278 Tasting Notes

drank Watermelon Mint by DAVIDsTEA
278 tasting notes

I had this earlier this evening. Needed something cold and refreshing after my workout and remembered that I had this cold brewing in the fridge.

I don’t usually like minty tea’s, but I had success with another mint tea, and thought I’d give this one a try when I read a different review stating it offered a coolness rather than a minty flavour.

I remember when I opened the packet it smelled strongly of bubble gum. When I took a sip, that’s exactly what it tasted like as well. Watermelon bubble gum. It does have that melon flavour, but it’s too artificial and candy-like for me. I’m glad I only got a pitcher packet of it. Not for me.


Yeah, I got the bubblegum taste as well especially after it sat in the fridge overnight. :(

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Normally when I have a cup of this I just sit back, relax and enjoy the bold malty deliciousness. In previous cups I have found that almost burnt toast flavour that gmathis had noted. I thought that this one will find a permanent place in my cupboard, it was just so good.

Today, I’m not feeling the love for this tea. It tastes a little stale and off, and it shouldn’t be stale since this is one of my newer tea’s. But I didn’t steep it as long as I normally would, so I’m not writing this one off just yet. Off flavour is probably user error.

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drank Traditional Yunnan by RiverTea
278 tasting notes

Good Morning and Hello!

Life got a little in the way, but I’m always around and back to writing tasting notes.

This morning’s cup comes courtesy of Dexter – thank you for sharing! It’s also a sipdown. The first cup of this I had reminded strongly of sweet straw/hay and farms. The descriptions talks of tobacco but I didn’t pick up any of that, but I did enjoy what I got. The second (sipdown) cup I used more leaf only because I what I had left over wouldn’t have made a decent cup so I just used up the lot. The second cup brewed to a beautiful deep reddish-brown colour. It was malty, delicious, and yes, this time I found those tobacco notes.

It’s a beautiful day, and I’ll tackling the weeds that are taking over my yard :(

Terri HarpLady

I need to do that! Yesterday I got the annual official letter from the city, informing me that I’m in violation of the ‘code’, LOL. I’d rather spend all of my time in the backyard, in my garden, so my front yard occasionally gets out of control.


WOW!! You get notices!!! HOLY CRAP!! If the city actually went around to do that they would be all like “what’s goin’ on in your front yard…burn it and start again!!” Haha Like you, my backyard is my oasis, and I plan on developing ZEN.

Terri HarpLady

I always get a notice at least once a year. Whenever they send ‘the letter’, I have 7 days to get my yard in shape, or else I have to go to court & pay a fine. I’ll have my sons do the mowing & weed eating, but I don’t trust them in the flower beds, etc.

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drank Santa's Secret by DAVIDsTEA
278 tasting notes

I don’t like mint. Why I bought this, I don’t know. But I am surprised! This is pretty tasty. The candy cane’s make it fun. I added creamer and it just makes it so much better. But it doesn’t change my mind about trying mint in other tea’s. In this tea…it works.


This was one of my favorites from day 1 :)
And one of the few DT’s I still love!


+1 with whatshesaid, still yummy!


I’m surprised by how much I like it. I’ll get it again next holiday season, if they bring it back.

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drank Azteca Fire by Teavana
278 tasting notes

I wish I had read some tasting notes prior to brewing this up, because I saw some hints that might have made this better.

The first cup I had was murky brown with an oil slick on the surface. I took a sip without added anything, but it was too watery. Added creamer, which made it marginally better, but not a lot. I decided to overleaf and over-steep for the second cup in an effort to pull out some flavour. It was still quite weak and watery, but also I picked up on the apple notes, which for me didn’t really go with the blend.

Sipdowns accomplished. And that’s it for the flavoured tea’s for the rest of the evening.


I had this blended with another Teavana tea and it wasn’t bad…maybe some type of chocolate chai?


I saw other posts where they mixed it with another tea to give it more body. Unfortunately I saw those notes too late.

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drank Pu-erh Cocoa-spice by Tealux
278 tasting notes

I don’t very often reach for flavoured tea’s anymore, my preference leans more toward tea straight up. But every once in a while I get a craving, so I do keep some around for when I want to change things up.

A couple of days ago I reorganized my tea cupboard, I came across an envelope that smelled sweet and very chocolaty. I found this sample inside along with another chocolate tea, that I received from JustJames a long time ago. Today I’m going to aim to sip down both samples.

This tea was the perfect choice for a miserable chilly, rainy day/week. It feels like warm weather is never gonna get here. The cocoa takes a back seat…it’s more in the aroma than in the flavour. I steeped it too long, but I thought it tasted ok. The heat from the chili was pretty prominent…and that I really liked that. But I love spicy food. There was a bit earthiness in the taste, but not so much that it bothered me.

I’m on my second cup, and when I’m done, that’ll be one of two done. Thanks JustJames for the sample!


Sounds tasty!


It doesn’t have the greatest reviews, but I like it. Seems to be cool weather tea.


I like pu-erh with ice-creamy flavors (chocolate, coconut, strawberry, etc.) Never thought about spice—but I can see how it would work!

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I did NOT want to be the first to review this tea…mostly because my notes are short and to the point, without a lot of descriptors. This will probably be the same…my apologies to Joseph Wesley…"cos this deserves more than I can/will give.

I will start off this note by stating I am not a Darjeeling sipper. This sample that I received from Joseph Wesley may just change that! I haven’t thoroughly explored the realm of darjeeling’s because I thought I didn’t like them…that muscatel thing. Of the very few I’ve tried it had this fruit note that just did not please my palate.

Well, I have to say, I think I get now why people love darjeelings. This is not like any Darjeeling I have tasted (so few that my comparison is laughable). The prominent note was spice, followed up by floral (very mild) and finally fruit (can’t pinpoint) but not like the usual muscatel that you find in Darjeeling. Mouthfeel was fairly light making it an excellent choice for an afternoon tea. I didn’t brew it in my usual glass mug, but I recall the liquor being clear coppery reddish.

This Darjeeling really changed my mind…I think that spicy note got me! Thank you Mr. Wesley for introducing me to quality Darjeeling…I wouldn’t have tried it otherwise, but next time I order, I would definitely put this in the cart.

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My first tea of the day, and on my second steep. It is sunny, but a little chilly, and I knew this tea would warm me up. Sweet and a bit smoky. This has tea has heft and body, but smooth. I’m taking my time with this second cup, ‘cos I’m procrastinating on the yard work I have to do.

Michelle Butler Hallett

Such a good blend.


I’ve been neglecting the double knit, but I’m sure I’ll have anxiety attacks if it’s not in my cupboard. I’ve got enough for 2 cups…hoarding situation….!!!

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I had this earlier this morning, so I hope I am remembering how it tasted. I recall that it tasted it quite bready and malty, with a bit of tobacco in the aftertaste. I didn’t fine the chocolate notes, nor did I find this bitter. I also recall as the cup cooled, I found some muscatel notes coming through.

I found it to be enjoyable, and I wouldn’t turn it down if offered to me. Thank you Dexter3657 for the sample!

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My tea journey started in 2012, when a friend gifted me some loose leaf. I guess she thought I was drinking too much coffee. Blown away by the amazing flavours I immediately embraced the loose leaf tea. I still drink coffee, but my main choice of beverage is now tea.

My tea preferences are blacks, pu’erhs, oolongs and greens.



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