278 Tasting Notes

This is a great morning tea. Thanks to Dexter3657 for sending me a sample.

I opened the sample bag and I got a waft of the smokiness. I thought from the dry leaf that the smoke would be really strong. I was delighted that while the smoke was evident in the sips, it wasn’t overbearing. I do like smoky tea’s but sometimes it’s too much. I didn’t add any sweeteners, and it was delicious.

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I found this to be light on spice and not much honey flavour. Oh, and a lot of woodiness in the flavour. Meh.

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It’s been a crazy couple of days, and I finally got a chance to just sit and relax, and let some if the stress go. This sweet honey tea is certainly helping to ease the tension.

This is a sad sipdown, but i am sure it will be back in my cupboard.

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drank Gingerbread by DAVIDsTEA
278 tasting notes

The idea of gingerbread anything makes my mouth water…sweet spicy goodness. I was really excited when I saw this as part of the holiday collection and thought I’d never have enough of it.

The first time I tried it a few months ago, I found it wanting, so I just put it aside for more favoured tea’s. I went back to it this morning, and found the same the thing. A little weak on flavour. I did find some effects of a ginger tingle in the aftertaste, but overall…meh.

When I was at Chapter’s picking up some books, stationary and other things, I found some mulling spice by the Spice Hunter on sale. Purchased it on a whim.

After finishing my meh gingerbread tea, I thought to myself, should I try this with mulling spice? Yes! Let’s see what happens. This is what the blend was missing…mulling spice (and a bit of maple syrup)! So much tastier.

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Having a big mug of this, and I probably will pay later on with the caffeine kick. But that’s ok. So good. I wanted something malty and strong, and it’s delivering.

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drank Jardin Bleu by Dammann Freres
278 tasting notes

This is a sample sipdown…thank you JustJames for sending me this tea.

The dry leaf aroma is quite fragrant, almost floral. I wouldn’t have guessed that this was a strawberry tea. I got a hint of the fruit up front, and a bit of tartness at the end of the sip. Sorry JustJames, this one was just ok for me. But I have a hard time with any type of tartness, no matter how delicate it is.

I do appreciate the samples that you sent…thank you!!

Roswell Strange

I don’t think it disappeared? I can see it right here – which is why I’m posting on it. ;)


You’re right!

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I got this delicious sample from Dexter3657. This is quite good, and I may consider a purchase of this if they have it at the tea festival. It brews up to a gorgeous garnet colour on the first steep. Less deep on the second steep. Whatever astringency is in the tea, I didn’t notice it, but I slurped this one back pretty fast. Also, I’m not always very good at picking up on various notes in a tea if I don’t pay attention.

I liked this one, and see this easily fitting in my morning tea routine.

Thank you Dexter!


:)) This isn’t my favorite from Capital Tea, but I’m glad that you like it. I really like almost everything I got from Capital Enjoy the tea festival – hope you pick up some great teas.


Whatever I pick up you know I’m gonna share, despite your ever expanding cupboard :)

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I’m on my second cup of this, and I like the second steep much better than the first. But then again, I slurped the first one back when it was still a little too hot. This second steep was silky smooth and sweet. This is really good.

I’m pretty impressed with Capital Tea’s and am looking forward to seeing them at the tea festival. I’ll have to try more of their tea’s before I go.

My thanks to Dexter3657 for introducing me to their teas :)


:)) I don’t think Capital Tea Ltd. gets as much attention as they deserve here. Glad you are enjoying their teas…


last year i didn’t get any at the tea festival and sort of regretted it. I’ll be looking forward to picking some up this year…THREE MORE DAYS! cough


Dexter…I agree, their tea’s are really good. Thanks for sharing!

Sil… I am afraid of the haul I’ll be coming home with. :)

Terri HarpLady

I wish I was going to the tea festival…sigh…


Terri…seriously. i looked in to going to the NY one in march as well…it’s a little expensive for rooms

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drank Chai Tea by Tetley
278 tasting notes

I got a few bags of this from my hairdresser several months ago. While visiting her I was going on and on about loose leaf tea and how much I loved it. She said, “I have this chai that’s really good. You gotta try it. Just boil it in some milk.” She pulled a bunch of these bags out and put them in a ziploc. I smiled politely and thanked her, thinking ‘hmmmmm’.

When I got home I put them aside and forgot about them. Until tonight. I wanted something easy to drink and not worry about ruining it.

I threw two bags into my red sweater nordic mug and let it steep for about 4 or 5 minutes. I was surprised at how thick the brew looked after steeping. I added cream and maple syrup. I tentatively took my first sip. Hey! It’s not bad! Not something I’d reach for on a daily basis, but in a pinch, it would do.

The spice is light, but it’s there. I have four more bags which I’ll have no problem finishing.


Yah, we have this in the house too. And the vanilla. And a couple more. My partner likes to drink them at work, she’s not into loose leaf. If I make it,she drinks it, otherwise she likes the convenience of bags and not worrying about screwing it up.


Nice! Glad it turned out. I don’t think I’ve had this one. Or maybe I did. Who knows haha.

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drank Milk Oolong by Tao Tea Leaf
278 tasting notes

Just as the tea description says, as soon as I opened the bag the creamy, milky aroma was immediately apparent. I was sure I was in for a treat.

So far I’ve had 2 cups and about to go for a third. As the tea aroma suggested, the brews were sweet and creamy. But, I didn’t find this any more special than another milk oolong I had tried a while ago (which was far less expensive). It was good, but not outstanding.


I see the potential in milk oolongs, but still haven’t found one that is outstanding.


This is only my second milk oolong, so I don’t have a lot of comparison experience. I’ve read Mandala’s version is quite good.


I haven’t had theirs either but it’s been on my list. Maybe it’s the answer!


I hope so! My next order from them will definitely include some.


Mandala’s is very good.

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My tea journey started in 2012, when a friend gifted me some loose leaf. I guess she thought I was drinking too much coffee. Blown away by the amazing flavours I immediately embraced the loose leaf tea. I still drink coffee, but my main choice of beverage is now tea.

My tea preferences are blacks, pu’erhs, oolongs and greens.



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