1991 Tasting Notes


I bought a pretty new mug from one of the stores in my mall on Sunday; I’ve been eyeing it up for ages and I finally went “fuck it” and bought it. It’s pretty simple; just your basic 12 oz. mug but it’s in the most beautiful Robin’s Egg Blue/Peacock Blue colour and has a semi matte finish on it. It’s sleek and wonderful and now all mine.

I decided it’d be a perfect matcha mug; so I also bought an adorable teeny tiny green whisk from the store, and now the two are being used as a set for yummy yummy matcha milk!

This is the first thing I had in the new mug; I actually was going to just buy strawberry milk stuff from the store but then I remembered I have this at home and I decided this would be just as good. In reality, it’s kinda better. Yummy, Strawberry Milkshake! Heavenly, really.

So happy with my new mug! It just makes having matcha even better because it looks so, so pretty in the mug! The colours just compliment each other and it looks serene and just… Ooooh Aaaah.


Picture please?

Roswell Strange

I’ll try an’ take one later. Need to find my phone first…

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Sometimes the notes I write for myself to remind me what a tea was like when I had it are kinda amusing depending on what mood I was in when I wrote stuff down. I think this is one of those times, so I’m just gonna post my notes for myself instead of expanding on them…

- Cold Brewed
- Very pudding/custard coconut!
- So on point! Bravo!
- Pie Crust/Graham Notes too
- Four for you Glen Coconut
- You go Glen Coconut
- And none for Gretchen Weiners

Cameron B.


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drank Nestea by Nestle
1991 tasting notes

Personal Story Time…

So as some of you know, I don’t have a great relationship with the vast majority of my family. Until moving out around a year ago, I would have said my relationship with my mom was better than the one I have with my Dad, even though both are fairly strained, however now that I’m living on my own I think I actually get along with my Dad significantly more than my Mom – though again, everything is pretty strained. I definitely don’t go out of my way to see either of them, and I’m never the first one to make contact. I haven’t been back in Regina, where I moved from, since January and I have no intention of going back until probably Christmas.

January also happens to be the last time I saw my Mom; though I’ve talked to her via text since then. Well, earlier this week she came up to the city to go to the Bruno Mars concert with her boyfriend, his daughter, and my little sister. We had, reluctantly on my part, made plans to go out for breakfast before I started work for the day. This was a bit of a hassle for me because when we were supposed to go out was during hours I would normally be sound asleep.

And to top things off she showed up an hour early and then was clearly upset and distressed that I wasn’t ready to go out. She then spent the entire time I was getting ready snooping through stuff in my house and asking super invasive questions, all in between complaining about about her relationship problems (I do not get along with her boyfriend; I think the relationship they have is very text book abusive; not in a physical sense but they’re just very unhealthy together. She has ridiculous mood swings and is obsessive and clingy and they frequently break up and get back together – on top of other stuff). Ugh.

The whole ordeal was insanely awkward and uncomfortable, and I just sort of had to vent somewhere about it. On the plus side; she bought me a deep friend Mars Bar from the food court? I guess that’s something; although it was really undercooked so the Mars Bar was still hard and unmelted and there was raw batter. But I guess it was thoughtful? I do love fried foods…


I feel for you with the parent issues! They’re the worst :(

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I think I’m making decent progress finishing this one off! Not that it’s unpleasant; I actually really enjoy this one. But eventually I’d like to order some of Butiki’s new Caramel Apple and I feel like having two Caramel Apple Oolongs in the house is a touch ridiculous…

This was prepared in my timolino for work. The base was very present and really buttery; kind of somewhere between a really green oolong and a darker one. And this one is sorta weird because I still pretty distinctly taste Frank’s Banana flavouring every time I have it. Huh. There were also mellow red apple notes; I appreciate that the apple in this really isn’t very tart. The caramel was a bit harder to pinpoint this time; I thick it was contributing to the thicker mouthfeel and the extra butteriness of the oolong.

Pretty good! :)

Flavors: banana, Butter, Red Apple

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Sipdown (130/137)!

Thank you Cameron B. for this sample! I have to admit, even though the fandom reference is pretty cool, I was actually more interested in this one because of what’s in it. How often does that happen with an Adagio blend?

So this sample was cold brewed, and it was pretty good. I could definitely tell that there was cucumber in the blend; it came off as a very crisp, airy vegetal flavour that I’ve experienced in other cucumber teas like 52Teas’ Cucumber Mango Shou Mei. The cucumber was probably the most prominent flavour in the whole brew. However, I also got some tart and slightly sweet apple notes on top of the white base, which was also ok. Not a lot of pear to be found in this, which is a little disappointing. I wonder if I’d have noticed it more if I’d prepared this hot.

Lastly, even though I didn’t request this because of the fandom aspect I suppose I should acknowledge it given that’s sort of Adagio’s “thing”. I just don’t see how this one fits into a Storm Trooper! Nothing in the blend is something I would have picked for a Storm Trooper tea. Were they playing off the colour palate? ‘Cause if so, that’s a little lame…

Anyway, overall this was decent and enjoyable though I was let down a little bit. Would I order it again? Nope – but I think it’s worth trying. Thanks Cameron B.!

Flavors: Apple, Cucumber, Vegetal

Cameron B.

A lot of the fandom creators are lame and go off of color… Or off of the name of the tea. Slackers!

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drank Cola Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
1991 tasting notes

Ok! Pizza order has been placed, and I just finished tweaking my Tumblr theme so time to get started on backlog and do some tea drinking. Ooh, here’s my pretty updated Tumblr for those on Steepster who use Tumblr: http://guyfierithirdandfinalantichrist.tumblr.com/

BEWARE: I have autoplay now :3

Anyway, this was added to vanilla milk! I’m not sure what I was thinking: Vanilla Cola, I guess. But tea frens’ this was bad. REALLY REALLY bad. It was so incredibly sweet; I felt like I took a swig and instantly had diabetes. And it tasted super fake and chemical-y too; so it was dumped.

Wah wah wah. What a shame.

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drank Pear Oolong by Tealeaves
1991 tasting notes

Sipdown (131/138)!

Last tea of the night! I’m ending on a sipdown from my swap with Cameron B. I must have really been in a pear mood when picking teas from her, because I chose three different pear teas! And, I know I was in a pear mood today too because this is the second pear tea for the day, I’m cold brewing a pear tea for tomorrow, and I pulled another pear tea from my cupboard to have later this week.

Mmm pears!

Somewhat disappointingly though, the pear is this tea is far too light for my tastes. If I didn’t already know this was a pear tea, I don’t think I’d be able to identify the flavour and that makes me kinda sad. However, it still has a very nice oolong base even if it is a really, really green oolong (I tend to like my oolong somewhat darker). The very faint floral notes compliment the light, sweet and generic fruitiness and the mildly vegetal base.

So overall this really isn’t bad; just very disappointing and not what I was hoping for. Kinda bittersweet to end the night on, but I’m still very happy I tried it (how would I know, otherwise?) and I do feel like I got a fair bit accomplished today in regard to doing stuff around the house, cooking, tea drinking/logging everything I drank, and updating social media and stuff like that!

I think I put my day off to good use!

Flavors: Flowers, Fruit Tree Flowers, Fruity, Vegetal

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Finally trying this one from the 52Teas order I made months ago. It’s the last one I had left to try, and I was really craving fruit tea tonight so it seemed perfect.

Dry this is definitely very, very sweet raspberry! It’s really borderline between candy and realistic raspberries too. It’s supposed to be like Raspberry Poptarts, right? I suppose that would make sense. Raspberry poptarts are like very sugared up raspberry jam infused biscuits. That’s a weird poptart description, but fuck it.

Steeped up; this is pretty damn good! It’s very flavourful and very raspberry, and I do get a glaze/icing vibe from it on top of the honey/hay notes in the base. Anything pastry/bread like is lost on me though. Oh well, it’s still quite tasty! I’m imagining it’d be good iced or cold brewed, so that’s probably how I’ll try it next time.

So concluding thoughts: I think this is yummy and really flavourful with a superb raspberry taste. Having never had Hindbaersnitter I can’t comment with certainty as to the accuracy of the flavour, but I can vaguely see the comparison to Raspberry Poptarts. I think I will happily finish off the rest of the pouch, but if this were to be reblended (and assuming it would taste the same) would I get it again? Probably not; I think I could find better raspberry white tea for a better price, given that a pouch if this is only an ounce of tea.

Still, I’m happy drinking it right now! Thanks Marzipan for suggesting this one to Frank!

Flavors: Raspberry

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So this was the tea that I was craving primarily which inspired me to do one last round of tea for the evening; it was something about the oolong base and the over the top juicy lychee that made me just need to have it, and NOW!

So of course it’s perfect and hitting the spot. I was a little torn between drinking it hot or drinking it cold because both are so very good. So…

I did both. I had half the cup hot, and then half the cup ice cold and it couldn’t have been more perfect if I tried. Lychee perfection! Can you marry a cup of tea? No? Damn.


This made me decide to have a cup of this

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Sipdown (132/139)!

I cheated. Oops.

I actually have/had two more teabags of this one, but they were really, really mangled and I’m pretty sick of this one so I decided it was better to just toss them out. I felt bad at first, but now not so much. Tonight this is really sweet but otherwise the “same ol’ same ’ol”. I guess that’s a nice enough way to part with this blend.

Anyway, it’ll be bedtime soon but I wanted to do one last round of teas and get a couple sipdown in, and satisfy some cravings I was having! I ended up pulling way more stuff from my closet/cupboard than I can possibly have tonight, so looks like I have a nearly overwhelming line up of choices to go through this weekend. Welp.

While drinking my evening/bed time teas I decided to update websites and stuff! So, now I have a new theme on Tumblr that links up to my Homestuck rewrites (does anyone here on Steepster read Homestuck? That’d be awesome!) and my new tea blog with an updated little blurb about myself since I retook the Homestuck title test (you can tell how I’ve changed in nearly a year because I went from being a Page of Hope to a Knight of Doom), and updated my Steepster profile picture and linked my Tumblr into my description! Hooray!

It’s weird because they were all really simple changes, but it feels like a really nice clean start. I didn’t realize I was stressed before and I’m still not sure what I was really stressed about, but after I finished updating everything I felt a huge release of tension. I guess I was holding on to past aspects of myself that are no longer accurate?

Lesson of the day: Sometimes change is really good.


What is Homestuck? (obviously, I don’t read it, since I have no clue what it is.)

It’s good to hear you’ve released that stress you didn’t realize you had until it was gone. That makes for a better night’s sleep and a better tomorrow!


This note is cathartic. I’ve been holding onto stress like that and I can’t let it go. Maybe I should just give in and do all the stuff that I’ve been putting off for years…

Roswell Strange

Homestuck is a web comic! It’s very, very long. In fact, it’s the longest web comic ever written and the third longest piece of literature in the English language (and it is not complete yet).http://fictionalellie.tumblr.com/post/69658278317/so-homestuck-is-1-142-913-words-the-longest-book And here’s a link to the comic: http://www.mspaintadventures.com/


Interesting. I will have to spend some time with that and check it out.

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After discovering loose leaf, I decided I had to learn as much about in as quick an amount of time as humanely possible; that led me here!

Growing up, the only tea I ever drank was bagged mint tea (especially peppermint), and mint still remains a staple flavour for me. Spearmint is my favourite. At this point in my ‘tea career’ I heavily lean towards flavoured blends; doesn’t matter if they’re fruity, chocolate, sweet, savory, etc. Blacks are my favourite as far as flavoured blends go, with whites a close second. I really enjoy everything but straight Greens though, but I’ll try anything once even if I am wary.

My favourite fruit flavours in blends are cranberry, banana, pear, lychee, melon, passion fruit and especially pineapple. I am also always excited to try anything with Saskatoon Berries, which are delicious and also my city’s namesake. I have a huge weakness towards toffee/caramel and coconut teas and a bit of a soft spot in regard to black licorice. I also adore anything creamy. I am always up for trying soda inspired blends as well because the concept fascinates me. I want to try all the Rootbeer teas! I am also currently trying to try as many Sweet Potato blends as possible.

Tastes I strongly dislike are ginger and raisins. Really, those are the only two things I intentionally avoid. I also have mixed feelings about peaches, mangoes, lemongrass, and chamomile.

In regard to straight teas, I haven’t been nearly as adventurous. I’ve yet to really explore any straight oolongs, except Milk Oolongs which weren’t really for me. In general, I really like straight black teas, especially when they have strong baked bread or malt notes. I like most straight whites, but I have a preference for silver needle teas over other types. Green teas, with the exception of Genmaicha and some Hojicha, make me feel a bit sick and I often can’t finish the cup. I can handle flavoured matcha like Red Leaf Tea sells – but straight matcha is a definite “no go”. I recently survived my first Pu’erh, and it was an alright, maybe borderline enjoyable, experience.

The ratio of cold brewed and hot tea I drink is about 50/50. As far as my cup sizes go, all my daily cold brews are done in a 25 oz. mason jar and my other mugs are 12 oz. with the exception of my Adeline infuser mug which is 16 oz. Unless otherwise specified, these are the cup sizes for all teas I review.

I prefer to drink my tea without adding anything to it, and 9/10 times that will be how I first try a blend. My belief is that milk, sugar or whatever else you add to your tea should be used to enhance an already good flavour: if the tea needs something added to it to taste good then it’s probably not good tea to begin with. The exception is Matcha; I always have my matcha whisked either into cold milk or club soda as “Matcha soda” depending on which way the flavour will be best suited. My roommate, Tre, has a very different philosophy in regard to tea, and that’s to always drown out his cup in sugar – even before tasting to see if it needs any. That’s why I don’t let him drink the good stuff ;)

I’m always up for a swap, but because I have a very low income I can’t really afford to send things outside of North America on a regular basis :(

If you’re from North America and want to organize a swap, just give me a shout and I’m sure we can work something out! Many of my teas are in large quantity so I usually have enough to spare at least a small sample or so.

I’m a vegetarian and have been for more than half my lifetime. I also have a severe allergy to mushrooms, though that isn’t something that has been an issue I’ve had to deal with in regard to tea (at this point, at least).

My roommate Tre is a huge part of my life since he’s one of the only people in town that I know. Currently, he’s taking courses at Siast to become a professional chef which means sometimes I get really nice home cooked meals. He’s a huge Whovian, which means I know way more about Doctor Who than someone who’s only watched a season or so should. Recently he’s got me into Supernatural, and now Doctor Who as well. He knows next to nothing about tea, and he doesn’t really care to learn.

The other important person in my life is my friend Robyn.

I’ve known Robyn since we were in the eighth grade – and she was in all my classes all through high school. For years she was my transportation, since I’m just plain awful at driving and haven’t acquired my license yet. She just so happened to start classes at the University of Saskatchewan the same time as Tre and I were moving here, which worked out excellently. Like Tre she’s a huge Whovian and also a fan of Supernatural (is there even a fandom term for people who like Supernatural?). She was a minor inspiration in regard to this tea obsession of mine (but now I’ve far surpassed her in tea knowledge, consumption, and quantity possessed). Often times I have her over for tea or share my teas with her (and if it’s a tea I dislike she gets first dibs before I start trying to swap it all away here on Steepster).

Some brief “IRL” interests: Clay/Sculpture (or visual arts in general), Improv, Mythology, Big Brother (USA and CA), and an absurdly large amount of TV shows – geeky or otherwise.


Saskatoon, SK, Canada



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