4140 Tasting Notes


Advent Calendar Day Nine

Drinking this one in the evening at my mother’s house – I’m crashing here tonight so I can spend some extra time with my siblings. ‘Cause family, and all that; also it’s the first evening I’ve had to myself (between the two jobs) in over a week so I wanted to do something with it.

I was a little bummed to see today’s tea was another EG variant; though I do like the idea of today’s form better than the one earlier in the month that was Bergamot & Orange. Brewed up, I think that I like the flavour roughly the same amount though even if this one sounded better to me. However, that said, that doesn’t mean I’m tasting the same thing either. I mean, obviously the bergamot is something that’s in common – but I think this is something nice, smooth and maybe a little bit softer too because of the Yin Zhen? Like an “Earl Grey Light”? Though, it doesn’t lose nuance because there’s still gentle layers of floral flavour, hay, and citrus. It’s just not “slap you in the face” bold, either.

So, another one which was a nice surprise and pretty solid overall.

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Advent Calendar Day Eight

I don’t think I’d ever heard of this one prior to seeing it in the calendar today, and I’m sort of bummed about that because it sounds really interesting/like a great flavour pairing. The dry leaf smelled great too; very fresh and fruity! Lots of red currant aroma.

The flavour is so lovely; I was definitely expecting to taste more red currant just based on the aroma but I think it’s more strongly raspberry than anything else with some lighter red fruit supporting notes, such as red currant, strawberry, and just a trickle of cherry. The caramel in the blend is kind of interesting and weird; it just makes the cup a little sweeter overall and sort of exaggerates this borderline jammy like quality to the raspberry. However, that said, in the finish of the sip the caramel becomes more than just a sweetener and is more recognizable as its own distinct taste.

I like this one, and it’s one that I’d absolutely be intrigued enough by to get more of the play around with/experiment with. I can see it working so many different ways: iced, latte, syrup, in sugar cookies…





I’m really enjoying your advent calendar reviews—lots of ideas for my next DF order!

Roswell Strange

Happy to be helping :)

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Advent Calendar Day Seven

Slept in a little bit this morning and didn’t get to make my advent tea for the ride to work, so instead I drank it at work today. Second job, that is – at DAVIDsTEA.

I had started steeping it when I got pulled away from my tea to help a customer so instead of the three minute long steep like I’d intended it got closer to thirteen minutes. Amazingly, and completely to my surprise, it didn’t taste even a little bitter! In fact, it was super silky smooth with really nice rich vanilla and almond/marzipan notes that comprised the body. The top note was a bit fruitier; sort of apple-y? And then the finish had hints of cinnamon and green tea. It was a really, really solid tea! And I’m especially surprised by how well it held up to that long infusion overall.

When I make teas at work, I always share them with my coworkers on shift as well because that’s just how I am – if I’m having some, then you can too! The more the merrier; and sharing good tea is a great feeling. So, when my coworker Leah tried this one today I was really, really happy that she proclaimed this was “the best tea I’ve brought yet”, and that includes some straight stuff from What-Cha (black tea, I think), some RLT matcha, and the odd flavoured tea from other companies. So, general consensus between everyone was that this was/is awesome!

Flavors: Almond, Apple, Cream, Cut grass, Vanilla


I love the idea that you’re at DAVIDs drinking tea from other brands :’)

Maddy Barone

Sounds marvelous!

Evol Ving Ness

What Nattie said. You go, Ms. Strange!


I also agree with Nattie lol

Roswell Strange

I drink stuff from DT on shift too; but I’ve found that days I’m working at both jobs I have literally no time to drink any other tea besides my morning commute tea and the cold brew I have at lunch at job #1 – so I bring other stuff so the rest of my stash doesn’t feel unloved.

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Advent Calendar Day Six

I think this is the simplest tea in the calendar thus far; it’s essentially a more orange-y Earl Grey… which is already sort of orange flavoured/citrus flavoured?

As weird and basic as this seemed to be to me, it was fascinating though because as much as bergamot is just citrus itself I could actually taste a clear difference between the bergamot oil and the added orange and I didn’t expect to be able to. Definitely a really pleasant cup, and very smooth overall. Not something I’d think about getting in the future because even if I can taste a difference between the citrus notes it’s still quite basic and I’ve got plenty of Earl Grey type blends on hand.

I do like that the tea basically went; “You’re gonna judge me before trying me? Well fuck you, prepare to be surprised!”. It was a nice thing, in this case, to be proven wrong.


I gave a tin of this one. We like it!

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drank Coco Colada by DAVIDsTEA
4140 tasting notes

So, just because I’ve been SUPER busy and tired lately doesn’t mean I haven’t been listening to music lately and enjoying tea along side it. Maybe a little less frequently though?

I was drinking Coco Colada the other night on shift while we were closing up the store for the night because I was just sort of tired from trying new things throughout the day and just wanted something I was familiar with, and man did I have a craving for pineapple so this is what I went with…

It still bums me out that this has hibiscus in it because that means you can’t latte it, and the flavour is actually both bright and sweet from the pineapple and really creamy for the coconut so it’s one of those teas that FEELS like it should make a killer latter. But alas it’d curdle and get gross. But yeah; sweet, juicy and tropical with some killer Pina Colada vibes. It’s a good tea; and one I wouldn’t mind stocking up on for at home if I were to finish off a tin and create space for it in my cupboard. No complaints other than the latte thing…

Here’s what I was listening to while drinking it/closing the store:


I had to ask my coworker for the name of the song as she was picking the music. We seem to have similar tastes though, which is really nice because it means she’s introduced me to a few really cool songs now. It was a little odd not putting together my own tea/song pairing though, although this worked nicely because the combo of the upbeat yet chill beat and the tropical, relaxing profile of the tea worked well. You have to focus on the beat/music and not the lyrics though – the lyrics don’t match, imo.

Also, who doesn’t love a song with a kazoo part? No one, that’s who.

Friendly reminder that I’m not currently numerically rating DAVIDsTEA blends as I’m currently seasonally employed there and it would be an obvious conflict of interest. Any blends you see with numerical ratings were rated prior to my employment there. These reviews are a reflection of my personal thoughts regarding the teas, and not the company’s.


Oh man what a great tune. Thanks for sharing! Totally following them on Spotify now.

Roswell Strange

That’s awesome! Glad you liked it :)

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Sipdown (142)!

Finished this one off as a pot of tea, and it was deliciously sweet with just the right balance between chocolate, nuts, and roasty toasty rice. I’ll say it again, it reminds me a lot of Puffed Wheat Cake in just the best way. I’m VERY sad to see this one go.

I really hope LP will blend this one again sometime in the future.

S.G. Sanders

I’m hoarding the last bit of mine….I should go ahead and drink it now. :P

Roswell Strange

Just make sure you don’t make the mistake many of us have and hoard something until it’s no longer good anymore :P

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drank Swampwater by DAVIDsTEA
4140 tasting notes

When I got home from work today I was pretty well a Popsicle because of the gross weather; we’re basically experiencing our first blizzard of the year tonight – and I was NOT dressed appropriately for it, and I ended up walking outside much longer than I’d expected to because I was an idiot and got off the bus at the wrong stop…

So the first two things I did when I got home were showered to heat up, and then made a mug of tea to stay warm and cozy. I chose this one because I wanted something caffeine free so I can get a very sound sleep tonight, and also because I was craving something fruity!

Today this was less of a creamy strawberry and more of a bright, ripe strawberry flavour. I overleafed my mug and that may have been what made the difference but I’m not totally sure about that. Overleafing definitely affected the liquor colour though: this came out a nice, deep emerald green. It didn’t match the flavour at all, but it was super pretty to look at!

Friendly reminder that I’m not currently numerically rating DAVIDsTEA blends as I’m currently seasonally employed there and it would be an obvious conflict of interest. Any blends you see with numerical ratings were rated prior to my employment there. These reviews are a reflection of my personal thoughts regarding the teas, and not the company’s.


I hope you don’t end up coming down with anything. :(

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Cold Brew Sipdown (143)!

I mean not bad; a nice trio of lemon, orange and strawberry notes overall. I definitely enjoyed it a lot more hot and found it smoother and fruitier that way. As a cold brew it comes off a bit more bland/boring, and the green base is grassier.

Not one I’ll miss too much overall.

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Stopped in to DT after Job #1 today because I had told my coworker Leah I’d bring her some Red Leaf Tea samples to try out, and since I was there giving out matcha samples I figured I’d bring some matcha home with me as well – in latte form!

I’ve mentioned it before, but while I like DT’s matcha I really dislike that all of the flavoured ones are sweetened, be it with cane sugar or coconut nectar. I hate when people sweeten my tea for me: I want to be able to control that myself! The added sweetener was really apparent in this cup too; it was much sweeter than I personally would have liked and it almost gave the milk base a “sweetened condensed milk” sort of vibe that at times felt like a little much…

However, that aside I think the blueberry flavour really delivers! It’s fresh and juicy, with a vivid brightness that creates this really full of life top note to the cup. I’m quite partial to most of the blueberry blends that DT has created: I feel like it’s a flavour they do really well. Blueberry Jam is one of my overall favourites, and I really enjoyed Dark Chocolate Delight as well and that has blueberry as a main flavour too. In fact, I think the only blueberry tea they’ve created that I’ve just flat out disliked is Bluberry Muffin?

The matcha base is really strong too: if the blueberry is the top note, the strong grassy profile of the matcha and slight seaweed/hay notes in it comprise much of the body of the sip and the finish. In store lattes use four “scoops” of tea – and even though the matcha scoop we use is MUCH smaller than the Perfect Teaspoon that’s used for everything else, that’s still a lot more matcha than I would personally use at home to make a latte. So, even though it wasn’t bad at all it was just pretty strong.

Nice overall though; aside from a bit of the intense sweetness it really hit the spot.

Also – sort of funny story, but on my bus ride home I fell asleep because I’ve just been SO exhausted lately. When I woke up I was extremely disoriented, and thought we were about the hit the stop that comes after the one I normally get off at. So I hit the button to get off, and rushed off the bus because I didn’t want to end up super far past my house. Well, turns out I actually got off about eight stops before my normal stop, and because that late in the evening the bus only comes on the hour I had to walk the distance home (or stand outside in the open air for fifty minutes)….

It was blizzarding.

Fuck my life.

Friendly reminder that I’m not currently numerically rating DAVIDsTEA blends as I’m currently seasonally employed there and it would be an obvious conflict of interest. Any blends you see with numerical ratings were rated prior to my employment there. These reviews are a reflection of my personal thoughts regarding the teas, and not the company’s.


OH NO!! You must have been so chilled :(


Gosh I hope you didn’t freeze completely.


Totally agree about the sweetening thing. Sorry about the blizzard :(

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Advent Calendar Day Five

Well, it finally happened – this is the first tea from the calendar that I just flat out didn’t like. It’s supposed to be mango/tropical fruit with hibiscus and apple, I believe? But as soon as I brewed it up and saw it was firetruck red I knew all it was gonna taste like would be hibiscus…

I was right; it was so tart and really didn’t taste like much else other than really concentrated hibiscus and apple. I wanted to taste the other flavour notes, but they just did not come through at all. So this was a miss for me as I’m not a fan of just straight up hibiscus…

Evol Ving Ness

The thing that troubles me about tea advent calendars is that some are caffeinated and others are not. I like to start the day with caffeine and end the day on a cup of without. Tough call on order and surprise drinking.


Evol Ving Ness, I hear you. Plus I cannot drink black/oolong/pu’reh teas and that’s usually a huge portion of a calendar so it seems pointless to me :/. The GCTTB was my substitute :)

Evol Ving Ness

Glad it worked out then. Still, there can be a surprising variety in greens and herbals and rooibos/honeybush blends.

Evol Ving Ness

I do love my blacks though.

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My name is Kelly. I’m a twenty something tea drinker and reviewer living in Saskatchewan, Canada. I started drinking loose leaf fairly casually three(ish) years ago, and at some point between then and now that ‘fun little hobby’ turned into a serious obsession.

You know you’ve got it bad when you get your hobby tattooed to your arm.

I’m a TAC trained Tea Sommelier!

Typically I drink flavoured blends more that straight but one of my mini goals is to get that ratio to a more 50/50 level. I do a daily cold brew, and have at least (but usually a lot more) two hot cups of tea every day. Naturally I lean towards black or white blends and as of late oolongs but I WILL drink everything; the last half year or so I’ve been challenging myself by further exploring Oolong and Pu’Erh which are the tea types I know the least about overall.

My default for preparation is Western Style with zero additives (the exception being matcha which I drink in straight milk with no additives) so unless I mention otherwise you can assume that’s how I’ve prepared my tea!

Favourite flavours/ingredients: Pear, Lychee, Cranberry, Cream, Melon, Pineapple, Malt, Roasty, Petrichor

Least favourite flavours/ingredients:
Lemongrass, ginger/“Chai” in general, raisins, overly vegetal, chamomile, sometimes mango or peach

I also have a severe allergy to mushrooms; as such I do not drink Kombucha teas (just to be on the safe side)!

Currently exploring/looking to try: Straight Pu’Erh or Dark/Roasted Oolong, Sweet Potato flavoured blends, and anything with Goji berries

I’ve got four Tea Pets:

Two Pixiu Dragons named Zak and Wheezie, a monkey named Enzo, and a carp named Bergamot. If you see me writing about sharing tea with any of them that’s what I’m talking about ;)

I also have one real life pet:

A skinny pig hairless guinea pig named Eilert, after Henrik Ibsen’s play Hedda Gabler. He’s pretty chill, but a greedy little fella who’ll rip food right out of your hands. Sometimes he joins me for tea time even though he never gets to participate.

Currently I’m seasonally employed at DAVIDsTEA. While I’m still reviewing DAVIDsTEA blends I am no longer numerically rating them due to the obvious conflict of interest. Any tea blends you currently see with a numeric score that are from DAVIDsTEA were reviewed prior to my being hired there.

The URL to my tumblr blog is: guyfierithirdandfinalantichrist


Regina, SK, Canada



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