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drank Buttermilk Lemon by TeaGschwendner
116 tasting notes

Got a sample of this tea in a swap from kimquat.
Not really what I expected. Most lemon teas I’ve tried are pretty strong but not sour. This one is more sour. I guess the cream and butter flavor kinda outweighs the sour lemon taste. But just not enough for me. Not my favorite lemon tea for sure!

Flavors: Butter, Cream, Lemon

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Another given to me by the awesome Courtney!

Dry this smells pretty strongly of coconut/chocolate, which is fairly appealing. I can definitely see that as being a very good thing.

For my prep, I made it in my timolino. I was very careful to watch the time as it steeped given that I’ve experienced a too harsh black base from HI on more than one occasion. Overall, I thought that the coconut/black tea were the strongest notes with cocoa notes and something else mildly offputting and hard to identify trailing behind. I was kinda reminded of kelp? But also not kelp. Not a whole lot of “graham” unless that’s what the weird flavour is meant to be.

As for the base; it was still a bit bitter despite my precautions. Oh well, looks like I just have some playing around to do so I can figure out the best way to enjoy this one.

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Thank you so much TeaTiff! This is the first of many to try from our swap! I decided to go with this one, since some of it dumped all over so I ended up with only about a teaspoon to try anyway. :/ So it’s a little over a teaspoon that went into the infuser.

Steep #1 // 20 min after boiling // 1 min
I love my short steeps with 52Teas. This seems like I steeped it perfectly. I like it! Strong toasty roasty goodness with hints of strawberry… it’s like that nesquik stuff? Strawberry milk. I’m not sure how else you could get strawberry marshmallow treats. There is SOME marshmallow flavor here but in any blend, I always wish for more mallow root.

Steep #2 // 20 min after boiling // 2 min
This steep just seemed like a plain genmaicha (I certainly won’t complain about a nice genmaicha like this one anyway). It seemed that all the strawberry went into the first steep. So the low steep time is almost always the way to go with these 52Teas. How could so many Steepsterers not like this sweet little tea?

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Took a break from logging to make supper and watch Big Brother with Tre; now to finish off the last of my tea logging for the night so I can start fresh tomorrow! And, I’m mostly through the big stuff anyway!

This one was a cold brew; I thought maybe the vanilla would pop more as a cold brew, and that overall this would be a really nice refreshing cold treat to energize me during work. And while it definitely wasn’t bad as a cold brew, it did lose the depth and flavour nuances that I experienced hot. I mean, overall the cold brew could probably be summed up as cold brewed spearmint with a vanilla hint/undertone – and really that’s not anything different than the Mint Mate I stock from Tea Desire, and that’s much cheaper and more attainable for something practically the same.

So I’m definitely sticking to a hot cup for the last of this given that I definitely got more from the hot cup; it was just a better experience overall even if the cold brew wasn’t bad per say.

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I’m a lazy butt and it’s almost bedtime so tea filters it is!
I just measured 2g of this into my filter and I’m just going to drink and drink until I steep all the flavour out :)
It’s a lovely tea. I seriously have no idea how to differentiate the peppermint teas I’ve had from different companies since peppermint just… tastes the same all around. I’ve only ever tasted peppermint tea or absolutely terrible peppermint tea. This is on the plain ol peppermint tea side so it’s good :)

Flavors: Peppermint

Boiling 2 g 8 OZ / 236 ML

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drank Vanilla Comoro by Harney & Sons
833 tasting notes

I’ve finished my Camp Nanowrimo wordcount! Gah I’m exsausted, and must do so many revisions.
I shall reward myself with a cup of tea, and go to bed.

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I do enjoy this tea. It is refreshing, and though I feel the most prominent flavor is citrus, you can taste the cinnamon. My bag doesn’t have the ingredients, so I can never quite remember the ingredients, but it definitely has a fruity taste without quite overdoing it.

Since I haven’t brewed it in a while, I will cut my post short and put something more descriptive next time I brew it.

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drank Mandarinkgo by Tea Desire
1574 tasting notes

This was recommended to me as a tea that’s good iced – but I had to try it hot first. The flavours are interesting – distinctly fresh with a slightly sweet, hay-like quality. It’s a bit herbal though not as much as I would expect with those ingredients. It’s all very smooth and pleasant – and I’ll definitely ice my next cup to see how it is.

Also, despite the name, it doesn’t contain any orange flavouring – I think the ‘mandarin’ part is supposed to be in denotation of the Chinese origin of the herbs (ginkgo, jiao gu lan).

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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drank Marshmallow Macaron by Teavana
242 tasting notes

I have a confession to make… I went to Teavana today. Hangs head. I was at the mall with my mother and sister and we were walking by the store, so I figured might as well. Actually, I’m glad I did go in, because I picked up a couple of cute little tins ( at half price! So worth it! As usual, the salesperson was annoying and overzealous about trying to get me to taste all of the samples. And of course, when I picked out a couple of teas to buy, he wanted to give me 2.7 ounces when I said I wanted 2 ounces. No sir!

Anyway, this tea. It smells wonderful and sugary, just like it should. I was in for a big surprise when I took the first sip… HIBISCUS. It was so tart! The flavors that I could taste underneath the tartness were good, but it was hard to focus on anything other than the hibiscus! I don’t even understand why anyone in their right mind would decide to include hibiscus in a marshmallow flavored tea. Those two things are pretty much complete opposites! Are these people crazy?! Rage rage rage.

So anyway, after that I spent a while picking all of the hibiscus petals out of my two ounces of this tea. We’ll see how it tastes after that another time.

Teavana, you are on my shit list! >:(

Flavors: Cake, Coconut, Frosting, Hibiscus, Marshmallow, Sugar, Sweet, Tart, Vanilla

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

Ya! What the heck?! Why would anyone think hibiscus should be in that tea?! Those tins are super cute though!! :)


Those tins are adorable!!!!! Personally I like hibiscus in teas that I don’t mind sweetening, but it does seem like an odd addition with marshmallow.


I went to teavana today as well!
I don’t like teavana at all. The only reason why I went was to pick up my 1oz of free tea bc Starbucks hehe :) The lady did convince me to purchase a tin though, so I picked out the cute purple/blue one. I’m not a fan of teavana’s teas, and most especially their prices/overpouring. I honestly only ever go for the free oz and I know forsure they wouldn’t overpour for me.

The lady was persistent on making me a cup of tea and I was like No thank you! I’ll be back next time! And that next time would be when I get my free tea.


Thanks for talking me out of trying that one. I’m still going by Teavana this weekend. Because I have a plan.


The newer stores have excellent customer service. They only sell in increments of 2oz, so you pay for 2oz, and they’ll usually throw in another scoop of tea! Once the guy there slightly oversteeped my tea (one guy helping 3 clueless people pick out stuff to buy!) and gave it to me for free. It wasn’t bitter at all! I came back the same night and bought some loose leaf and they recognized me and he apologized again and asked me how the tea was. That’s when he threw in the extra tea for free.

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This is my second order of jasmine pearls, the first of which came from Mighty Leaf. The two teas smell about the same, though when you open the Tao of Tea Jasmine Pearls, you can tell that the jasmine is more subdued, without that saccharine smell that the Mighty Leaf Jasmine Downy Pearls have. The smell of this tea is a little less overwhelming. Both teas steep well, but this one also has a less pronounced Jasmine taste. There is something different about the taste as well if you leave the teabag in to steep, but I haven’t quite figured out what it is. Perhaps it’s just slightly more bitter.

I would assume that most jasmine pearls would have a similar flavor. The green tea in this version is light, so it doesn’t overpower the jasmine. It’s a good tea, and less pricey than some of the other options. This also comes in a tin, which is nice in my opinion, and 4 oz should last a long time.

175 °F / 79 °C

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I love this tea to wind down before bedtime. It has an amazing smell and tastes of Apple’s.

Flavors: Apple

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drank The Black Lotus by Butiki Teas
199 tasting notes

Still good. This was the tea I should’ve had instead of the Hattialli Golden Paw Assam I made last night. That was more astringent than I was wanting. This is sweet and malty and just a hint roasty/woody. And no astringency.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec 4 g 12 OZ / 354 ML

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drank Jin Pin by Yezi Tea
698 tasting notes

This was good I liked it, Not my favorite Yezi black tea, but nice enough for an everyday at work black.

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I picked this one up during the cooler months when Green Rooibos Key West was out of stock, and it’s distinctive enough to have worked its way into some of my own blends. The nose is definitely lightly citrus, but without the edge of a strong lemon herbal. Likewise, the vanilla undertones mellow the blend without being too cloying, and tend to be what carry through even when other flavors are added. A very pleasant evening herbal or light dessert tea.

Flavors: Cream, Lemon, Vanilla

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drank Caramel Corn by DAVIDsTEA
481 tasting notes

Tonight I decided to try this one as a latte. I brewed it up a bit like I would do a chai on the stovetop. I didn’t add any sweetener though, because this one doesn’t need it. It brews up as a light pink latte…pretty fun! The flavor is good, but I think something gets lost in the milk and that it’s more flavorful when brewed with water, no additions. Maybe I didn’t add enough leaf? I can’t believe it, because I haven’t had THAT many cups of this one, but my 2 oz. from last week is almost gone! I guess that’s what happens when it’s a “heavy” herbal. I’ve become kind of attached, so I guess I’ll have to make a stop to pick up some more on a lunch break this week!

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drank Lime Gelato by DAVIDsTEA
142 tasting notes

Drinking my good luck tea, Lime Gelato :)

I just found out that my design made the top 5 for Tealet’s Tea-Shirt contest! I’m so psyched because the prize is (you guessed it) very much tea.

Dear kind steepsterites who’ve never met me but surely understand — better than anyone else — my burning desire to win this tea, please vote for me by following this link and then liking the design. (You won’t be asked to fill anything out, provided you already have a facebook account.)

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Ugh, I am having the worst writers block right now, which is so annoying! Usually on days where I don’t do anything constructive (I have had a really off, pain filled day today, yuck) I can think of some clever story or nerdy reference. Nope, not today, sorry everyone but yours truly is off in la-la land with her head in the clouds.

Today’s tea does not have its leaves in the clouds, but is more down to earth and floral. Good Life Tea’s Kyoto Cherry Rose Organic Green is a blend of cherry flavoring, sencha style Chinese green tea (meaning it is steamed rather than pan fried) and rose petals. You all know my weakness for roses in tea, they just smell so wonderful and taste wonderful as well. In theory this tea is a really good green tea for those who are not a fan of teas that are too grassy, vegetal, or just green, a good ‘intro to green teas’ kind of tea. The aroma of this tea is a nice blend of cherries and roses with just a gentle touch of the green base. It is very much the green of fresh vegetation, like the leaves of a rose bush or cherry tree. Sweet and summery, this tea evokes gardens in full bloom.

Once the leaves have been steeped in their little basket, the aroma of roses and cherries practically fills up my tea lair. One thing I will give this tea credit for, the cherries smell like fresh fruit and not fake cherry candy, that is something I always appreciate. Underneath the aroma of cherries and roses there is a gentle hint of vegetation. The liquid without its soggy leafy friends is sweet, a blend of freshly mown hay, honey, roses in full bloom, and fresh cherries.

The taste is, well, light and uninspiring, which is a surprise after such a strong aroma. There is a light rosy taste, a bit of freshly mown hay and green vegetation, and a tiny bit of cherry at the finish. I think if I first sipped this tea without sniffing it first I would not be disappointed, the tea is very light and the flavors are clear, just very delicate. However I did sniff it and was expecting rich roses and sweet cherry juice, more body to this tea. I find myself a bit confused on how to think about this tea, on the one hand I enjoyed its delicate flavor, on the other hand I was expecting more.

For photos and blog:

Flavors: Cherry, Hay, Honey, Rose

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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Thank you Shmiracles for sending this my way!
And thank you to my roommate, Angie, for choosing my three teas of the night hehe :) I don’t have anything to do till 5pm tomorrow so I’ll just DRINK ALL THE TEA!!

I don’t remember drinking this so I’ll probably just write this note as a first time tasting of this tea :)
Lovely cinnamon-y chai scent right out of the package (and can we all agree that Karen packs her teas in the absolute cutest way?) I do smell the oolong bits coming out (and I’m just going by what steepster says okay) BUT THE CHAI. IT’S LOVELY.
I do need milk soo… I’ll see if my roommate has some?
But this is a lovely tea! Because it is a chai tea, I had to add sugar and milk to it. But it’s definitely a nice cuppa :)

Flavors: Chocolate, Spices

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 3 g 8 OZ / 236 ML

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drank Sansia Black by Butiki Teas
4729 tasting notes

it was here, and now it’s gone. :) I really enjoyed this one from Stacy and it’ll likely be one to order again in rotation with some of her other offerings. This is more of a fall sort of tea for me though a good morning one at that! :)

Final Count: 98

Terri HarpLady

You have less than 100 teas?
Hey, I thought of you today! The wedding I’m playing this friday night is having “Happy” as their recessional :)

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caile had another keemun from teavivre the other night and it reminded me that i should have more of this one – i’ve got lots of this one left :) 100g is a little much for me when it comes to tea purchases even if i love the tea but i know i won’t get tired of this one so i had just done it! :) still one of my favourite keemuns


I’d agree it’s 100 gram worthy! :)

Terri HarpLady

Yup, this is one of my fav Keemuns too :)

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drank Wedding Tea by Harney & Sons
1638 tasting notes

(171) Thanks VariaTEA for letting me try this one out. It’s surprisingly tasty. It’s creamy, buttery and so lemony.

I didn’t expect to actually like this one so much so I’m very grateful to have had the chance, especially since I can’t foresee placing an H&S order any time soon. (Sadly, I like the TeaG version of lemon tea much more!)

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