sorry to hear that – even if it was somewhat expected, it’s still very hard losing a pet. I hope you had a nice, stressful day. You certainly deserve it!


Today I lost my chicken to a dog that got through two fences to get to my bird and lost my pet spider. I haven’t checked the hamster yet for fear that it is somehow dead too. I think all that makes this Bad Friday.
Sorry to hear about your dog. :(


Awww, sorry to hear about your puppy!

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Made this as a latte with regular milk (as I didn’t think the flavors of this tea would stand up against cashew milk) and if nothing else, this smelled amazing. I could just cradle this in my hands and sniff it for hours because it’s just so incredibly delectable. Tastewise, the smell does translate but it’s subtle. Maybe too subtle? Still this certainly captures butterscotch pudding well, I just need to focus on it to really pick up the flavors.

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My cupboard has grown exponentially since joining this site and I have a lot to share. Feel free to snoop through my cupboard and message me if anything interests you – I am always happy to swap!

For me, flavored teas are definitely my sweet spot. I will most often reach for black teas and rooibos or honeybush blends but I do keep some flavored whites and greens around for when the mood strikes. I have a few herbals/tisanes but most of the time I find myself disappointed by them as they often smell deliciously sweet and then end up tasting tart/sour. I have a little bit of an aversion to pu’erh and oolong teas. I am also wary of florals, earl greys, and chai teas. I do not like overpowering citrus flavors nor do I usually like hibiscus, licorice or chamomile. I love dessert teas – caramel, vanilla, toffee, cookie, cream, and other sweet flavors make me smile. Fruits like strawberry, peach, mango, and pineapples will often catch my attention as well.

I have also realized that although I really enjoy adding frothed milk to some of my teas, if I do not like the tea with zero additives (just in plain water without milk or sugar), I probably won’t drink it. The one exception is flavored matchas which I will happily drink in cold milk if I do not like it mixed with hot water. My theory is if the tea can’t stand on its own then it is not for me and I will more than likely try to swap it out for something else.


Thornhill, Ontario

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