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28 Tasting Notes

drank S'mores Chai by 52teas
28 tasting notes

I was excited about this tea. How could it get better? S’mores AND chai!

First steeping is a bit disappointing. Nothing terrible. Nothing outstanding. I would drink it, probably make a good morning tea.

Now to add some milk and sugar… nothing spectacular. Hope I find the right mix since I bought two bags.

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I simply adore this tea. I’m from The Pancake Hub of the Universe (not kidding – www.pancakeday.net) so of course, I had to make this purchase as soon as I saw it online.

It is a perfect morning tea. It’s strong but not overwhelming and the taste surpasses the aroma, which is a bit mapeley for my taste. The tea tastes like pancakes. I don’t know how else to explain it but it is buttery and velvety and worthy of hearty breakfast meal, although I generally am just enjoying mine solo.

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This tea is fine. Nothing spectacular. Nothing is really needed to the dark, dark colored tea to make it palatable, but I did add a scootch of raw sugar. This tea is fine to carry in your purse and make your own tea at the gas station when you stop with your own mug and their hot water. Maybe one of those flavored shots of creamer would help it.

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I am enjoying this for the first time. It’s a beautiful dark cola color with enough of it’s own sweetness to need none added. I love that in a tea. I’m sitting in a coffee shop in a town I’ve not been to in years, in fact, last time I was here this was new. It’s a thrill to see it thriving and offering decent, albeit not loose-leaf, tea. This would be a great tea to carry in my bag for the road as the light flavor needs nothing added. It is not a strong tea and I don’t know if I just didn’t steep in long enough or it is simply mild. Regardless, it is a pleasant afternoon tea.

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My but it has been too, too long, my friends. I’m enjoying a steaming mug of this delightful tea and trying not to be a bit sad that the amount in the tin is dwindling. I’m heading to Asia in Feb and trying to enjoy all the teas I currently have instead of purchasing more so I can purchase more treasures overseas.

Anyway, after reading my previous post on this tea I know that the oiliness in my tea is just the amazing quality of our local water. I use a Brita filter but that is apparently not enough to provide me with high quality water. Sigh.

I love this tea regardless. It is a wonderful way to start my morning as I head to the office to face the barrage of emails and meetings. Thank you Adagio for a caffeinated version of peppermint tea!

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I just adore this tea, I really do. I want much more but have committed to a non-tea-purchase time. Hope I can find some around when I’m free to buy again.

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Today I’m drinking straight up tea, nothing added. Although a bit of sugar would be nice, it’s not needed.

Something is off with this cuppa this morning. Not sure. I drink this often and it still smells delightful with the chocolate and spicey blends wafting up from the cup. However, I think my vanilla lip gloss has messed with the taste and it’s a bit disappointing. Good to note. No more lip gloss before my first cuppa the day.

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drank Maple Bacon by Man Teas
28 tasting notes

I’m nervous about this one. I’ve had it on the shelf for a month and am just getting the nerve to try it. I’ve since seen 52teas come out with a couple of other bacon teas that I’d rather try than this one but this is the one I have so taste I shall.

I opted to brew it per directions and not look at anyone else’s comments. I’m currently sitting in my chilly house with the sun sparkling off the snow outside and the warmth of the cup filled with hot tea is calming and encouraging me to take a whiff and dive right into the tea. I mean, I love tea. I love bacon. Why NOT combine the two?

Alrighty then. The aroma is bacony and reminds me of that yummy summer salad with the bacon, peas and maybe mayo? I really like that salad and admit to trying to get as much bacon on the serving spoon as possible when I scoop it onto my plate.

When I measured out the tea I could see the bacon that was promised to be inside. That is always a good sign. I think that the steeped tea smells better than the loose tea. The steeped leaves are less strong than the loose tea as well and I find that encouraging since I think the loose tea is a might bit strong.

Enough typing. Time to take a sip.

It tastes like bacon. After a couple of sips I don’t taste a lot of maple, which is ok with me as I was hoping for only a hint. My mind is flying at the ways that I could cook with this tea as opposed to drinking it. I think it would be great as the water for a wildrice dish. I’m so going to try that next week! Yummy!

For a midday cuppa I’m not so sure I’ll do it again unless someone else is here and wants to try it. I just don’t know that milk or sugar would be good with it either. It’s not a bad tea, mind you, just not my first choice. It’s so different, maybe it takes some getting used to?

Now to read what others wrote and see how they are drinking this one. I think I’ll much prefer cooking with it though than drinking it as a cuppa.

UPDATE: didn’t think I’d written this much to begin with so I’ll be brief. After reading other’s comments I added a bit of sugar and it’s amazing how it brings out the maple flavor. It doesn’t make the tea sweet really, just more full-flavored.

with milk and sugar it is just delightful and I can see how delicious it would be with breakfast food. Well, now I’m hungry, so I’m off to fix some lunch!

UPDATE: I brewed up a bit of this and cooked my wild rice in it for a dish and it didn’t seem to add much flavor. Maybe I need to make the tea stronger. I’m not one to cook often with tea. Anyone have suggestions?

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This is my fave tea from 52 teas thus far. (I haven’t been brave enough to try the maple bacon but it is sitting on my counter just waiting patiently for me.)

This is a lovely green tea with such a smooth, creamy flavor with a delightfully refreshing taste of mint. I made a pot for a friend and I this morning and I don’t think she liked it much as she only had one cup (I had at least 5, but they were from the traditional tea cup, not a big ol’ mug). This may be one of my new faves.

Sorry, time to head back to the office with a cuppa this delightfulness to go!

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This looks sooo good! Gotta try it!:)


It is such a wonderful tea, really refreshing and calming, I think.

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Wow, I think this smell is way to potent for me first thing in the morning. Going to have to stick to an afternoon cuppa with this tea. Although, I’m having a friend over to talk about her trip to Pakistan later, maybe of all the choices, this will be her pick?

I used to have a Dr. Pepper for breakfast, however, nowadays I need a bit of time after I crawl out of bed before ingesting that sugary goodness of pop. I think it’s the same way with this tea. Tastes a bit too much like Coke for my early morning (OK, it’s after 7am but I think anything before 9 is early.) Sorry I can’t give a very clear description – not awake yet. Will try again some afternoon.

UPDATE: I have to say that this tea is growing on me. I like it more each time I have it. I have also found that when the smell is too strong for me in the mornings, I just put it into my travel mug and I have little aroma, just enough to highlight the tea.

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I started drinking tea when I first went to Japan in ‘95. It’s been a delightful addiction ever since. I love sitting around a pot of tea reading a book or catching up with friends.

After living in East Africa the past two years working in community development, fair trade is incredibly important to me and I’m always looking for stellar fair trade teas and products.


Southwest Kansas



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