2390 Tasting Notes

drank Cranberry Pear by DAVIDsTEA
2390 tasting notes

Of course I had to indulge in a large mug of this tea for my day of favourite blacks. It’s the best pear tea, in my opinion, and the cranberry is pretty awesome too. I’m really only noticing now, actually, how much I love cranberry teas when I somewhat dislike actual cranberries as whole fruits, craisons or jelly.

This one is also super creamy, and just divine as a latte. This is one of my most drank teas, and there’s absolutely a reason for that. A day of perfect blacks would not be complete without a cup of this one.

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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

I haven’t had computer access (save about an hour last night around midnight) in around two days, so I have lots of backlog to get through. Yay! So, for these next few notes, you have to go all the way back to Wednesday, when I was doing my day of favourite blacks.

This one makes it into my favourite blacks day because of my love of Banana teas, and also because of my love of Frank’s banana teas specifically. I think I slightly prefer Banana Pudding to this one, but I’m more than willing to have this one around instead so long as I always have one of his banana teas on hand.


Agreed. Both are good but I also prefer Banana Pudding.

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This is a relatively new (well, pretty new) addition to my list of perfect/favourite blacks. It’s super enjoyable because of the juicy and just a tiny bit tart cranberry flavour and super rich and creamy with vanilla and almond notes.



One of my favs!

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This one makes it into my Day of Favourite Blacks because it’s my absolute favourite blueberry tea of all time, and really just a favourite tea flat out.

I’m very picky about blueberries because I hate the texture of real blueberries and the taste of artificial blueberry – but this is the best of both worlds because it’s a natural (and very potent) tasting blueberry taste that, thank God, does not have the texture or consistency of a real blueberry. Yay amazing and unexpected compromise!

The only reason this doesn’t have a perfect 100 rating is because I find that 1/10 times I have it there’s a weird and unexplained soapy taste. Those other 9 times are perfect, though!

Flavors: Berries, Jam


I love this but occasionally get too much of the stevia flavor and it is really not good.


I’m was actually a bit hesitant in getting this tea! I love blueberries, I just hate blueberry flavoured stuff.
But I went with my gut and it should get here soon!

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So now that I’m done with backlog, I can finally start today’s tea! The ‘theme’ for the day is favourite blacks, so I’m going to go through all the black teas I have that are my absolute die hard favourites or just ones I really like/drink often (like this one), and then if I have time at the end of the day, I’m going to try some new black blends too.

So, this seemed like the perfect thing to kickstart the day off with, since it’s one of my favourite EGs and something I often like to have for breakfast, and drink a lot of. Today, it’s very Bergamot rich, and extra creamy. Yum!

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This was the final tea of the night, which means the last of the backlog. Yay!

It was a nice relaxing jasmine tea to wind down with, so yay for that too. I don’t really have much anything else to say on it though, so that concludes this tasting note.

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Sipdown (205/209)!

With the arrival of tea from Rosehips and VariaTEA yesterday, putting me over 200 again, I knew I needed to get in at least one more sipdown for the evening and I chose this one!

I’ll really miss having this nice, light fruity tea around because it was sweet and juicy kiwi with light lemon juice flavour too – and one of few greens from DT that I’d want around all the time. I’ll restock it eventually, though that’s not high priority.

This was a great surprise find though. Thanks VariaTEA.


Glad you enjoyed it!


So I just realized I have this in my “teas to get rid of” box because I don’t particularly like it. I can just pass it along in one of our swaps.


Gad it arrived!

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Sipdown! Though, another one that happened before this tea could be added to my cupboard…

Thanks VariaTEA for the sample cup! I’m always up for trying another Root Beer tea, and I was really curious how this compared to Butterbeer too.

Taste wise, I think I do prefer this to Butterbeer because BB had this kind of indescribable flavour quality that I really struggle to place. It’s rootbeer, but it’s not rootbeer, too. This blend isn’t having an internal identity crisis and it knows what the fuck it is. Rootbeer, plain and simple.

I did get a thicker mouthfeel, and there was a creamy vanilla flavour in addition to the rootbeer that would have been the icecream/‘float’. Excellent. It’s odd to say, but I was also reminded of wood? But in the most delicious way, and also in a non rooibos way. Overall, I thought this was a good cup, and one I would maybe stock again even though there are better blends I’ve tried (Butiki’s or DT’s, sadly unavailable, version which is also black). I definitely wouldn’t stock it right now though, because I have lots of Butterbeer and even though this is better, I definitely don’t need both.


Butterbeer tasted like Cream Soda to me.

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drank Creme Brulee by DAVIDsTEA
2390 tasting notes

Thanks VariaTEA for the sample of this. Back when I first got into loose leaf I almost bought a lot of this one, but I opted for Salted Caramel instead because I was really feeling black tea at the time, and the strainer I had wasn’t super fine mesh so rooibos was tricky for me to brew.

I thought that I’d only have one cup worth, but there was actually two worth so the next one will be a sipdown. That’s awesome, because despite the lower rating on this one, I actually found it super enjoyable and tasty.

I should point out I haven’t had Creme Brulee in years, and when I had it (my only encounter) I thought it was really gross and burnt tasting, so I likely don’t have the most accurate point of reference. However, dry and steeped I thought this smelled incredibly sweet, and rich, and creamy with a strong caramel flavour and I was certain I’d love it. And, I was right!

I think this was consumed in under two minutes. I just couldn’t put the mug down because it was delicious and so rich and flavourful and definitely caramel. I definitely think it tasted better than Salted Caramel, and compared to Birthday Cake or Oh Canada! which are both richer, sweet vanilla/caramel/maple rooibos blends, I think this one comes out on top. Which is maybe a shame because I have so much of the other two, but only one more cup of this one.

We’ll see if my second cup confirms my feelings about this blend, but I think it’s something I’d want to restock (sooner rather than later, but ultimately I’d want to use up all my Birthday Cake or Oh Canada! first).


Glad you enjoyed this.

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Sipdown! Though, I drank this before it actually made it into my cupboard, so there’s no number attached to it…

Thanks VariaTEA for the sample. I was really curious about it and with the recent reblend not knowing whether I’d want a full pouch or not was killing me – so getting to taste a small amount was most welcome.

Overall, I would say this is a good Genmaicha and it did have a sort of creamy sweetness to it that made it different from a regular Genmaicha, enough so that had I been trying this blindly I would have known it was flavoured with something – I just doubt I could have placed what. There definitely wasn’t cherry, or really any fruit, flavour though. So that was disappointing.

All in all, a good and enjoyable cup but not something I’d want more of based on that cup alone. I guess I kinda got Cheesecake from it though?

Flavors: Cream, Grass

Boiling 1 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

The one cup I had, I was not a fan of it.

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My name is Kelly. I’m a nearly twenty tea drinker and reviewer living in Saskatchablah, Canada. I started drinking loose leaf fairly casually a little over a year ago, and at some point between then and now that ‘fun little hobby’ turned into a serious, serious obsession.

Typically I drink flavoured blends more that straight but one of my mini goals this year is to get that ratio to a more 50/50 level. I do a daily cold brew, and have at least (but usually a lot more) two hot cups of tea every day. Naturally I lean towards black or white blends, but I WILL drink everything; the last half year or so I’ve been challenging myself by further exploring Oolong and Pu’Erh which are the tea types I know the least about overall.

My default for preparation is Western Style with zero additives (the exception being matcha which I drink in milk with no additives); so unless I mention otherwise you can assume that’s how I’ve prepared my tea!

Favourite flavours/ingredients: Pear, Lychee, Cranberry, Cream, Melon, Pineapple, Malt, Roasty

Least favourite flavours/ingredients:
Lemongrass, ginger/“Chai” in general, raisins, overly vegetal, chamomile

I also have a severe allergy to mushrooms; as such I do not drink Kombucha teas!

Currently exploring/looking to try: Straight Pu’Erh or Dark/Roasted Oolong, Sweet Potato flavoured blends.


Saskatoon, SK, Canada



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