New Tasting Notes

Just finished a mug of this, which I sipped on while working on some podcast outlines for recording tomorrow. I struggled a lot with putting my thoughts about this geek into words, but I think this was a good tea to pick to work on this outline because it was soft, creamy and comforting with velvety lemon chiffon type of notes – nostalgic and pleasant to sip on without being complex enough to require attention, and that let me focus on the outline at hand.

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drank Salted Caramel Matcha by DAVIDsTEA
5825 tasting notes

DAVIDsTEA Matcha Advent Calendar – Day 5

This review is for salted caramel matcha infused white chocolate star.

People really seemed to enjoy this one a lot but I have a weird thing about white chocolate. I like white chocolate flavored things. I will add white chocolate to things. However, when it comes to taking a bite out of a solid piece of chocolate, I really don’t like white chocolate that much. So that took away from this a bit for me. However, it did have a very nice salted caramel flavor in addition to the white chocolate and that has me very excited to try the salted caramel matcha.

Cameron B.

Yeah, white chocolate isn’t one of my favorites to just eat either…

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drank Fortune Teller by Aera Tea
792 tasting notes

Advent Calendar Day 5

I love all the new companies I’m getting to sample via Amanda’s advent calendar this year! I’ve never even heard of Aera Tea, but this seems like a lovely, high-quality black tea. The leaves are long and twisted with lots of golden tips and it has nice rich aroma. The flavor was surprisingly delicate for a black tea, on the fruity end of things and very smooth. Not sure I’d go for this particular tea again, as I prefer more full-bodied black teas, but the quality of this one makes me curious to check out more from this brand!

Flavors: Fruity, Smooth

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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drank Sladký pomeranč by Oxalis
986 tasting notes

Martin Advent Day 5
Another great choice! The flavor is pretty nice. It sort of tastes like dried apricots. I’m having it cold, and it’s quite refreshing. The rooibos is a nice support for the flavor. I haven’t experienced this exact flavor profile before, so I’m quite pleased.


What a unique flavour. It sounds good!

Martin Bednář

Interesting that it tastes like that, but it is “Sweet Orange” tea. Very aromatic…
Another tea bought just because rooibos instead of actual tea in.

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drank Sweet Bliss by Offblak
11089 tasting notes

Adventaggedon Day 5 – Tea 6/6

Not my favourite of the day, but it is my favourite tea from Offblak so far! Something about the mix of bready/malty black tea with this gentle level of warming cinnamon strongly reminded me of pastry crust and then combined with the jammy pop of red fruit (which felt sort of like currant, though I know it was bilberry) and reaaalllyyy mild tropical pineapple vibe very much just made me think of some kind of tart!

Imagine my delight in looking up the webpage to create the Steepster entry tonight and seeing that it was actually intended to taste like a tart! So, perfect execution of desired concept IMO. Looking forward to the next sachet of this in the advent!

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2020 Advent Calendar from The Tea Girl – Day 5

Day 5 – first chai! I love chai, especially if prepared stove top, but normally the caffeine gets me with them as it’s normally a finer black tea. This one was no exception on the caffeine front lol so I didn’t quite finish my massive mug of it. But as for flavor – this was pretty good! It reminded me of a mix of Stormy Night by DT (probably the star anise and chocolate) and a chai I had from Verdant back in the day. I found it to be a soothing chocolate and not a fake chocolate, which was good! The black base was great, robust! I would definitely like to make this one stove top and add some milk and a touch of honey – bet it would really shine! I would like the ginger and chili to be a touch stronger too, as I love spicy teas!

Overall a very tasty chai! Will definitely finish off my sample, and as it is a local company may end up reordering! Enjoyable, I just have to watch the caffeine in it haha.

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Adventaggedon Day 5 – Tea 5/6

I was so giddy when I saw this was the tea today – I have a fascination with soda inspired teas, and Rootbeer and Cola blends in particular get me really hyped. 52Teas has a rich history of completely nailing the execution of both of those profiles.

When I cracked the bag of this I almost wanted to message Anne right away to ask to buy out whatever is remaining – but I figured I’d wait and try it first. The smell is rich and intense cola and sweet cherry though – and it made me feel immediately nostalgic, for whatever reason. Steeped up, some of the cola intensity is lost but overall the whole flavour is still super well executed and the cherry is perfection.

If you’ve historically liked cola teas or are even a little bit curious, I do think this is very worthwhile checking out. On that note…

Because I know you’re going to see this tasting note, Anne I’d like to preemptively express an interest in buying some of this if you have any extra left – though I would like to wait and see what else is in the box in case there are others I want more of as well…

Advent Photos:


Gotcha! :)

Cameron B.

Sounds amazing! I too am always super intrigued by cola-flavored things.

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Revisiting this – 9 months of being broken up in a jar:

I reviewed this as my first ‘sheng’ (see previous notes).

This is a fairly cheap tuo, but it’s a solid example of a ‘good’ factory standard tea. “Jia Ji” meaning that it’s made of ‘grade one’ leaf (size). It is one of many tuo-cha from Xiaguan. If you can get the FT (lit. For Taiwan), do so as slightly higher grade material is elegedly used.

My initial tasting notes taught me what a ‘bitter slap you in the face’ tea could be when drunk freshly chipped off the block.

At 8 years old (with extremely tight compression typical to Xiaguan) it’s a bit young in the tooth to have evolved into anything different. But that’s the theory we’re messing with.

Tuo specifically (especially high compression ones) are designed for Asian high-humidity environments. I’ve found very little difference between the unbroken 2006 and 2016 versions of this tea. Breaking this up and putting them all in jars was in order to get that ‘ageing’ process started.

I’d actually forgotten about the jars (moved house, changed job, covid, general 2020 nonsense).

So here I am revisiting it at the tail end of 2020 after having drunk a lot more tea. I opened up the tuo; leaving it in a loose topped glass jar inside my 65%-70% humidity closet to ‘awaken’ and forgot about it for 9 months.

I’m not sure how interesting this is to people, but I’ll note down verbatim notes as I go (and edit them later).

Leaf: 08g
Pot: 120ml Yixing (so 1:15 ratio)
Temp: Right off the boil for each steep
- First wash and second wash (10 sec) discarded, just to open up the tuo
- I’m leaving the lid on between each steep and just filling a tall tasting glass.

1st Steep: 5s
Colour is a very light straw yellow
The first glass is fairly weak but astoundingly different to the last tasting notes. Zero scent of smoke or leather. No woodiness at all. Just a sweet, spring grass with honeysuckle. Clearly, the tea is still opening up as the leaves retain a powerful pong of leather and artichoke but the taste and the brew itself is just clean and sweet.
2nd Steep: 5s
Colour: Remains a pale straw yellow
Leaves are opening up a little, the flavour is building. A bit of woodiness is coming through, but it’s like nibbling on the end of an old sugar cane. Very pleasant straw/grass sweetness. Had to laugh at how little this tastes like the first tasting.

At the end of the cup, I’m getting slightly bitter mouth feel; scent in the dry cup is of dark buckwheat honey. The leaves still smell like pongy sheng (that leather/alfalfa/orchid kind of green funk).
3rd Steep: 7s
Colour: This looks like a glass of morning pee.
I’m detecting bitterness now from the start, but very light. More of the vegetal nature is coming through. There’s a slight citrus sourness and I’m feeling a dryness at the back of the tongue and throat (just a little). Smooth mouthfeel in the broth. Pleasant sweet ‘green’ taste, drifting toward the old artichoke flavour.

The dry cup still smells strongly like dark buckwheat honey. The taste lasts for a while in the mouth – dryness inducing saliva and turning sweet in the throat. Good stuff.

The leaves in the pot now smell like damp old boots (stuffed with artichoke).
4th Steep: 7s
Colour: Maybe slightly more amber.
Pretty much the same as the last infusion, maybe sweeter, but it’s left the honey territory, we’re in sweet peas or grass now (a bit of a genmaicha taste). The glass still stinks of buckwheat honey. That Pu ehr buzz has begun, will take a little break.
5th Steep: 10s
Colour: Rock steady amber pee now, those leaves have opened up.
This could go on for a while… The flavour is holding it’s form. The leaf scent in the pot has lost some of its vegetal veracity. More grasslike and less like funky leather.
6th Steep: 10s
Colour: Same
More bitterness, but not unpleasant well balanced as the floral/honey is still there, but it’s headed off center stage.
7th – 10th: 15s / 25s
Yeah, we’re done I think (at 10). I can feel the sour edge really kicking in by the tenth infusion. I’d say you could probably go to round 12. All that happens is the bitter woody edge comes forward in the mouth and the sweetness rides off into the sunset.

A pleasurable session though and an interesting transformation from young into semi-aged sheng. I can see the sourness dying away as it ages more.

It tastes very different to the initial fresh tuo. No longer a sharp slap to the chops. The energy is very warming while I’m sitting in a cool Montreal winter basement on a damp day. It’s a nice reminder of spring and sunshine.

The only negative point is that it was a bit on the ‘simple’ side. I’d expect some older cakes to get more of that honey complexity. I do look forward to my pile of Jia Ji Tuo ageing.

A very good 4-star tea that would be good any time and I can see why Xiaguan put it out every single year.

I would recommend it, and if you do like it, it’s not challenging to stock up. If it were a bit more ‘special’ or varied throughout steeps, i would have given a 5.

Noe that without much age this is 3-star tea (a score of around 65% on steepster). So I’d buy this and set it aside, or buy it from good storage with 10 years of age on it if you can.

When young It just tastes like a powerful, bitter and vegetal sheng full of woodshop and leather. Which can be nice in it’s own way.

Flavors: Green Wood, Orchids, Sugarcane, Winter Honey

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 8 g 4 OZ / 120 ML

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DavidsTEA Matcha Advent Calendar 2020 – Day 5

Taking a page out of Roswell Strange‘s book tonight haha – this was the matcha advent day #5, but it was in white chocolate format! Haha so it wasn’t labeled…so I had to actually message Roswell Strange to confirm what tea was in the chocolate lol. It was very sweet and good, and did not last very long…but I had no idea what it was, as I haven’t had the Salted Caramel matcha yet!

I also got the hubby to read the ingredients on the back of the box to try to help me deduce what it was…unfortunately to no avail hahaha. Ah well, it was very good, although I confess – I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t a matcha tea to make to go along with it! Would love a pairing next year (chocolate + smaller amount of tea for one day). Very tasty though!

Will leave off a rating until I actually try the tea itself lol.

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Adventaggedon Day 5 – Tea 4/6

I think this is my first Earl Grey out of advents!? Honestly, for such a classic profile, I’m surprised that I’m only just now getting one between the six that I’m doing.

It’s not a bad Earl Grey – very intense and heavy handed bergamot with that crisp, tannic and brisk black tea base that Vahdam seems to use in their flavoured non-Chai black tea blends quite frequently. I’m not the customer for this tea, but I think if you like a really robust and classic Earl Grey that this would likely perfectly hit the spot. Here’s what I don’t get though – and I mean this in general and not just for Vahdam…

Why does there seem to be a resurgence of “Citrus Earl Grey” blends!? I mean, bergamot is a citrus fruit – arguably closest to what most people envision in their heads as a “classic orange”. So, when you “add citrus” to an Earl Grey you’re really only beefing up a flavour that’s already there, and in most cases the citrus added seems to be lemon/orange so it… doesn’t really add anything? Like, when I drank this tea today I didn’t go “Ooh, extra citrus! How delightful!”. Instead, it just felt like someone upped the percentage of bergamot – and, in that case, doesn’t it seem like better marketing to promote the blend as an “Earl Grey Bold” or something like that!? In my head, it’s sort of like if someone was selling a “Masala Chai Cinnamon” – redundant, because Masala Chai already includes cinnamon.

I don’t know – I’m not an Earl Grey customer generally so maybe I just don’t get it, but I don’t understand where this angle is coming from!?

Advent Photos:

Cameron B.

From what I could tell, this doesn’t even have extra citrus other than the bergamot so I was really flummoxed by the name, LOL!

But I actually do enjoy additional citrus in my Earl Grey just because bergamot really tastes quite different (IMO) from other citrus and it can get rather perfumey to me. So adding some lemon or orange can help steer it in the citrus direction versus the more floral one.

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Plum Deluxe Advent Calendar – Day 5

Okay, I had no idea wtf a cherimoya is, so I had to look it up. The descriptor I found said something like a combination of apple, pineapple, banana, peach, and something else? Which sounds like a lot, lol! But this smells nice and it’s green rooibos, yay, so I’m excited to try it!

Well, I definitely get apple and a little bit of sweet pineapple. I would definitely say pear is in the mix for me as well, and I can understand why someone would say banana.

But mostly it’s apple, and it’s a lovely cooked apple with just a hint of cinnamon and a nice big glug of crème Anglaise over the top. It also sort of reminds me of apple pie with French vanilla ice cream melted over it… Needless to say, it’s yum!

I had this with my two advent chocolates for the day – the DAVIDsTEA matcha advent had a salted caramel matcha-infused white chocolate star, and the La Maison du Chocolat advent had a few dark chocolate-covered almonds. A really nice pairing actually, as they had a great contrast and played well off each other.

The matcha white chocolate was decadent and creamy, of course, but there was a sort of slight texture to it that I assume was salt? There was a nice salty presence to it as well which was delish. I wish there had been more matcha though, as I didn’t really get a matcha flavor at all… The chocolate almonds were so good because the almonds were really nicely toasted and had such a rich nutty flavor, and the dark chocolate really contrasted well with its more bitter notes.

Yum, amazing evening snack! That is all. :D

(today’s advent teas:

Flavors: Apple, Banana, Cinnamon, Creamy, Custard, Pear, Pineapple, Sweet

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML
Mastress Alita

Banana?! Okay, now I’m not sure if I should steep this… (I didn’t know what cherimoya was either…)

Cameron B.

Oh no! Well it’s not super banana, I think it’s worth a try…

Mastress Alita

My aversion is very extreme… there can be a single slice of banana in a smoothie with 20 other fruits in it and I’ll taste that little bit of banana and retch… is wary

Cameron B.

Hmm I dunno dear, I’m not sure I would’ve even thought banana if I hadn’t read it somewhere. And no one else mentioned banana?

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2020 Advent Calendar from The Tea Girl – Day 4

I opened the little tin of Day 4 before noon yesterday, as I like to see if there is caffeine. Huzzah – this one was a herbal! And man it smelled yummy! Very raspberry, fruity, yum. A Friday tea indeed! After the fruit peach bomb of my morning matcha, this felt like it would follow nicely.

I found this surprisingly enjoyable. I am so leery of hibiscus in teas lol…I believe I steeped this one for 3 minutes as I was worried it’d get that horrible metallic taste from my friend hibiscus. Surprisingly it did not! It was super berry tasting, pretty sweet – felt like it’d be amazing blended with some fresh lemonade…maybe add some gin…:D might try that on the weekend with this one!

A definite summer tea type blend, not one I’d reach for much in the winter, but in summer yes. I imagine it’s great iced! Will finish off my sample of it indeed!

PS – I am so pleased with this advent calendar so far – it’s been fun, as I’ve had to add pretty much every tea to the Steepster database for it so far! Spreading tea love to the masses :D Also, the entire calendar is inherently nut free – as someone with an allergy, for this to be clearly stated right on the front, I very much appreciate it! Happy with this local to me company, and highly recommend you check them out online if you are not in Edmonton!


I was perusing their site the other day after your previous tea note and have a whole cart XD, but also :| haha.


@ Courtney yess! I will probably be reordering from them after I go through all the samples :D


They really have some amazing sounding teas. Have you tried Tea Hippie? It’s in Cochrane, but I also have a cart for them haha!


@ Courtney – I haven’t tried them but will definitely check them out! Love supporting AB companies during this time, and new tea is always exciting :D

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drank Peach Matcha by DAVIDsTEA
1177 tasting notes

DavidsTEA Matcha Advent Calendar 2020 – Day 4

Had this yesterday as matcha #4! I was excited to try this one, as it is so highly rated on the website. However – I did find it a bit overwhelmingly sweet. I feel like I’d prefer this one over ice in the summer. It would probably also go really well in a smoothie! It was enjoyable enough, but wow sugar first thing in the morning haha. Kind of lost the matcha flavor for me.

Prepared it in my usual method – 175 degree water, whisk up a bit, add more hot water. Will finish off my sample, but not a reorder for me!

Flavors: Peach

Cameron B.

So sweet, right? I’m glad I’m not the only one!


@ Cameron B. nope you are not alone haha :D I have never been the biggest fan of sweet, fruity teas!

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drank Miss Dammann by Dammann Freres
935 tasting notes

Advent 5.

Refreshing, exotic and spicy. Luscious, floral lime pierces through the woody, earthy ginger in a crisp, grassy base. In the second steep, the passionfruit really comes out. Instead of the high-pitched tang of the pulp, here it is fairly smooth. Usually I’m disappointed in passionfruit teas, but the execution of complementary flavors here allows it to shine. Overall, Miss Dammann reminds me somewhat of tom yum soup, something like Thai food aromatics.

I may have twitched with delight! :D

Flavors: Citrusy, Earth, Floral, Ginger, Grass, Lime, Mineral, Passion Fruit, Spicy, Tropical, Wood

Cameron B.

This is probably my FAVE from Dammann!


Oooooo, interesting. I have never heard of this one.

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Adventaggedon Day 5 – Tea 3/6

Calling this a “tea” is a bit of a stretch because, in reality, today’s selection from the advent calendar was a Salted Caramel Matcha infused white chocolate star. I didn’t want to create a unique entry for the chocolate but I did want to log it, so here we are…

The chocolate itself was actually delicious – I adore this matcha in the first place and I feel like the caramel really came through beautifully with the white chocolate. I didn’t much taste any salt, but it was still a great treat and I enjoyed eating it with my cup of Hazelnut Rocher this morning. The thing I didn’t like was that there are going to be multiple matcha infused chocolates in the box (that might be a spoiler – sorry! – but they are listed on the back of the box) but there was no labelling on the plastic wrapper that it came in so I had no clue which of the matcha chocolates I would be enjoying until after I started to eat it.

So, that’s definitely some feedback I’ll be taking back to work – in this case, there aren’t differing ingredients between the white chocolate other than the matcha flavourings so it’s not an allergen risk – but I still think it would be good information to have.

Advent Photos:

Friendly reminder that I do not numerically rate DAVIDsTEA blends as I’m currently employed there and it would be an obvious conflict of interest. Any blends you see with numerical ratings were rated prior to my employment there. These reviews are a reflection of my personal thoughts and feelings regarding the teas, and not the company’s.

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Adventaggedon Day 5 – Tea 2/6

This was my least favourite tea from today’s advent round up – it really just tasted like a very straightforward jasmine green tea with just a hint of rose. Now, both the green tea and the jasmine seemed quite fresh, and good quality – but I just really don’t like jasmine green tea at all. Maybe more rose could have made it at least a little bit more appealing to me personally?

It’s a shame – I had to look up the tea on MF’s site to make the Steepster entry for it and the loose leaf is actually really pretty and seems to have a lot of rose in it. Maybe I just got a poor representation in my teabag from the advent today…

Advent Photos:

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Adventaggedon Day 5 – Tea 1/6

So here’s the thing about this tea…

I really like it, but it’s supposed to be a chocolate hazelnut profile and instead it’s definitely more of a chocolate almond. Very sweet and almost boozy amaretto almond, in fact. So, I feel like I can’t praise it as much as I would like to because it’s not what it’s trying to be. However, for a chocolate almond profile!? It’s insanely good. I think the mix of those two flavours is really well done and I don’t find the chocolate weirdly oily or underwhelming in terms of flavour either.

Keeping in mind that I don’t really go out of my way to drink chocolate teas, this is good. I don’t think I’d buy it/want it around but I would very happily accept a cup in offered!

Advent Photos:

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Kusmi Advent Calendar – Day 5

So this one confused me. Having “morning” in the name, to me, implies black tea or some other sort of breakfasty tea. But then the description said something like “citrus and herbs” which sort of makes me think it’s an herbal tea. But then the plot thickens, as the steeping instructions recommended a temperature of around 175°F, which makes me assume there’s green tea here. Anyway! I followed the recommended parameters so we’ll see. Looking at the sachet, I think there might be maté here as well, as it has that sort of crushed up leaves appearance.

So looking at the description, it’s a blend of green tea, maté, and guarana. So that sort of explains all of the weird conflicting information LOL. I quite like this though! It has a lovely sweet and herbal maté flavor with a hint of smokiness. The green tea has a different sort of dry grassy note and adds a touch of bitterness. I think orange is the main citrus that I taste here, and it’s a lovely sweet orange. I also do get a little hint of sharper grapefruit which adds a nice tang.

I like it! I don’t know if I would order it specifically but I would happily drink it again. I really need to explore getting some plain yerba maté, as I always find myself really enjoying it in blends…

(today’s advent teas:

Flavors: Bitter, Citrus, Dry Grass, Earth, Grapefruit, Grass, Herbs, Orange, Smoke, Smooth, Sweet

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec 8 OZ / 236 ML

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2020 Advent Swap – Day 5

I found this on vacation and had to buy it based on the description. A great tea for dessert on a cold night!

I’m not sure if there is chocolate in this blend, but that was my first thought as I opened the package and caught the aroma. It would make sense – when I think of Cupid, I think of Valentine’s Day, and then chocolate, strawberries, rose, raspberries, etc. I thought one of these flavors might be in the mix, but this is a blend of cherry, almond, and vanilla. And I can certainly taste the cherry/almond. It’s hard sometimes for me to distinguish between the two flavors. It isn’t fresh cherry, more like almond extract or amaretto. So even though there isn’t chocolate in this as far as I can tell, it tastes to me like a warm amaretto chocolate milk. Not so chocolaty as to be a hot chocolate or hot cocoa, but enough that the flavor stands out. It brings back memories of Christmas Eve dinner at my grandmother’s house – the women would clean the dishes together (while the men watched football on TV), and they would sit around the dinner table drinking coffee with amaretto. I remember feeling like such a grown-up when I was finally allowed to have a coffee and sit with the others. A great dessert tea, as Devon Bartholomew says, and a perfect tea for the holiday season.

Flavors: Almond, Cherry, Chocolate

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Additional notes: Yep, had this today from my own stash due to it being the advent tea today! It’s a GOOD ONE. One of the best chocolate almond teas, in my opinion.


I really enjoyed it too!

Cameron B.

They’re sold out already, and I was waiting to try it in my subscription box this month… :/

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drank Tarzan & Jane by Dollar Tea Club
5825 tasting notes

DIY Advent Calendar – Day 5

Tea Lemonade and Cold Brew Sipdown (232)

I cold brewed this and then realized we have a large container of lemonade that is expiring on Wednesday so I used the rest of the sample for a tea lemonade. It’s a fruity black tea so it seemed like it would work both ways.

I started with the cold brew. It is really fruity but more tropical fruits than the generic fruit profile a lot of fruity teas have. I think the strongest fruit I am tasting is papaya, which is odd since I find that tends to disappear. Papaya and then the base tea, which isn’t the best quality and reminds me slightly of the Adagio black tea they use that I don’t really like. Thankfully its muted because of the cold brew prep method.

I think I actually like the tea lemonade less than the cold brew. The lemonade and papaya are playing off each other in a weird way. Also, the base seems to be coming through a bit more which is odd since you think the lemonade cover it.

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drank T2 Matcha by T2
27 tasting notes

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Bear with me as I don’t think I’ve ever had a “proper” apple strudel! (Surely one can’t count Tim Horton’s apple strudel as “proper”… I’m pretty sure it has more in common with a danish, at best!)

This tea was such a surprise to me. There was an interesting “dryness” to the mouthfeel it gave that put me in mind of a powdered (apple) jelly doughnut, and the flavour of an apple fritter. I’ve become so accustomed to teas with both apple and cinnamon to have this mysteriously sharp sweetness to them that this one, lacking that, was a breath of fresh air! I think what I’m finding with the Bird and Blend teas so far is that they don’t seem to lean so heavily on sweet flavourings as other teas I’ve become accustomed to, that sometimes the flavours are allowed to shine without such added sweetness. Instead I’ve been reminded of the sweetness by association of the rest – the flavours, the textures.

I paired this with a dash of milk, and found it lovely. I always feel like I’m searching for something slightly more full bodied, but with this it was hard to complain when I felt like the entire tea was such a treat just the way it was. Would I have loved for it to have been more full bodied? Absolutely. But it was sufficient to fill every other desire I might’ve had.

I will say that (quite sadly) I let some of it get cold – not enough, I told myself, to bother warming it up. Only a couple sips at the very end. And, cold, it did nothing for me. It felt like a huge waste on my part to have drunk it without joy like that, even such a small bit (as the B&B Advent Calendar really doesn’t give you enough for anything more than a small cup. I feel I’ve been pushing it with 16 oz cups – 10 oz would probably be better, but I can’t bring myself to have such a small cup juuust in case it turns out it would have stretched to 16 oz just fine!)

As an aside, so far I’ve been really loving this calendar, and it feels like I’ve been judging them with unfairly high scores. There is no bias – I’m just enjoying this journey thoroughly. I had no expectations of the calendar (which was a gift), and have had Davids Tea’s advent calendars in past years. I think the thing that has stood out so far with B&B’s advent calendar is that every tea so far has evoked feelings and flavours I associate with the holidays, whereas DT’s calendar tends to touch on the holidays here and there, but is primarily more like a 15 day “DT Sample Pack” with 9 days of festive cheer. (Why they don’t include more of the holiday blends they’ll release each year is a mystery I’ll never understand.) I often find myself skipping days with DT’s advent to reach for something more festive. This has not been the case at all (as of Day 5) with the B&B advent calendar, and I would absolutely recommend it to someone who really wants to indulge in wintery holiday cheer via tea, where every day truly does feel like consideration has been given to the lead-up of Advent.

Flavors: Apple, Cinnamon

Boiling 8 min or more 1 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

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drank Pu-Erh Chorange by Adagio Teas
2223 tasting notes

Adagio Advent Calendar – Day 5

I don’t have a lot of puerh experience, and it’s not really something I’m interested in pursuing at this point, since honestly I’m drinking almost all flavored teas right now anyway. But I find the ripe puerh used in flavored blends is usually earthy and mild, with no weird fishy aromas, so I’m not too worried about this one. Dry scent is very strong on the orange, which is encouraging.

The orange flavor is the strongest note in the steeped tea as well, and it’s an orange essential oil sort of note. There is chocolate as well, but it tastes fairly artificial to me, sort of like a darker chocolate Tootsie Roll. It’s not terrible, but I think I would prefer just the cacao nibs and no flavoring, even if it means a more subtle chocolate note. Chocolate flavoring always reminds me of cheap waxy chocolate, like chocolate coins or those cheap Easter chocolates. I suppose that’s probably because they use chocolate flavoring in those things…

ANYWAY, tangent over! The puerh here is mellow with a sweet earthy flavor, which I think makes a nice base for a chocolate orange tea.

I thought this was fairly enjoyable. The chocolate flavoring kind of ruins it for me, and for that reason I wouldn’t order this one. But the puerh base is perfectly pleasant and suitable for puerh newbies.

(today’s advent teas:

Flavors: Artificial, Chocolate, Earth, Orange, Orange Zest, Smooth, Sweet

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML
Lexie Aleah

I think you were the one who posted some Jasmine Pearl Company tea reviews fairly recently. They have a nice flavored Pu-erh called Dancing Dragon that has a nice Sarsaparilla flavor.

Cameron B.

Wow sarsaparilla puerh does sound interesting!


I actually liked Chorange pretty well!

Mastress Alita

I have not been crazy (thus far) by the straight pu’s I’ve tried. I like some of the flavored blends… this one wasn’t one of them, heh. I tried it a long time ago, though, so maybe Adagio has updated their ingredients (but I do think their orange flavoring may be one of their flavorings I’m particularly sensitive to). I tried a few of the Jasmine Pearl pu’s at the Portland Tea Expo 2019 and they are good stuff! I ended up bringing home bags of both Black Wolf and Dancing Dragon!

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