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I am picky about Cola to begin with, as in very picky. If I ask for Coca Cola and am offered Pepsi, I drink water instead so I was not all that excited about this blend. However, my brother wanted it so it was added to the order. Sipping on it now, it is not as bad as I thought it might be. It definitely is reminiscent of cola but as to be expected it is flat and watered down, two things you never really want in a soda. As for the lime, it provides a bit of freshness to the cup that helps distract the flatness of the cup.

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drank Boo-Berry Cotton Candy by 52teas
2370 tasting notes

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Thank you NayLynn for the opportunity to try this tea. I think I like it a little less this time around but it is still good. The blueberry is nice but there is less cotton candy than I remember. I am enjoying it now but I am not heartbroken about seeing it go either.

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Thank you Cavocorax for sharing this with me. I am not actually part of the Hannibal fandom so this is a tea I might have overlooked but I am glad I didn’t because this tastes good. Base? present, but mild. Caramel? Sweet, but not in your face. And hazelnut? Just a touch to round out the cup with a hint of nuttiness. With that said, I don’t know how quickly I would pick up 3 oz given this isn’t anything too unique but it certainly is one of the better Adagio blends I have had and am very excited to have more in my cupboard.


Is 3oz. the Adagio minimum?

Roswell Strange

For fandom blends it is.

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drank Lemon Lime Kampai by Teavana
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Thank you Roswell Strange but this is a tea I am not sad to see go. It was alright but really nothing special and certainly not something that could persuade me to deal with Teavana. I am grateful for the chance to try something that I never would have had otherwise though so thank you :)

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Sipdown!! (148)

Thank you Roswell Strange for sharing this with me. Weirdly enough, I think this may have actually grown on me. That doesn’t mean I am going out to buy this anytime soon but it is a little sad to see this go. It is coconut flavor combined with a hint of hibiscusy tartness to round things out.

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This is a subtle cappuccino flavor atop a cup of sweet rooibos tea that ends with a little caramel deliciousness. Tasty and delicious.

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drank Toffee by Le Palais des Thes
2370 tasting notes

Thank you for sharing Dustin. I am definitely getting the toffee flavor but I am also getting a lot of base and I am just not loving it. I really can’t put my finger on why but the two flavors are just not blending the way I hoped they would.

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So I have switched from 1% milk to skim milk and that has actually altered my matcha milk experience. For one, skim milk fluffs up a lot more than 1% which means you can’t get as much milk in the glass which throws off the matcha:milk ratio. Consequently, there was a stronger matcha flavor than usual which muted the caramel popcorn goodness. This lacked the tasty buttery richness that I love so much in this blend and the caramel was not as present as usual. It was still good but not the cup I have come to know and love :(

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Thank you jump62359 for sending some of this my way. This is a great mint tea. Smooth, roasty, minty, and refreshing with just a hint of floral jasmin to round everything out. Really quite good though at the end of the day it is a mint tea and I just don’t reach for mint often enough to justify buying 3 oz. I will certainly enjoy my sample though.

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drank Asia Cocktail by Tea Desire
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Thank you Roswell Strange for the chance to try something new. Having had it both hot and cold, I can say this is definitely better cold. The mango and lychee flavor come out much more whereas the base takes a back seat to the flavors. Good, not great but the rating will get bumped a bit because the cold brew is certainly an improvement.

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My cupboard has grown exponentially since joining this site and I have a lot to share. Feel free to snoop through my cupboard and message me if anything interests you – I am always happy to swap!

For me, flavored teas are definitely my sweet spot. I will most often reach for black teas and rooibos or honeybush blends but I do keep some flavored whites and greens around for when the mood strikes. I have a few herbals/tisanes but most of the time I find myself disappointed by them as they often smell deliciously sweet and then end up tasting tart/sour. I have a little bit of an aversion to pu’erh and oolong teas. I am also wary of florals, earl greys, and chai teas. I do not like overpowering citrus flavors nor do I usually like hibiscus, licorice or chamomile. I love dessert teas – caramel, vanilla, toffee, cookie, cream, and other sweet flavors make me smile. Fruits like strawberry, peach, mango, and pineapples will often catch my attention as well.

I have also realized that although I really enjoy adding frothed milk to some of my teas, if I do not like the tea with zero additives (just in plain water without milk or sugar), I probably won’t drink it. The one exception is flavored matchas which I will happily drink in cold milk if I do not like it mixed with hot water. My theory is if the tea can’t stand on its own then it is not for me and I will more than likely try to swap it out for something else.


Thornhill, Ontario

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