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178 Tasting Notes

drank Honeydew Mate by DAVIDsTEA
178 tasting notes

I am on tea drinking mission, as I have many tea’s to sample and rate not only from swaps, but also from my own stash – so many that I have not yet logged on virtual cupboard.

This one came my from a swap with Aimee – that you so much!!

The first time I tried this tea, I held off rating it, because I didn’t pull the melon flavour from it. I don’t know what I did wrong the last time, but I know from personal habits, I sometimes don’t use enough leaf, and put in too much water. This time I intentionally used a smaller cup and added more leaf. Now I taste the melon.

As a hot beverage it is ok. I taste the melon, and a little bit of the bubble gum after taste that has been mentioned in other tasting notes.

I think this tea will probably shine iced or cold brewed which is my next mission for this tea.

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Thank you so much to Dexter3657 for this YUMMY tea!

I love coconut, cheesecake and honeybush! This is really creamy and very tasty! I love that bit of tang that cheesecake offers, and is also found in this tea. This is very easy, smooth slurping. YUM!

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Ohhhh, this is sooo good! My thanks to Dexter3657 for this tasty sample!! The first time I tried this, I had it without cream or sugar. I found it to be smooth and spicy.

I wanted to pull out the caramel flavour, so I decided to added a bit of cream and sugar, and it took this tea from yum! to this is REALLY YUMMY AND DELICIOUS AND CARAMELY!!!.

With added cream and sweetener this pu’erh is OUTSTANDING! Sweet spicy caramel is very nicely balanced with the smoothness of this pu’erh. A lovely after dinner sweet treat!! Do I need to say it again? Yes! So GOOD!!!

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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drank Pu-erh Cocoa-spice by Tealux
178 tasting notes

I received this tea in a swap from JustJames…thank you!

The dry aroma is lightly earthy with a hint of spiced cocoa. I’m not usually of fan of tea’s with chocolate in them, I find them too watery. But I do like spicy tea’s.

The cocoa wasn’t too light or watery and was nicely balanced with the spices – the spices give this tea a light pleasant kick. The brewed aroma is warm, spicy cocoa. A delicious tea, that I’m glad I got to sample.


This sounds really interesting!


I have some of this that I haven’t tried yet, glad to hear you liked it. Will move it up my list to try.

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drank Bamboozled by DAVIDsTEA
178 tasting notes

This tea was quite tasty. I drank it hot, and what I got a juicy refreshing brew with a bit ‘green’ flavour to it. It was light, a bit acidic without being too tart and juicy.

If I ever get my tea stash down (my cupboard is not reflective of what I have), and I’d purchase this one again, and give it a go as a cold brew.

205 °F / 96 °C 7 min, 0 sec
Aimee Popovacki

lol when this first came out my friend and i walked along the waterfront and got really sunburnt… then we went to davids and sat in there drinking this till it closed, they ended up letting us finish the rest of their huge container of it… it was iced.. it was delish.. it made me buy a tin.. i think i’ve refilled the tin three times now?


I’ll definitely keep this one in mind for those hot/humid days of summer

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drank Fig Rose by Teavana
178 tasting notes

This is another tea that I would not have purchased on my own, without a specific request for it. Fig fruit on its own, to me does not have a strong flavour. Bland is how I would refer to fig. That being said, I really LOVE Fig Newtons – maybe because of the added pastry/cookie type component (and sugar).

As good Teavana employee’s do, they wafted the aroma to me, and I thought ‘Whoosh!!! That is very aromatic!’ I also thought to self, I will forward most of this to the requestor of this blend.

I kept a little bit, because I wanted to try it despite the aroma to me was not appealing. The aroma of this tea has nothing to do with taste. I’m not drinking a fig newton cookie, but I am definitely drinking a (sweet) flavoured fig tea, with a bite acid from the apple pieces. Really, surprisingly good!! I wish I had kept more of this sample!!

The dry aroma is a more than a little off-putting to me. But the brewed aroma is not as strong, and the flavour delicious!!

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drank Citrus Lavender Sage by Teavana
178 tasting notes

This is not a tea that I would have purchased on my own based on the ingredients. I would have thought of this one as tangy heavily leaning toward sour. Sage and lavender put to mind vision’s of relaxing spa’s. However, a member on Steepster wanted to try it, and they didn’t have easy access to Teavana, so I had no issues picking this one up for a tea swap. I figured it would be a new tea experience.

I am pleasantly surprised at how tasty this tea is!! The citrus is evident, but not overpoweringly tangy. I get a lovely herbaceous flavour – I guess that’s the sage. Not sure I taste lavender, but that’s ok…is delicious.

This tea can handle a second steeping very well. Flavours are still evident.

Aimee Popovacki

I liked this one… the sage made it pretty spicy.. and the teaspoon I used I think had a lot of lavender in it because it cooled the spicyness down… nice!


I was also pleasantly surprised with this one. I didn’t think this flavour combination would work, but it did.


I love this stuff, and will purchasing more. When I do I will forward some. Lala, if you want to sample more of it lemme know…


I just had this for the first time last night! I really loved how the sage worked with the citrus!

Aimee Popovacki

I am going to try this one iced today.. I’ve only made it hot and love it~


Need to get more to try iced, but have feeling will work really well

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drank Glitter & Gold by DAVIDsTEA
178 tasting notes

Every time I open the pouch, I am reminded of vanilla cake. I love all things vanilla!!!

Drinking this tea is smooth, sweet and vanilla!! I have no issues with that. What I do have issues with…is that looking at ingredient list there is cinnamon, clove and orange. I don’t taste any of that.

I do taste vanilla and sweet. My tea is sparkly from the glitter balls. That to me is what makes this tea special…otherwise, just mediocre.

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I got a sample of this from Aimee in a swap…thank you Aimee!!

When I first started getting into tea I would peruse David’s site and always saw this particular tea, but I would never remember to buy it. I am so pleased that I finally got to try it!

I brewed it up according to direction on packet. 5 minutes near boiling.

I usually try to drink my tea’s without any additions, to try to see if I like it without anything else. This tea, on the first sip I got watery chocolate. So I thought, I need to bump it up with additions. Which is ok…I prefer not to do that, but some tea’s require it.

I added creamer and sugar. AAAAhhhhh…much better. I don’t get much of the banana flavour, but that’s ok. What I got from this tea was a light chocolate flavour. I don’[t usually like chocolate tea’s due to the weak taste, but after the addition of cream and sugar, it was pretty tasty.


Too bad. I love banana flavoured things. Maybe now I can stop fantasizing about it!


I love banana too!! Artificial or natural…I read other reviews on this one and they got banana, sadly :(( I didn’t.

Aimee Popovacki

lol i always steep it for a reallly long time, and usually add a little almond milk.. it is quite weak ..

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drank Berry Kiwi Colada by Teavana
178 tasting notes

Before reviewing this tea…I hate my internet!! I had this whole review written up, and now it’s GONE!!! :( Onto to the tea….

So when I saw this tea in the store I thought to self: berries, kiwi, colada!! What’s not to love? I should have realized that this was a warning that berries + kiwi = SOUR (squared).

I tried this as both a hot and cold brew. The hot is SO SOUR!!! almost to the point of being undrinkable (although I did finish it).

The cold brew is a “little” more drinkable…but not by much. The cold brew reminds me of the unsweetened KOOL AID from my childhood. I decided to add sugar. After adding sweetener (what a surprise…NOT!!) it tasted like KOOL AID with added sugar.

Luckily, I don’t have much of this left, and will be able to finish my sample of the KOOL AID type tea, but I will not buy this again. If you don’t like sour…don’t bother…it definitely has the ‘Pucker Factor’.

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