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I love Earl Greys, so I was all YAY when I received this as a sample. It’s pretty good, but perhaps a bit too vanilla-tasting for my liking. I like to be able to taste my bergamot, and I’m not really getting any of that here. That said, it’s still quite drinkable as a Monday morning beverage.

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drank Cool Cactus by DAVIDsTEA
233 tasting notes

Drinking this today brought me back to my desert travels over the past couple of years… Sigh, I miss it so much! This is exactly what I hoped DT would come up with – a tea with an entirely different flavour profile than the offerings they currently have (as I’m pretty sure there’s nothing with prickly pear already?). My favourite out of the three new teas, for sure, and I’m happy that it’s a green, as I need to start drinking that more.


Much of a lemongrass flavour? Im still not over that cup of Cold Zing I had right before Christmas lol. I bought the Sunshine collection from DT this afternoon…by the sounds of the weather forecast this week I’m going to need some sunshine!


I didn’t get much of a lemongrass taste, no – the prickly pear and pineapple were the strongest notes for me!

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drank Sunny Citrus by DAVIDsTEA
233 tasting notes

I only had a sample of this, so I may change my rating when I have a larger cup. To me, this tastes a lot like Pink Flamingo (and it shares a lot of the same ingredients, so not really a surprise). Which is fine in one sense, because I like Pink Flamingo, but why feel the need to make something new that’s basically the exact same thing? I wish the orange was the main flavour here – DT has done several straight up lemon blends, and I’d love to see a strong orange one. Hopefully in the spring or summer collection.

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drank Key Lime by DAVIDsTEA
233 tasting notes

This one smells absolutely amazing, which was what motivated me to try this one first from the new collection. It doesn’t taste as good as it smells, which is a shame, but I still liked it – I am a sucker for anything lime-flavoured. This one tasted different enough from anything I’ve had by DT so I will definitely be getting some more of this eventually.

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drank Christmas Chai by Steeped Tea
233 tasting notes

A pretty generic chai tea… but not as in your face spicy as it could have been, despite having all those spices listed as ingredients. It’s a pleasant cup, to be sure, and I added my standard couple of teaspoons of milk.

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drank Detox (organic) by DAVIDsTEA
233 tasting notes

Happy 2015, everyone! I’m feeling a liiiiiittle affected by a wine/champagne hangover this morning, so I decided to try this one (thank you tea Christmas presents!). I don’t usually drink green tea first thing in the morning, but this one isn’t bad – and I hope it lives up to the name, LOL. My system definitely needs a recharge this morning.

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And with this, I have tried all of the oolongs currently available at DavidsTea. LOL. This is the best plain oolong I’ve had in awhile (I may need to break out my Oolong Supreme to test that theory), and is exactly what my tastebuds were craving today. As always, I added a little bit of milk to get it a little creamier, though I’m still getting a little grassy taste.

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drank Lime Gelato by DAVIDsTEA
233 tasting notes

One of my FAVOURITE flavoured greens, hands down. This is delicious hot or iced (though I prefer it hot), and is definitely one I recommend to people who are looking for a flavoured green.

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drank Bubbly by DAVIDsTEA
233 tasting notes

I actually like this one a lot more than most people seem to, haha. It’d be nice for a return!

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drank Goji Pop by DAVIDsTEA
233 tasting notes

I find I always need to add more leaves to get this to the flavour I want it to be, even when I steep it for awhile. Kind of annoying, but the taste is so yummy that I will put up with it.

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Tea flavours/profiles that are my favourite:

-Straight black tea (especially Earl Greys and Darjeelings)
-Fruits (especially strawberry, peach, lemon, and pineapple)
-Flavoured green tea

My Tea Rating Scale (just to have a little bit of consistency):

Under 50: Ugh. Terrible.
50-60: Disappointing – I don’t think I’ll be getting any more of this.
61-75: Decent – I’ll finish what I have, and I may consider buying again.
76-89: Very enjoyable – I would definitely consider getting more.
90-100: I LOVE IT – I will do what I can to keep a permanent stash on my shelf.



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