1991 Tasting Notes


Watching The Voice with Tre and eating/drinking some yummy tea things; I’ve got a tiny list of back logged notes from throughout last week to get through, so why not try and pluck away at that while we watch? Yay productivity!

This was a cold brew, continuing with the idea of trying all the Hobbit teas cold brewed and hot at least once. I didn’t expect to like this one; even though there were good ingredients like sweet potato and chocolate there’s also too much spice and stuff but it was ok. Just ok, but ok is better than not ok. It was a little muddled; there were chocolate notes and nondescript Chai spice notes. Overall I mildly got the impression of gingerbread.

I hope it’ll be better hot; there was a lot of stuff in this that I felt I was missing out on that I was sorta looking forward to – Sweet Potato, and the mate. Hmmm…

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drank Caramel Corn by DAVIDsTEA
1991 tasting notes

Big Brother Spoilers:

Well, Derrick won and Donny got America’s Favourite Player (with second and third runners up being Zach and Nicole; the BB16 Holy Trinity of fan favourites) so ALL IS RIGHT IN THE BIG BROTHER WORLD! Fun Fact: Donny technically won more money than second place winner Cody because Cody only got the 50K second place prize – Donny won the 25K AFP prize, 15K for Team America, and received his 14K Jury stipend (first and second place don’t receive their stipend).

But more importantly; the guy who watched ALL of his friends in the house systematically get evicted until he was completely isolated and alone and who felt like no one liked him despite being probably the kindest player ever got to hear on National television that out of a record breaking 10 Million plus AFP votes, he won by over 5 million. Donny got to hear just how adored and cherished he really is!

Slay Donny, slay.

But yeah, uhh, tea and stuff? I honestly think this was the perfect tea for the moment: Popcorn and a show – right? Kinda works as a theme. And, after doing a round of three black teas something caffeine free was absolutely necessary. I did think it was going to be sipping this one down though: I misjudged how much I had left.

That said, I’m so glad I’m not sipping it down because it’s phenomenal and as much as I want to decrease my cupboard size I also want to get in as many tasty cups of this sweet, accurate caramel popcorn tea as possible! Delicious!

I really need to sit down and make my BBCAN 3 Audition tape: I’ve figured out most of what I want to say, but I need to actually sit down and record it. That means finding a video camera, though…

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Sipdown (114)!

So, finishing this one off tonight while watching the Big Brother finale! So excited to see how everything plays out! Honestly, I think Derrick is the only contestant who deserves to win so fingers crossed he does – but it’s been a decent season overall.

This cup has some differences to the first one I had; firstly the strawberry isn’t nearly as robust and overwhelming as it was last time. I don’t know, maybe I just wound up with some really large strawberry chunks last time that pushed that flavour. This time around it’s still present but a lot more equal and balanced with the chocolate. And speaking of the chocolate; it is coming across very cake like, and rather dark too! But not “bitter” dark, like some chocolate is. So I’m absolutely understanding the cupcake part of this tea more so with this cup. As for the espresso, it’s there but much milder and hidden. I think it’s just making the chocolate richer.

I should note; I did the first half of this straight but then I had the second half with milk just to see what the difference would be. Overall, the milk just made everything silkier, and I think tempered the strawberry even further. But it didn’t feel like it was detracting anything.

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Love this blend. Love it.

I definitely didn’t have to worry I was being too generous with my rating for this when I first had this; it’s amazing and very deserving of such a high rating. In fact, I’m gonna bump it a little higher!

Pineapple, Coconut, Toffee, Butter, Caramel.

It’s so tropical and nummy!


put on my wishlist

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Sipdown (115)!

Well, my McQuarrie’s order came in this morning which was perfect because I had time to put together a little something for some of the people I swap with more frequently! Lets just say I’m doing some “reverse” trick or treating this year! Halloween is my favourite holiday ever!.

It’s sorta sad that I placed an online order with my local loose leaf tea shop; but right now our city has no transit service so I would have had to walk a very long distance to the store or take a $20 taxi ride there and another back – and local delivery within the city is only $2.00 so it was way more cost efficient to do it this way, despite how silly it felt. I mean, even if buses were running, bus fare is $3.10 so…

I bought 100g of this to use for tea packages, and after measuring everything out for everyone I ended up with just enough leaf left for one cup for myself! So hooray for that? I maybe could have waited until closer to Halloween to have it, but why not do it now? If I’m gonna send it to a bunch of people I should try it right?

Honestly, I think this is pretty average. You can tell the black base isn’t the best quality and it got fairly bitter by the end of the mug (tea dregs sitting at the bottom, I think) but overall it’s the sorta “gimmick” thing it has going on that made me pick it to give out. I mean, it’s your sorta standard “pumpkin” tea for fall but the name and cute little ghost sprinkles make it more definitively Halloween than fall.

Speaking of; other than the black base being a bit bitter I could taste apple in the flavour as well as some Chai like spices – mostly cinnamon. There was some other fruit stuff going on; like an “orange peel” or zest sort of taste, and maybe pumpkin? There’s hibiscus in this, but not in any of the leaf I ended up with for my mug and, honestly, I saw very little of it in the whole 100g bag so I wasn’t shocked I couldn’t taste any.

Hopefully everyone finds this to be pretty decent!


Ghost sprinkles?!

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Sipdown (116)!

Kind of a cheat sipdown, the last two cups or so worth of leaf are going to a friend who doesn’t order tea online so that she can try something new and expand her palate a little more.

Personally, after a really negative last experience with this one cold brewed, I decided it needed to be given one more chance hot so I could end the experience in a much more enjoyable way and leave things with a fond memory. Steeping this, I dropped the steep temp very low; from my sorta typical/standard 170 to 180 degree water to 160 degree water, and I think that made a huge difference because this was so, so much better.

The caramel really came through and the apple was light and buttery without any weird bitterness – and for the first time since my first time having this (the original blend, not the reblend) I couldn’t taste any weird banana flavour and that made the sweet softness of this so much better because it was so much simpler. Sometimes; less is more. However, there’s only room for one caramel apple oolong in my heart and that spot has been snatched up by Butiki; their blend is gonna be available far more consistently, and I think was just better overall. Very happy I decided to do one more hot cup and not end things on that super icky cold brew though!

Now I have a more positive way to remember this one by.

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drank Bubble Tea by Custom
1991 tasting notes

I ordered lunch to be delivered to my house today; and I got a really big meal so now I have a ton of leftovers and wont have to do any cooking for a while.

I ended up getting stuff from the same restaurant as last time; Nellie’s Kitchen. I had been less than impressed with their food, but their bubble tea was the best bubble tea I’ve ever had so even though the meal wasn’t super awesome, it still wound up being worth ordering just to get another bubble tea. Man; if their delivery fee wasn’t so steep I’d order bubble tea ALL THE DAMN TIME.

This time I got Strawberry because, even though Honeydew was awesome, I wanted to try something else. Watermelon was a high contender – but I did a melon tea last time, so I switched things up. I’d have loved to have gone with Pineapple but I think my expectations for pineapple bubble tea would just be impossibly high.

This was delicious though! It was exactly like a Strawberry Milkshake in taste (actually Red Leaf’s Strawberry & Cream Matcha tasted exactly like this) but without a milkshake texture – and probably slightly healthier. I’d totally drink it again, but overall Honeydew was better because it just seemed more “unusual” and uncommon. Strawberry, while amazing tasting, almost seemed like the most plain/average choice. The “vanilla ice cream” of bubble tea, if you will.

And totally getting used to the weird gelatin balls/cubes!


I love leftovers.


So envious of your Bubble Tea. I haven’t had a good one recently, everywhere that makes them near me freezes their tapioca pearls and it makes the texture weird.

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Sipdown (117)!

Well Banana Tea Chocolate Cream, we had a really good run didn’t we?

I sipped down the last of this delicious fruit blend this afternoon to balance out some caffeinated teas I was having; it was really good! Very heavy and the banana in a really sweet and creamy way, and then accented by the chocolate. I could taste the papaya too; turns out a lot of it had been at the bottom of the tin.

Speaking of, I cleaned the tin out and now it’s in the kitchen airing out. This one really has a distinct smell so I want to wait a while before putting anything in the tin again so there’s no flavour contamination. Damage control, you know?

Not ruling out restocking; but if I do it wont be for some time – this is in-affordable to keep on hand constantly. I’ve burnt through a lot of it since moving especially since I was using it in cookie batter for a while…


how long do you tend to let things air out? Do you rinse them with soap or just water? Last time I tried to wash my tea tins, they ended up rusting…

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Don’t know how it happened, but somehow this ended up being the Hobbit tea I was most excited about. I mean, it’s all green tea – but I guess green tea I can get behind? I mean, roasty Hojicha and then vanilla/apricot? Yes please. Plus, I think it’s the only blend that doesn’t have spices of some sort in it.

So this was my morning cold brew today! I spent all morning drinking it while I put together some awesome Halloween packages for my Tea Friends. Actually, assembling everything took much longer than I thought it would (so worth it, though); but I’m all done now with one exception. I’m still waiting to hear back with the address for one more person. No pressure. After that I can mail things out!

This was pretty good cold brewed; the Hojicha and vanilla absolutely were the most present/noticable things and were very smooth and thirst quenching. I with they had been a little more noticeable, though. As for the apricot? Totally absent, which was disappointing; that would have added perfectly to the taste, and captured Thranduil’s dramatic/flamboyant flare so perfectly.

I love Thranduil. Everytime I see him I just picture this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJmHPprVBnw Those two might as well be one and the same. I mean, they’re both highly disappointed in their sons and long, pale blonde haired “Kings” with a dramatic flair. Perf. But also, Lee Pace is a BAMF.

So this worked for the character and was good, but just a tiny bit disappointing. I am excited to try it hot though because I think this is just more suited to that format in general – so I’m retaining the same high hopes I had initially for this prep method.

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I always crack up when I read the “flavours” of this “tea” – I try to picture one tea with all those flavours, and wouldn’t that just be the grossest thing ever? … Or maybe the best?

So while I was at my Aunt’s she made this very nice home cooked meal for us; it’s a big deal for me since, despite living with a chef, I don’t get home cooked meals anymore since moving out on my own. I mean, I cook – but from boxes and stuff. She uses actual fresh fruits and vegetables (some from her own garden) and does stuff from scratch.

So we had steamed green beans and corn on the cob with Vegan apple crisp & almond milk for dessert. She made stuffed Portobellos too in an effort to be concious of my being a Vegetarian, but forgot about my mushroom allergy so I had to politely decline those. And then, to go along with everything we had green tea – from a super nice, Bone China teapot. I’m like 90% sure the tea was Tetley since that’s her bagged tea brand of choice, but since I don’t know for sure I’m putting it here.

I didn’t really enjoy the tea, honestly – and not just ’cause it was straight Green tea. More so, the problem for me was that she steeped it a boiling temperature for an extended period of time so it was very bitter and scalded. But I so appreciated the gesture/effort and the beautiful teaware. And the meal was very nice, though not super filling.

…So, when I got home a couple hours later I ordered in food with Tre, though apparently I made a bad meal choice because I got stuffed Zucchini and, like the mature young adults we are, we couldn’t stop giggling over how phallic everything was when we were eating it. I am so ashamed to say that I have now deep throated a zucchini. After that we just watched The Voice and sorta hung out for a while; it was nice. There may have been a tickle fight, and I may have inadvertently kicked him in the jaw. But it was still nice.


LOL on the flavors…I’ve had the same thought before!


Sounds like a lovely dinner!

Roswell Strange

The formal sit down one or the zucchini blowjobs?


The former, fo sho, but I’m also a zucchini fan haha.


While in Montreal, I learned that there is actually a drink called a blowjob that comes in a highball glass completely covered in whipped cream. You have to lick the whipped cream off and then down the drink using only your mouth to lift the glass…it is the epitome of class :P. Having see that, I do not judge your zucchini eating.

The sit down dinner sounds lovely though. If you ever come visit me/move to Toronto, I can cook for you. I lived with a vegan so I am well versed in the ways of making vegetarian foods :). Also, I know tasty restaurants to take you to

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After discovering loose leaf, I decided I had to learn as much about in as quick an amount of time as humanely possible; that led me here!

Growing up, the only tea I ever drank was bagged mint tea (especially peppermint), and mint still remains a staple flavour for me. Spearmint is my favourite. At this point in my ‘tea career’ I heavily lean towards flavoured blends; doesn’t matter if they’re fruity, chocolate, sweet, savory, etc. Blacks are my favourite as far as flavoured blends go, with whites a close second. I really enjoy everything but straight Greens though, but I’ll try anything once even if I am wary.

My favourite fruit flavours in blends are cranberry, banana, pear, lychee, melon, passion fruit and especially pineapple. I am also always excited to try anything with Saskatoon Berries, which are delicious and also my city’s namesake. I have a huge weakness towards toffee/caramel and coconut teas and a bit of a soft spot in regard to black licorice. I also adore anything creamy. I am always up for trying soda inspired blends as well because the concept fascinates me. I want to try all the Rootbeer teas! I am also currently trying to try as many Sweet Potato blends as possible.

Tastes I strongly dislike are ginger and raisins. Really, those are the only two things I intentionally avoid. I also have mixed feelings about peaches, mangoes, lemongrass, and chamomile.

In regard to straight teas, I haven’t been nearly as adventurous. I’ve yet to really explore any straight oolongs, except Milk Oolongs which weren’t really for me. In general, I really like straight black teas, especially when they have strong baked bread or malt notes. I like most straight whites, but I have a preference for silver needle teas over other types. Green teas, with the exception of Genmaicha and some Hojicha, make me feel a bit sick and I often can’t finish the cup. I can handle flavoured matcha like Red Leaf Tea sells – but straight matcha is a definite “no go”. I recently survived my first Pu’erh, and it was an alright, maybe borderline enjoyable, experience.

The ratio of cold brewed and hot tea I drink is about 50/50. As far as my cup sizes go, all my daily cold brews are done in a 25 oz. mason jar and my other mugs are 12 oz. with the exception of my Adeline infuser mug which is 16 oz. Unless otherwise specified, these are the cup sizes for all teas I review.

I prefer to drink my tea without adding anything to it, and 9/10 times that will be how I first try a blend. My belief is that milk, sugar or whatever else you add to your tea should be used to enhance an already good flavour: if the tea needs something added to it to taste good then it’s probably not good tea to begin with. The exception is Matcha; I always have my matcha whisked either into cold milk or club soda as “Matcha soda” depending on which way the flavour will be best suited. My roommate, Tre, has a very different philosophy in regard to tea, and that’s to always drown out his cup in sugar – even before tasting to see if it needs any. That’s why I don’t let him drink the good stuff ;)

I’m always up for a swap, but because I have a very low income I can’t really afford to send things outside of North America on a regular basis :(

If you’re from North America and want to organize a swap, just give me a shout and I’m sure we can work something out! Many of my teas are in large quantity so I usually have enough to spare at least a small sample or so.

I’m a vegetarian and have been for more than half my lifetime. I also have a severe allergy to mushrooms, though that isn’t something that has been an issue I’ve had to deal with in regard to tea (at this point, at least).

My roommate Tre is a huge part of my life since he’s one of the only people in town that I know. Currently, he’s taking courses at Siast to become a professional chef which means sometimes I get really nice home cooked meals. He’s a huge Whovian, which means I know way more about Doctor Who than someone who’s only watched a season or so should. Recently he’s got me into Supernatural, and now Doctor Who as well. He knows next to nothing about tea, and he doesn’t really care to learn.

The other important person in my life is my friend Robyn.

I’ve known Robyn since we were in the eighth grade – and she was in all my classes all through high school. For years she was my transportation, since I’m just plain awful at driving and haven’t acquired my license yet. She just so happened to start classes at the University of Saskatchewan the same time as Tre and I were moving here, which worked out excellently. Like Tre she’s a huge Whovian and also a fan of Supernatural (is there even a fandom term for people who like Supernatural?). She was a minor inspiration in regard to this tea obsession of mine (but now I’ve far surpassed her in tea knowledge, consumption, and quantity possessed). Often times I have her over for tea or share my teas with her (and if it’s a tea I dislike she gets first dibs before I start trying to swap it all away here on Steepster).

Some brief “IRL” interests: Clay/Sculpture (or visual arts in general), Improv, Mythology, Big Brother (USA and CA), and an absurdly large amount of TV shows – geeky or otherwise.


Saskatoon, SK, Canada



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