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This is a queued tasting note.

Enjoyed drinking this one on the way to work last week; in addition to the lovely toasty flavour of the rice the array of vegetal notes were quite soothing. Squash, green beans, edamame, and snap peas specifically. And then, you could just faintly taste the juniper in the finish as I nice pine note. Really peaceful. However, one of those teas I think you kind of just need to enjoy on its own – so no tea and song pairing for this one.

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drank Sangria by DAVIDsTEA
3822 tasting notes

Sipdown (131)!

Finished this one off at the end of a long work day; I came home and strained my cold brew and then just dumped in the last of a bottle of Triple Sec that was on the counter. Probably about three, maybe four, shots worth left in the bottle? I didn’t take the time to measure. As far as the flavour goes, it didn’t do much but really amp up the overall fruity notes of the blend – specifically the orange, for obvious reasons.

One nice thing about pairing tea and alcohol (especially when you’re using caffeine free teas or tisanes) is that it acts as a press because of all the water. That knowledge makes it so hard to not to over do it on the “tea cocktails”.


Good to know, thanks!

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Sipdown (132)!

Found my tin of this while I was working on my somewhat secret project for VariaTEA this morning; I actually thought I’d finished this one a while ago back when I still had the GCTTB so I was happy to see I actually had enough leaf left for one last teacup.

The taste was lovely; a really smooth, easy drinking light to medium bodied tea with a good balance and medley of fig, honey, and floral notes. I definitely feel like I should have been drinking it with some nice dainty finger sandwiches or something like that. Just a really nice, delicate flavour overall. One of the better fig teas I’ve had the pleasure of drinking and I’m happy I got this last ‘surprise’ cup of it.

Song Pairing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQoCEvVL57E&list=LL1M1wDjmJD4SJr_CwzXAGuQ&index=1

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This is a queued tasting note.

Cold Brew! Kind of over this tea a little bit; not that it tastes bad. I just feel like I’ve tried it every way that counts, and it’s so consistent that I don’t really get anything new out of drinking it anymore. Creamy, nutty, chocolate, coffee…

It’s good but not really a cupboard staple for me anymore. Especially since I’m not a huge coffee lover in the first place.

Song Pairing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7d8LUJ8Ejk

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Cold Brew Sipdown (133)!

Well, looks like I’ve been saying goodbye to a lot of my more summery blends this week; specifically the tisanes I picked up for the summer. I guess that makes sense, we’re very slowly starting to transition into autumn now. More in feeling than any sort of physical/weather related reason though; it just feels like summer is coming to a close now.

I never did get to do a comparison of this one and Coco Colada or Tropicalia, but overall I did enjoy this one a lot. It feels like DT had a lot of “Pina Colada” teas this summer, but this one was different than all the others because the emphasis was so incredibly strong on the pineapple in the blend and it didn’t actually have coconut in it.

Song Pairing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOb6IC3LQTI&index=8&list=LL1M1wDjmJD4SJr_CwzXAGuQ

I definitely feel like I’ve shared the original version of this song before but to be completely honest this remix is VERY MUCH its own thing. I really can’t hear the original in it at all, to be completely honest.

Flavors: Apple Candy, Honey, Pineapple

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Finally followed through with what I’ve been telling myself to do for months now…

I drank this as a hot cup of tea! From a teacup, and first thing in the morning because that seemed like the perfect way to do so. Earl Grey in the morning is one of those things that you really can’t beat because it just feels so right. Like starting the morning off with English or Irish Breakfast: you know it’s gonna be a good day.

The tea was so much better hot than it is cold: the bergamot seemed less dull/flat and had a more enticing and enchanting citrus quality that kind of just wrapped itself around you and dragged you in very close. It built up slowly as a mild flavour note until it was all you could think about in the sip: good, fresh bergamot! Mmm! The tea also had creamy qualities to it, more so when it was very hot as opposed to when it had cooled down. The finish was just a little floral; a bit of a mix between jasmine and lavender like notes.

And all the while as I enjoyed this cup, I was working on a very special project that has to do with VariaTea that will most definitely require your address (because I’m not totally sure if the one I have currently is accurate anymore; it’s been such a long time). It may or may not have something to do with a comment you made in the last few days. Can’t send it off until I get paid because I’m a broke, broke person; but I’m excited!

Song Pairing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqKZ_WIK5ms&list=WL&index=9

Actually only found this cover a few days ago; but I already ADORE it. It’s just as enchanting and captivating as the tea was. There’s something ethereal about both.

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Sipdown (134)!

Finished this one off last night; it was going to be my before bed cuppa as I way to cap off the night but then Trey and I got a text (at 11PM, mind you) basically begging us to come out and celebrate our friend James’ girlfriend’s birthday with the two of them yeah, the same James and the same girlfriend from the night of Trey’s birthday where they got in a fight and broke up: they are now back together. Siri is a wonderful person, but that late at night with no notice did not make for two eager to leave the house people…

But we did; we ended up meeting up with them at a Sport’s bar (definitely not somewhere you would ever see me going by choice) for a couple drinks and some food and I actually wound up meeting Siri’s mom as part of the night. Her mother is a MMA fighter so we got to hear quite a few really interesting stories that made up for being dragged out so late at night/with such little notice.

So instead of a ‘bedtime’ cup of tea this was more a “hurry up and get your ass into something other than underwear and a tank top” type of tea. But just ‘cause I was rushing to get ready doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the tea. First few baby sips were quite smoky and a little harsh so I mellowed this out with some milk, and that definitely improved the brew. In addition to top notes of smoke, there were wood/charcoal type notes and then a very nice deep, in the background sweetness. Thick, sultry vanilla and caramelized sugar notes, bourbon, and molasses. It’s a very full bodied and in your face flavour (even with added milk to temper things) that commands attention. That said, it’s kind of sultry and seductive so even with such a powerful presence their almost a coyness to how the flavours play with your palate.

Song Pairing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2LQdh42neg&list=LL1M1wDjmJD4SJr_CwzXAGuQ&index=68

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drank Sangria by DAVIDsTEA
3822 tasting notes

This is a queued tasting note.

So, for those in Canada I think most people are probably familiar with the exhibition? Basically, the fair/carnival that travels across the country every summer? In Regina it’s called the Queen City Ex; not sure what names it goes by in other cities. Well, for the first time in three or four years I actually went: my little sister wanted to go and I offered to take her so we could spend more time together.

God; I had forgotten just how crazy expensive everything is! It was still a really fun night of sisterly bonding, though. We rode a whole bunch of rides, had some tasty fair food (best part was absolutely the deep fried oreos), played a handful of midway games, watched part of one of the shows, and brought home a couple souvenirs as well. So essentially, we had the full blown experience.

Since I wanted to enjoy the more unique fair foods and not shell out the ridiculous amount of money that’s charged for the beverages I brought along tea for myself. Filled up a 1.5 litre container with the cold brew and basically just chugged whenever I was thirsty. It was a great plan because it was very hydrating and the taste was wonderful. Sweet strawberry and orange with licorice/bubblegum undertones. Much better than paying $6 for a lemonade or large coke.

Evol Ving Ness

Here it is called the Ex, i.e.. the Canadian National Exhibition or the CNE.

And $6 for a large drink? Yikes. It’s been a while.


Haha, Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver! We call it the PNE. :)

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So, I’ve only ever seen this company/iced tea sold at ONE Seven Eleven in my city and it was purely by chance that I found it. However, it was really REALLY fucking good. The pear flavour was very clear and natural tasting, and it paired very nicely with the black tea base. The whole drink came off as very authentic tasting, and something I would happily drink again or even regularly stock for my super lazy days when I don’t want to pack a proper lunch for work.

Only downside? It’s really not all that readily available to me…

Flavors: Floral, Fruity, Pear, Sweet

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Commute to work tea on a beautiful, drizzly morning where the smell of petrichor still hung in the air. Those silent mornings with just the pitter patter of the rain are my favourite mornings. I always make sure I’m out of the house earlier than I have to be so that I can stand at the bus stop with my tea and take it all in…

Flavour wise, this was a bit more mellow of an apple flavour than it usually is. More emphasis was clearly on the vanilla and buttery, almost “pastry” like elements of the blend. Like an apple strudel. However, you still had the dank, wet and earthy flavour of the guayusa that so strongly resonates with this kind of wet weather. Beautiful; art in a teacup. Or, in this case, a travel mug.

Song Pairing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2Cti12XBw4&list=LL1M1wDjmJD4SJr_CwzXAGuQ&index=236

Listened to with the volume really low though; so as not to overshadow the sound of the rain and birds softly chirping to one another.


That sounds amazing :)

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My name is Kelly. I’m a twenty something tea drinker and reviewer living in Saskatchewan, Canada. I started drinking loose leaf fairly casually three(ish) years ago, and at some point between then and now that ‘fun little hobby’ turned into a serious obsession.

You know you’ve got it bad when you get your hobby tattooed to your arm.

Currently, I’m in the process of getting certified as a Tea Sommelier; if you’re interested in hearing more about that give me a shout because I’ve found the process to be really informative as well as quiet fun!

Typically I drink flavoured blends more that straight but one of my mini goals is to get that ratio to a more 50/50 level. I do a daily cold brew, and have at least (but usually a lot more) two hot cups of tea every day. Naturally I lean towards black or white blends and as of late oolongs but I WILL drink everything; the last half year or so I’ve been challenging myself by further exploring Oolong and Pu’Erh which are the tea types I know the least about overall.

My default for preparation is Western Style with zero additives (the exception being matcha which I drink in straight milk with no additives) so unless I mention otherwise you can assume that’s how I’ve prepared my tea!

Favourite flavours/ingredients: Pear, Lychee, Cranberry, Cream, Melon, Pineapple, Malt, Roasty, Petrichor

Least favourite flavours/ingredients:
Lemongrass, ginger/“Chai” in general, raisins, overly vegetal, chamomile, sometimes mango or peach

I also have a severe allergy to mushrooms; as such I do not drink Kombucha teas (just to be on the safe side)!

Currently exploring/looking to try: Straight Pu’Erh or Dark/Roasted Oolong, Sweet Potato flavoured blends, and anything with Goji berries

I’ve got four Tea Pets:

Two Pixiu Dragons named Zak and Wheezie, a monkey named Enzo, and a carp named Gyarados. If you see me writing about sharing tea with any of them that’s what I’m talking about ;)

I also have one real life pet:

A skinny pig hairless guinea pig named Eilert, after Henrik Ibsen’s play Hedda Gabler. He’s pretty chill, but a greedy little fella who’ll rip food right out of your hands. Sometimes he joins me for tea time even though he never gets to participate.

The URL to my tumblr blog is: guyfierithirdandfinalantichrist


Regina, SK, Canada



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