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There is something about this tea that I absolutely love. It has a wonderfully creamy feel to it, & there is a taste there that I can’t really describe, but thoroughly enjoyed.
Another sample from Sil, Thanks!


i think this is the one we can’t get anymore… maybe. i get confused


Not sure what year you guys had but spring 2014 is available…. just saying :)


probably was another tea then…they stopped stocking the one i really really really wanted

Terri HarpLady

This one was spring 2012 :)

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drank Blackberry Cordial by Butiki Teas
5930 tasting notes

yay! comfort tea to get me through the day. Really trying hard not to push myself too much but i really want to get rid of all the extra crap in the house we keep holding on to for no reason. Today was clothes…good bye stuff i haven’t worn in a year! hopefully someone out there will be able to make use of them as they’re nice pieces, just not anything i wear anymore because of style/comfort/size etc.

sad to see this tea go but it was lovely to have. I really do love the way stacy did blackberry – the flavouring was always tasty!


I have an ever expanding pile of stuff in the middle of my living room that I’m trying to get rid of. It’s nice to clear out things that just don’t get used! (Anyone want some rollerblades?)


i’m up to 2 bags of clothes/jackets/gear and i haven’t started on the books or knick nacks


I need to hire one of you guys to come and do that for me…. Keep saying that I’m going to do it and then never do….. Good Job!!!!!


Oh Dex. I LOVE sorting things. It’s harder to do it for myself, but it’s one reason I loved archaeology so much. Sort sort sort. Almost as good as packing for other people. :D (Ok, looking at that it might be weird, but hey.)

Leah Naomi

I try to get rid of clothes (and lately, most anything else) I haven’t worn in over a year as well. I tend to do the purge more like every 6 months when I change out the seasonal clothes, with BIG purges every few years before moving because nothing says “You don’t need all this crap” quite like a piece of clothing being not worth the weight/space of carrying it to a new location.


OMGsrsly: Be careful what you say, I might have to fly you out here next time I need to move! ;) I HATE packing.


Ooo, vacation & sorting through other peoples stuff? :D

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drank Rougui by Nannuoshan
432 tasting notes

I received samples from Nannuoshan for review.
let me just say its creative presentation and i really loved personalized letter.

Today i decided to start with Rou Gui. i sampled a few before so i knew what to expect.
i prepared it according to website parameters.
3g 90C 110ml porcelain gaiwan
rinse/ 60/60/60/90sec
i really loved the aroma coming when i rinsed the leaves. Simply divine. Mix of roasted nuts and florals. But floral notes in this tea are not strong (thank god). its just beautiful compliment to the complex mix of peaches and roasted nuts and cinnamon.

1 steep @60 sec – pleasant, not super roasty, some floral, hint of cinnamon. slight sweetness coming thru. Very aromatic

2,3 steep @60sec- leaves are opening up more, more intense in flavor. but never harsh. i found 2nd and 3rd steep are pretty similar.

4 steep @90sec – very nice and pleasant, not harsh in any way. Some citrus-y notes emerging and cutting thru sweetness of peach and nuts (not roasted any more lol). now im thinking it reminds me nectarines more than peaches.

To sum up: many people are not huge fans of roasted oolong. this one is perfectly fine and safe. Give them a chance, its like delicious fruit compote in your mouth. The sweetness is lingering long after i finished my session.

For people familiar with Yancha i suggest 6g for 100cc and flash or quick steeps. This is my usual parameters . im pretty sure i didnt experience the whole beauty of this tea my way. i have 3g left. i may do it my way and report the results.

For the record I stopped rating any tea long time ago. it is hard for me to put a number. the more i try the harder it is.






195 °F / 90 °C 1 min, 0 sec 3 g 4 OZ / 110 ML

ooooh! “delicious fruit compote”… yum.
And, I’m with you on the number rating thing… I just can’t do it.


(loved the instagram pics, too!)

Red Fennekin

Sounds really delicious! I’m with you on roasted oolongs too – they’re really special teas that definitely do not not need to be feared!!


I agree with your comments on ratio. I’ve stopped packing my pot as much as Iused to, but like my Yancha with lots of leaf!!

As long as you’re OK with a little bitterness, bringing up the leaf-to-water-ratio really helps to enhance the body, mouthfeel, etc.


I like roasted oolong when roasted right.

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This tea is hitting all the right spots today. It’s sweet, and chocolatey in the same way that Laoshan Black is, but I’m also getting something fruity, like dark cherry and honey from it too. I’ve been savoring this cup for an hour now, and I’m just going to have to resteep it. There’s nothing else to be done.


I love the name of this one :)

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drank Sunny Citrus by DAVIDsTEA
1047 tasting notes

Oh no, put the cookies you’ve made last night away. Just put them away. I made tie-dye cardamom spritz cookies as well as tahini chocolate chip. Trying to use up ingredients since I’m anticipating moving. Speaking of which, I NEED ADVICE! Do any Canadians know of any reliable moving companies? There are so many scammers out there.

So now I’m all sugared up after having some cookies and washing it down with this cold brew. It’s a nice cold brew. Tart and citrusy, especially lemon and lime. It’s not overly sweet, laced with artificial sweetener, or anything crazy like that. Just a solid citrus fruit blend.


I always go with the big company’s, like Rays or Jays. It is more expensive but you get what you pay for.

Maddy Barone

i don’t have any moving advice, only best wishes for an easy and safe move!


Best of luck with your move! Those cookies sound amazing too…


I had the most amazing moving experience a few weeks ago with Putt’s Transfer, but I think they only do local Winnipeg moves.

I found them my asking around on social media and lots of friends had recommendations/horror stories, so I hope that you’re able to find someone awesome the same way.


Thanks for the tips. And the luck! I truly need it.

And I’m glad to hear that your move went well, Anlina. That must have taken a load off your shoulders.


These cookies sound amazing!

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Many of us have loved this tea.
It’s reviews reached epic proportions of poetic descriptions, and I know for a fact that I purchased the very last little red packets that Verdant had, because I called them on the phone, asked how many were left, & bought them all. That was, of course, some time ago, but some of us still long for that wonderful black tea that was so unique & very much like drinking a cup of German Chocolate Cake, and then some. So it was, with a heavy heart, that I hoarded this tea forever, finally sharing the last few packets with Sil & TastyBrew quite some time ago, to be drunk ceremoniously & mourned forever after….sigh…

Imagine my thrill when JoonSusanna had a few packets of this tea left recently & gave them to Sil, because it just wasn’t her thing. Imagine my further thrill when I opened my box from Sil to find one glorious red packet of this wondrous elixer? Dare I say I almost swooned? Well, ok…I really didn’t, but little terri laughed out loud & clapped her hands in sheer childlike joy :)

Anyway, Ms Theresa said we had to save it for a special occasion, & we did for a few weeks, but today I decided to enjoy it. It was my first cup of the day & filled my morning with dreams of coconut & chocolate & almonds & buttercream…sigh…and now it’s really gone…again.


i’m so glad you enjoyed it. i have 2? packets left…..

Terri HarpLady

Savor them :)

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I recently tried the autumn flush from the same estate. They are day and night different. I only thought I knew what Darjeeling looked and tasted like. This one dry has a hay, grass, and orange blossom aroma. The leaf appears more like a green or a white peony. Steeped the liquor is honey yellow with a slight green tint. It certainly has no traits at this point to suggest black tea.

The wet leaf is freshly green and mostly whole leaves. Due to settling there are some large broken pieces but nothing to suggest this is less than top quality.

The wet leaf does have some woodsy muscatel notes to confirm it just might be a black tea after all.

Copying from my blog post concerning the taste: The What-Cha description on the sample label nails this tea, “A brilliant sweet start with a spicy finish.” Attempting to expand on this a little – after the sweetness I catch the first notes of muscatel. It is a light grape leaf like flavor. It fades quickly into a moment of mineral. Just as quickly it moves right into that spicy finish with the leaf taste moving below the spice. The aftertaste lingers well in a sweet fruity note, as just a touch of cheek tingle moves in to further please the senses.

If you find Darjeeling interesting (or if you know almost nothing about them) I highly recommend getting a sample of this one and the autumnal flush to experience the wide range of this tea.


I just started getting into Darjeelings, and I’ve been amazed at the huge range of flavours and qualities. I find that there’s a common thread that marks them as Darjeeling, which I have a very hard time describing – sort of a greenish, pungent spiced note (???) but beyond that…


Agreed. Been drinking tea for decades, it still amazes me.

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I’m attempting to drink this tea at the moment. I’m glad to see that this tea has already sold out, because unfortunately, I can’t offer a lot of words that I think would encourage someone to buy this one. I’m just not crazy about it. (Sorry Frank!)

I’m not tasting a lot of pear. I’m not tasting a lot of ginger. I’m tasting jasmine. And it isn’t jasmine notes derived from the presence of the jasmine blossoms in the blend. It’s jasmine essence from jasmine oil. I really think that the people who sell jasmine oil should print on the outside of the bottle “for external use only” because jasmine oil is just not good on tea and I can’t imagine another culinary use that it would be good for.

This blend would be so much better if the jasmine oil wasn’t used and the jasmine was from either the flowers in the blend or if a jasmine scented tea was sourced for this blend. As it is, this just isn’t working for me.

ETA: As it cools, I pick up on more pear and ginger notes. It’s a better tea cold than it is hot. I still taste too much jasmine oil though.

Amanda 'SoggyEnderman' Wilson

blech, does not sound like my kind of jasmine tea

Sami Kelsh

Oh dear. I can’t really see all of these three working together anyway, but… bleh.

adagio breeze

See, I thought it sounded like it might be tasty, having liked Butiki’s Pear & Jasmine Candies. Sad to hear that it’s not.


I think it could have worked if it hadn’t been created using jasmine oil. If a jasmine scented tea had been used instead, this could have worked, I think. But jasmine oil just should not be used on tea. It rarely comes out good.


I concur.

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I’ve had this a few times now, but I don’t remember the powder sugar being so pronounced.. or there at all. I think it was mostly plum before- now it’s all in with the cashew cake and tangy-sweet syrup. Magic. The kind that’s probably connected to cooler drinking temperature, shorter steep time, etc. Also, paying attention to what I’m drinking.. I don’t know.

This is going to help me not eat the last of the cheesecake in the fridge. Yes it is. The last of the cheesecake was the perfect accompaniment for this tea.

Flavors: Cake, Nuts, Plums, Powdered sugar

Boiling 2 min, 15 sec

Sounds amazing!


Today it certainly is! Now I wish I had more left. XD


Love the cheesecake comment haha!

carol who

Amazing how that cheesecake can sneak up on you! :)



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I did it!!! My cupboard is at 175 – yay goal achieved.

I drank the last of this at work today. It’s a really nice Yunnan Golden Snail style tea, but it’s not my favorite. This isn’t as chocolatey as I would like. It’s good, decent quality, Berrylleb is a great ebay seller and I’ve liked all the teas I got from them – but this is just more malty, maybe a little sweet potato – but not chocolate enough. Really Good – just not Fantastic for me. :))


Wow, you got your cupboard down really fast. Mine seems to keep expanding lately. I get some down only to be replaced again with new ones.


awesome dex! now i send you tea? :)


Yes…… ?


Yay Dex!


I knew you can do it !

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Ooh, coffee tea. My kind of thing. The idea of a coffee-flavoured tea has always been amusing to me. Why not just drink coffee? Because a coffee-flavoured tea can taste so damn good too!

The dry leaf is coffee with heavy cream, kind of like a double-double (which reminds me that I need to get in on Tim Hortons Roll up the Rim before it’s gone again).

I’ve actually had this twice already. The first time I added less leaf and it turned out the best. Delicious iced cappuccino (Tim Hortons-style again, that is!). Then a whisper of cinnamon comes in. With 2% milk, this is smooth and creamy with some hard-to-describe dessert-like note in the background too, kind of like cake. My mind would like to think that it is appropriately coffee cake.

The second round wasn’t as good just because I had a weird amount left that was too little for two more cups, so I dumped the rest into my Nordic mug filter. The liquor was murkier, the coffee stronger, but those other flavours got kind of weird, slightly chemical. So the key is to keep the leaf ratio to a moderate level.

I’m actually tempted to get more sometime. Just maybe 20g or so, like I was thinking with Chocolate Macaroon. But I wouldn’t load up on it and drink it religiously.


Interesting! I bet I’d like it too!


Maybe you will! It’s definitely worth trying. :)

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this was one of my teas from yesterday – a generous sample from Wymm tea that came wrapped in paper. This was a a nice sheng…full of honey and creamy notes, with only a hint of bittnerness on the back end. Unlike some sheng’s that i’ve had, it didn’t turn in to a bitter mess that i didn’t want to drink (i’m still learning!) haha later steeps had more hay notes to it but they were still smooth and slightly sweet. I may have a few more infusions of this today if i get time.

thanks so much for sharing these teas with us Wymm!


Shengs can be finicky but oh so worth it. This sounds like a good one!


Thanks for the Review Sil! glad you enjoyed it:) that bitterness is actually from the caffeine, it should disappear in the later steeps, leaving a light and sweet taste.

Stephanie, let us know if you are interested in trying some of tea:)

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Tea of the morning. I actually also drank this tea yesterday while I hosted a tea party for twenty-five ladies. It was a lot of fun, and everyone really enjoyed learning about new teas. There’s already talk of having a garden party this summer which I think would be lovely.

Back to the tea, this is such a staple in my life now. It has delicious notes of chocolate, fruit, and bread. It’s sturdy enough for me to reach for it in the morning, but it’s lovely enough to make me stop what I’m doing and enjoy a quite moment with a really nice tea.

Yep, I’m a fan.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 45 sec 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

I’m sipping N.W. right now & it is enjoyable.

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drank Key Lime by DAVIDsTEA
1047 tasting notes

First of all, LLAP, Leonard Nimoy. :(

Secondly, the dry leaf smells fantabulous. Bursting with citrus, especially lime. But I’m always skeptical when it comes to these kinds of fruit blends from DAVIDs because they tend to be overwhelmingly sweet.

Cold brewed overnight, this is pretty good, but doesn’t taste nearly as good as the dry leaf smells. A little sweet for my liking but it’s not overkill. The cold brew itself smells and tastes like pink lemonade, particularly Minute Maid’s frozen variety that I’d sometimes have as a kid.

EDIT: I stupidly posted this under Sunny Citrus because I thought I dumped that one in my jug. Apologies!

Roswell Strange

It broke my heart coming home from work and that being the first thing I saw when logging into my computer… I just wanna go back to putting up sales tags, when I was blissfully unaware.


Aww, yeah. :(


Captains log stardate 2-27-2015 we have lost a valued member of our crew. Leonard Nimoy you will be missed. LLAP .

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Ahhh! This is the last caffeinated tea I am drinking before I take my vicodin. >> On the bright side I’ve nearly waited a whole 7 hours before taking another pain killer! And I didn’t even sleep in that time! Now that is an accomplishment!
Anyway, this tea. xD
So I wasn’t sure what to think of this tea, for some reason I thought it was a black for the longest time, even though I looked it up a couple times. xD So I don’t know what happened there!
This tea was like half roasted flavor and half flower flavor. Not floral exactly…well not the floral that I enjoy so much in green oolongs. But more of just like actual flowers…if that makes sense. xD I usually dislike roasted oolongs…like a lot. But the flowers in this one made it a lot more bearable. It was such an interesting combo, I couldn’t stop drinking it. It’s alright. Don’t think I’d get it again ever though. A little too roasty for me!
But thanks soo much for the sample, LiberTEAS! I’m so happy to have tried it! :D

Flavors: Flowers, Roasted

leaf in hot water

sending good vibes your way!

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drank Yu Lu Yan Cha Black by Verdant Tea
5930 tasting notes

must remember to always pick up at least a sample of each years harvest of this and zhu rong because they both are amazing or not depending on the harvest lol.

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I’m almost ready to break into another package of this tea! That’s exciting. :)

I still love it. SO licoricey, no sweet aftertaste. THE BEST.

What’s also super fun is that once it’s steeped the leaves turn a mossy green. Whee!

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 15 OZ / 443 ML

Best licorice tea EVAR.


Good thing I have 8 more ounces! :D


Yay! I think I have 2 ounces but should be more than enough for me. :)


Holy moly. That’s a lot! :D


I may have gone a bit overboard.

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Remind me not to hoard this and enjoy it without it getting old. Because it’s whimsical and truly like a macaron. Oh, that creamy lemon note. Swoon. And the base is so beautifully delicate. I can drink this any day of the year.


One of my all-time favorites. Not hoarding is hard…


Hell yeah! When the tea gets old, then what’s the point?

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I have noticed a trend with my tea drinking lately — I’m not drinking too many flavored teas. I should definitely consume the ones I have left but I haven’t been craving many. Sometimes they are nice as dessert teas but overall I might be done experimenting with them for a while.

It’s hard to go wrong with a decent unflavored tea from a reputable, quality source. But flavored teas seem to be a disappointment to me so much of the time. I think a good plan for me moving forward is to sip those down and just not be buying a lot more. Also will be helpful for paring down my tea collection. :)

So this is a tea i got with my YS dark club order and I am trying it this morning. True to the name it has a lot of lighter-colored golden tips. I tend to like these types of yunnan teas and this is no exception. It’s very smooth with notes of cocoa and malt. Cameron mentioned cucumber which seems appropriate to me, not so much with the flavor but in the exceptional clean and smooth mouth feel of it. This is probably the lightest yunnan black tea I have in my collection right now. Good as a breakfast tea but would also be good as an afternoon tea. I like it!

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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Another from my dearest tea sister Terri This one has notes in it that remind me a bit of an oolong while still falling on that sort of bready kinda of tea. this one isn’t my favourite but it’s still been a nice cup of tea this morning while i work from home. I had this one while setting up the slower cooker this morning for pulled pork tonight! woohoo!

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Reliving my awkward preteen crush on Steepster chat right now guys…

Morgan Kelly is perfection. Sexy, “bad boy” perfection. But revisiting this formarly forgotten about childhood crush today started with me trying to find Falcon Beach online to rewatch it (if anyone knows what I’m talking about; I love you – and if you can help me find someone to watch it online, I’ll love you even more). Then I wound up scouring youtube to find the hamburger commercial he was in. Success!


Sexiest hamburger commercial, ever. The comments make me really sad though! Motherfuckin’ bamf Morgan Kelly is not a serial killer. What awful accusations! What you silly people on the internet call “creepy eyes” I call bedroom eyes.

Anyway; I’m currently trying to drink this one. I say ‘trying’ ‘cause it’s not really very good. I cold brewed it because I thought that it’d be rich and indulgent since this is one of, if not the best, caramel teas currently in my stash. Dessert teas usually do well cold brewed! I even added a tiny splash of milk after I’d strained it this morning, to make it silkier and creamier.

But instead, while this does have a rich caramel flavour and thick mouthfeel, something has gone terribly wrong with the Pu’Erh and it’s overwhelmingly strong with a very grimy, earthy flavour and – even worse, for the first time ever I’m tasting oily, slimy fish stink in the aftertaste. Barf. I wouldn’t serve this to anyone; even Tre (and I feed him some pretty gross stuff sometimes).

It’s now taken about two hours to finish half my 25 oz. mason jar and I can’t do it anymore. This is a bad tasting, failed experiment and now I know better: drink this one hot! The rest is getting dumped and I’m moving on to a better, tastier tea.


I’d’ve dumped this one long ago. I have little patience for bad tea.


Did you rinse it first? I’m guessing puerh might need a hot water rinse or two before cold brewing…

Roswell Strange

Yeah, it got a good rinse :/


Hot steeping it is, then! :)

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My first Yunnan Sourcing club order arrived today squee!

After a busy day of packing my suitcase and trying to get the house in order before I go away on Sunday I am delighted to have finally sit down and have tea time. I haven’t had tea all day and it’s almost bed time!

The leaves are dark brown with some red patches and golden tips present. They are mostly thin, tightly rolled and curly but there are some thicker pieces present too. Also some stem/stick. It has a light, sweet and wooden scent with a hint of lychee/dark fruit.

Steeping Method: Gaiwan

First Steep
45 seconds
The liquid is burnt orange in colour and has a soft wooden scent.
Flavour is gentle and malted with sweet wood and soft leather tones. Fresh yet musty.

Second Steep
120 seconds
More sweet and rock sugar like and the malt tones are now in the background, with the wood. Also a lychee or dark fruit aftertaste.

Third Steep
2 minutes
Extremely light and all that remains is the fruity aftertaste.

This was rather a simple black but it was clean tasting and very pleasant. Not the best but something I can happily finish my 50g pouch of. Another tea where the scent showed pretty much what to expect in taste.

Flavors: Brown Sugar, Fruity, Malt, Sweet, Wood

Boiling 5 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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drank Mi Xian Black by Butiki Teas
2831 tasting notes

I thought this one was long gone, but apparently I still had a cup’s worth left. So, I enjoyed it last night, making this another sad sipdown. Wish I had a bit more of this one, but I’ll definitely be picking up some leafhopper-bitten blacks sometime in the future. So good.


Oh, this is such a great tea!!! I need to find a replacement…


Let me know if you do!!!

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You know, it’s times like this when I am so SO glad that Steepster exists and that I found it. Without Steepster, and all of you tea lovers posting your awesome reviews encouraging me to try and buy more more more (and also, thanks in general to the internet, for feeding this habit by bringing everything that much closer to me)… I never would have discovered this tea.

Because honestly.

Last night I decided to make a mug of this, I had purchased 5 samples from TTC and recently got them. I am practically on a tea hiatus at this point, i mean i certainly SHOULD be. But I’d had a TTC sample once upon a time and knew that down the road more would be mine, all mine.

So when I cut open my adorably patterned sample bag, I stuck my nose in and inhaled like breathing was going to go out of style and OMG. The scent. INTOXICATING. I don’t even know. So good. I can’t describe.

And then I brewed it up, took my first sip, and it was like happiness exploded all over my tongue. It’s fruity and malty and bready and fresh and bright and SO FLAVOURFUL.

I don’t ever want to live without this tea.

I really need to start drinking down everything I have to reach a point where I only stock my absolute loves. This would be one of them.

I wanted to shout it from the rooftops last night, but there was no one around who would care. There never is, I’m alone in my world of tea love. Except for you guys.

Everyone who hasn’t tried this tea must wishlist it immediately :)
You’re welcome. Trust me.

(PS – I spent like 2 hours just slowly and enjoyably organizing my tea stash yesterday. Of course my online cupboard isn’t really up to date yet, but physically arranging and mentally taking stock of all of my teas (ALL OF THE TEAS) was incredibly calming and satisfying.)


It’s magical right? I have yet to drink a tea that is even close to how awesome this tea is.


I’m thrilled I ordered this one. After your note on the Golden Dragon Tippy, I was inspired to order a bunch of black tea samples from TTC. Yes!


i haven’t had this lot of the yuchi…but it’s a good tea!


Happy I was able to influence someone’s tea buying! hehe

Yeah it’s super magically delicious


Do you pick out any of the rose or licorice notes the website describes? It looked good to me up til that point.


No, none of those tastes are present in that tea. It tastes like a big delicious cinnamon roll to me.


I didn’t notice any rose or licorice at all.
No cinnamon rolls either, but my tastebuds are not that well-honed at this point.


I haven’t had a TTC tea that I was disappointed with. At this point, I’m pretty sure I could just place an order for any 5 samples and they’d all be golden.


aren’t you glad i spread the word :)


YES Sil, I believe you’re the one who sent me a Yuchi Mountain sample at some point, bless your little heart!!


i actually just really love that they give you free shipping if you just get 25$ woth of sample sizes….as i often just want the sample sizes lol


yes!! such a great deal.


I wonder if they’d question just purchasing nothing but sample sizes of this tea… haha


They probably understand it. These teas are not cheap, not cheap at all. We are looking at wholesale prices for some of these teas and at the end of the day we are dealing with very, very high quality teas, processed with great care by very skilled tradespeople. Even wholesale the prices are a little high, but in our opinion, worth it as a treat!


Anyone else a fan of the verdant tea of the. Month sampler? Darling little tea company that gets it fresh from China, the teas come from—CHINA!!

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