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drank 2016 Tyler by White 2 Tea
13 tasting notes

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drank Coconut Chai by Zhena's Gypsy Tea
21 tasting notes

I think this was the tea that made me like chai, since I used to hate it. This one convinced me because I love coconut! I used to be all about this tea in college, but I might have overdid it because I haven’t craved this tea in a while. But I do remember being super obsessed with it for a while.

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This is probably the last time this tea will ever be reviewed. Teaopia was bought out by Teavana.

This tea sat in a bag, yes a paper kind of bag, in my cupboard for years.

I got two full steepings out of this. It was better than a teabag, for sure. Nothing really noteable to mention. The darker red of a cup of tea.

At the time I had this and an Irish Breakfast. My bias led me to prefer this one, as it had ceylon in it. The Irish aas definitely more Assam like.

15 OZ / 450 ML

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drank Raspberry Earl by Zhena's Gypsy Tea
21 tasting notes

Definitely agree with everyone saying this tea is very strong on the raspberry flavor. Not that that’s a bad thing. A bit overpowering in regards to the earl though.

However, I still love this tea when I’m in the mood for a tea with some strong, fruity flavor.

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drank Gypsy Rose by Zhena's Gypsy Tea
21 tasting notes

This is the best rose tea I’ve ever had. Great for afternoons. In my experience rose tea can be done either really well or really terribly. Since I’ve found this one, I probably won’t be buying other rose blends… out of fear. :)

I initially got this tea in the sample tin of 4 and this one was my favorite. I was happy to see that you can purchase just a tin of rose online, since I haven’t seen it in stores.

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drank Paris by Harney & Sons
21 tasting notes

The best. Absolute best.

I first experienced the delicious smell of this tea at a friend’s house. She called it her “fancy Sunday morning tea.” Boy, was she ever right.

The smell of this tea kept coming back to haunt me so I ordered a tin from Harney & Sons. (the TINS though! They’re so cute, I keep all of them for planters for succulents.) And then I ordered some for my best friend. And then I ordered a box of 50 for myself because I no longer wanted it as a treat yoself tea. I wanted to have it all the time!

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drank Earl Grey Lavender by Adagio Teas
21 tasting notes

Love this blend! This is my go-to when I’m making royal milk tea. Tastes great with all the milk and sugar, really warms you up on a cold winter day. Perfect for afternoons, a little bit too flowery for mornings.

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High-five to rosehips for the sample!

Let’s start with appearance: this is a pretty tea. It’s got little men/flowers and those shiny spheres that people sometimes put on cupcakes. It comes in golden/dark curls that unfurl when you toss it in the water, which I like to watch.

Does the tea curl on its own, or is there some poor unfortunate soul in Asia somewhere curling it up? Please tell me it curls on its own.

When you’re done, the stars/men have dissolved, and the silver balls have mostly dissolved. I think the silver balls are all show and no go.

That said, this tea tastes like beer. It’s got a malty/stout thing going on. With cinnamon in it. I tried a chocolate dessert stout once that was a bit like this. And I liked it okay, but I’m more of a fruity witbier type of girl.

Same goes for this tea. It looked so cool that my hopes soared, but the experience itself wasn’t the tops.


Unfortunately, I do not think the tea curls on its own! Tea like jasmine dragon pearls is pan-fried and tightly rolled into balls by hand to preserve the flavours.

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drank Paris Breakfast by Talbott Teas
587 tasting notes

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Secret ‘2012 Dan Cong’ given to me as a gift from Mr LP.

its fruity & yummy & honey & orchid and all the good things, a bit mellow in its age perhaps, but also less pungent & a bit more forgiving.. I can taste apricots & other citrus in the fruit which got brought out instead of a really pungent fresh Dan Cong-y bitterness which often happens when some are pushed.

Really nice, but I dont have much experience with 4 year old Dan Cong, mine usually lasts the year & I get more, so I cant tell if the taste is mellower due to its age or the leaf, & I really like the intense ones where I can notice more of a difference in the flavour & aromas, so im having a hard time trying to guess which one it is.

Its one of the Shui Xian cultivars im sure.. it doesnt seem to have the richness that a well baked Mi Lan has (although I get a slight cake smell so there is something there)

if its just the leaf and not the age im tasting im guessing it isnt tooooooo expensive (for a Dan Cong – pmsl), middle price ranged, due to the slight lack of intensity I have tasted in the most expensive ones I can afford.

Whatever it is its lovely, been drinking it all day & im surprised that it tastes quite sheng-like – fruit which was very apricot & a certain bitterness when pushed which would be too pungent and off if a fresh Dan Cong.

Which one is it LP..? im thinking its a Ba Xian. But it does seem to be lacking a certain something im used to in BX, but has this apricot fruityness. Im a bit stumped tbh!

Whatever it is, its lovely. If its cheap I would be very impressed

Flavors: Apricot, Honey, Orchid

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My panic disorder has been flaring up these past few weeks… I don’t for one second believe that this bagged tea is curing anything, but it does seem to help me sleep, which is a plus. And it tastes so good. Lavender is the most perfect herb on the planet.

I appreciate this blend especially because I recognize all of the ingredients. Yogi likes to put weird stuff in their teas (what the hell is a schizandra berry?) which makes me a little apprehensive. But this one is just what you need when you’re anxious: soothing, mild, naturally sweet, no funky random herbs and berries. Reliable.

Flavors: Flowers, Honey, Lavender, Milk, Sweet

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This is from the Teacha subscription so the 1 tsp in the description below is really 1 teabag.

The flavors and scents are mild but quite pleasant. A bit of floral smell along with a grassy taste followed up by a not quite bitter ending. All together it is a very pleasant way to start my morning.

Flavors: Floral, Grass

165 °F / 73 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Surprise! This not your usual Tie Guan Yin. As opposed to it’s ususal fresh notes, this one is darker and fruitier.
I was getting honey and dried fruit notes, but would need to spend some more time with this one, as I have around 50g left.
I would recommend this to those who enjoy black teas.

My method:

Tea Tumbler 250 ml, 6g for 10/15/30/45… sec @ 90°C

Gaiwan 100 ml, 3,33g for 10/15/20/30… sec @ 95°C

Flavors: Dried fruit, Honey, Baked Bread

Flavors: Baked Bread, Dried Fruit, Honey

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec 3 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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So I just finished a 100g bag of this tea with a certain feeling of relief.
The quality of this tea in not in question, it’s just that I’m not not really fond of roasted oolongs.
I was hoping this tea would change that, but I don’t see myself buying it again.
Make no mistake, if you like roasted oolongs, this would probably be a really nice budget option, as the tea is refreshing and endures many steeps.

My method:

Tea Tumbler 250 ml, 6g for 10/15/30/45… sec @ 90°C

Gaiwan 100 ml, 3,33g for 10/15/20/30… sec @ 100°C

Flavors: Mineral, Toast, Wood, Rowan

Flavors: Mineral, Toast, Wood

195 °F / 90 °C 0 min, 15 sec 3 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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As I haven’t really tried many chinese greens to my liking and mostly stick with japanese sencha.
For chinese greens, this affordable longjing has been my go-to tea. Refreshing, sweet and fragrant.
Probably will stay on my regular purchase list.
Organic Superfine is also a more expensive option, but this one is perfectly fine with me.

My method:

Tea Tumbler 250 ml, 6g for 5/10/15/20/30… sec @ 80°C

Gaiwan 100 ml, 3,33g for 5/10/15/20/30… sec @ 80°C

Flavors: Vegetal, Grass, Spinach

Flavors: Grass, Spinach, Vegetal

175 °F / 79 °C 0 min, 15 sec 3 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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I liked this, thought the coffee would be a darker stronger flavour but luckily it wasnt.

was super groggy this morning and after a couple o cups of this im a bit perkier.

it just adds a nutty taste & aroma to the jin xuan making it a bit more like a light-medium roast. Nice. It was a nice jin xuan too, fruity & leafy. I thought I might not like this one but I did, the coffee added a sort of dryness to the brew. I also get grass as well which is odd for jin xuan. slight cream but nothing too strong, just was there in the background, and it appeared as the leaf unfolds, couldnt notice very much milk – perhaps it got hidden from the roast – maybe try giving it a milk steam next time like some other makers do when they make flavoured milk oolong? you might be able to get away with heavier coffee if you do that? IDK, just throwing thoughts out there.

Interesting stuff, well made, everything worked & nothing jumped out and scared me. You’re such a nice bloke as well Andrew – keep it up, LP teas will keep going from strength to strength the more you do this, Steepsters #1 Ambassador.

Made me smile this morning :)

Flavors: Coffee, Cream, Grass, Green, Nutty

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My other thermos which is the ‘teapot’ shaped one with a spout leaks & amazon couldnt send a replacement, so I ended up with this new one:

its a travel thermos, 1L model (im tempted to get a .5L for short jouneys now) which was perfect at the weekend for a picnic.

the lid fits tightly, water still hot 7 hours later after I slept last night, seems solid in all these aspects.

downside is its a bit bad for pouring, as you have to unscrew the lid more to get more pour, as the pouring gap is built into the threads.. but im sure thats something can master – I didnt spoil any dan cong in hyde park even though I panicked a bit trying to not over steep.

basically a pretty good buy, got mine for about £12.

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Liquid Proust’s magical sampler mystery teas 1 and 2. (“2004 raw” and “something-or-other mystery Chinese name”).

It’s very helpful to get a good selection of sheng pu-erhs as I’ve had very few, and most of them what I’d refer to as liver-stripping death teas. Haha, to be honest, I hadn’t even thought these would be sheng pu, I had simply assumed shu as that is what I think of when I think pu-erh. Here’s to trying something new.

The two samples I had today I had a few steeps of before giving up. Both had the same odd salty savouriness, almost like I’d used veggie stock or diluted sea water to brew them in.

I was given tea so I’ll drink it all even if it kills me.

(the reccomendation is a yes, if you are offered free samplers then why not?!)

Flavors: Chicken Soup, Musty, Salty

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 7 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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drank Lover's Leap by Harney & Sons
326 tasting notes

By the time this arrived in the mail, I had forgotten what it was, and from the name thought it was bound to have flowers in it. I opened the package to a marvelous fragrance of pure tea, a little evocative of darjeeling but mostly a nice “golden raisin” scent (it’s easier to just call it muscatel but that’s what it smells like to me). This turned out to be a great light-bodied Ceylon, crisp and just a little sweet and everything I hoped it would be. Delicious iced, and also quite tasty hot, which is good because we’ve been having a mixture of very hot days and cool, overcast ones!

My experience with Ceylon (as with most non-Chinese teas) doesn’t go very far back—only a couple of years ago, when I started wondering why the iced tea served at a particular cafe tasted good compared to everyone else’s, did I even learn the name of this tea. There’s a lot more to explore, but this is one of the good ones I’ve encountered so far!

Super Starling!

Ceylon is also the base of that bomb-diggity Thai iced tea. It’s that and condensed milk or somesuch. I want to experiment with making it sometime.

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I was able to score a generous sample of this tea through a tea swap with a board member.

I found this tea to be remarkable. Remarkable in it’s smoothness of flavor, it’s lack of overly fishy umami , and the subtleties of flavor that came out over time. I made it through 7 steeps, and wish I had begun earlier so as I could continue. I won’t make that mistake again with this tea, as I believe there to be at least double the amount of steeps left. I’m looking forward to a rainy Saturday to sit and relax with this tea again.

There was a hit of bitterness in the first steeps, along with a dryness in the mouth feel. Perhaps it could have been alleviated with a second rinse, or a longer first rinse (mine was 10 seconds). By the 3rd steep the liquor was a deep red with a nice rounded mouth feel, and any bitterness was gone. To be fair, there is some umami, but it’s a pleasant addition to the full-bodied tea, rather than an overwhelming crush.

My wife didn’t like it and quit after 4 cups (70ml each). I have yet to discern her flavor profile, if she has one. I didn’t penalize the tea for her unrefined palate. ;)

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Sipdown (137)!

I feel like I’m a little late to the hype train when it comes to this tea but oh well…

Had a very pleasant fifteen infusion gong fu session with this tea after getting back from filling out passport information today. Trey had a friend over and the two of them sat with me during my session and we had a very intense conversation about American politics throughout so no tea and music pairings for this session the few people who regularly read my tasting notes all collectively breathe a sigh of relief. In the same vain, I didn’t take my normal amount of notes while drinking this either because I was with company and I can’t ever really let them know how insane I am when it comes to tea. If I whipped out my laptop or a pad of paper to take physical notes then Trey would NEVER let me live it down. Also, just because I was talking politics doesn’t mean I want to talk politics now: I firmly believe talking about politics is important but it also gives me a headache because of all the stupid shit going on. And, for me at least, this tea community is my moment of peace/zen during the day – so the fewer headaches the better.

So, from memory…

Infusions one to four(ish) were a bit rougher; they had a very mild sort of roast to them, and underlying honey notes. Kind of what I originally interpreted as a wood flavour; but now that I’m thinking on it more consciously it’s a bit more like the smell of crunchy autumn leaves. Which, I know, makes NO sense as a flavour but that’s EXACTLY what it is. Fucking poetic flavour descriptors being so… poetic.

Infusions four to like eight(ish) were much lighter on the already light roast notes and then eventually not even really roasty at all. Lots of mild sweetness/honey though! But not really just honey; also kind of an agave like flavour, which is to say it tasted just a tiny bit caramel like/caramelized. Underlying fruit flavors such as raisin and lemon/lemon peel. All quite soft in terms of presence, though.

Infusions eight to fifteen were so delicate overall. Still a lot of honey in regard to flavour, just very lightly delivered in the sip. Finish was just the slightest bit lemony which was nice alongside the honey notes. Infusions twelve and thirteen were given to Trey and Gauge (Trey’s friend who was over talking politics with us) and they both found it very lovely although weren’t able to isolate any flavour notes. I’m not surprised; infusions fourteen and fifteen were SO soft to me that the flavour was barely detectable at all. Had I pushed for a sixteenth infusion I’m certain it would have just tasted like water.

Overall, very much liked this tea – it’s not often I push for so many infusions when brewing Gong Fu. I am surprised that I barely registered the “creamy” flavour that so many seemed to have observed. But the honey aspect was definitely DEAD on. There weren’t really any infusions that lacked that flavour.

EDIT: Also forgot to mention that my small Bitterleaf tea order came today so I got to enjoy this session using one of my new teacups. This probably isn’t the best place for a teaware review, but…

This is the cup in question:

I have to say that it’s just a BEAUTIFUL cup aesthetically speaking. I loved the way the liquor looked in the teacup, and the glaze itself is so charming and perfectly named. It’s also well balanced in my opinion, and sits very nicely which IS something I was concerned about because of the shape of the base. Only complaints are pretty small all things considered: it’s pretty heavy as far as other cups in my collection go, which is a very small thing. The other thing is that the ‘lip’ of the cup is very thick and it felt just a smidgen awkward drinking out of.

But that said, I still want like four more, so…

Evol Ving Ness

Oh no more American politics. I can’t take it anymore. There’s no escape. Kill me now. I don’t know how Americans can take this for so many months.


I cant even go on facebook for more than a nanosecond anymore..

Ive got this one to drink as well in my latest order! late to the party too

Daylon R Thomas

For me, the creaminess is more in the texture than the taste.

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drank Cherry Blossom by DAVIDsTEA
3772 tasting notes

Sipdown (138)!

Picked up a 10g sample of this one yesterday when I went to DAVIDsTEA as well as the Cherry Blossom infused chocolate bark, which I’m sure I’ll review at some point as well.

I actually thought that I hadn’t tried this one before which is why I grabbed it – but I’m seeing now that I’ve reviewed it twice. Huh, guess it genuinely didn’t make an impression. Going into a tasting, it’s never a good sign seeing you’ve actually tried something before but you can’t recall it. Generally that means a tea is average, at best…

Anyway, my whole 10g sample went towards a big cold brewed pitcher of this one. And despite being really hesitant going in, I think the flavour pays off in a big way for me. Recently, I had a very good Sour Cherry flavoured gelato and I’m drawing a lot of comparisons between the gelato and the tea: very bright, sweet and candy-like cherry notes with a cross between maraschino cherry richness and just that hint of tartness/tangy quality that really makes the flavour pop. In addition, this is very floral and rosey which gives it a softer feel despite a bold flavour. Flavour pairings are fucking awesome like that. In addition to the obvious cherry and floral notes, there’s another sweetness in the end of the sip that I’m interpreting as marzipan, and an overall subtle creamy quality that reminds me of french vanilla. Mmm! I find it hard to believe that this version wont make a lasting impression…

In terms of other tea related ‘pairings’ – I’ve been really into tea and music pairings as of late. And no word of a lie, I took my first few sips and IMMEDIATELY changed what song I was listening to because this one came to my mind clear as day:

Something about Evan Rachel Wood’s voice… It felt like cherry blossoms.


This song was my ringtone for a while. This and I’ve Just Seen a Face

Roswell Strange

My personal favourite from Across The Universe (though not favourite Beatles song overall) is Blackbird. I just find Wood’s version haunting in the best way possible.

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