245 Tasting Notes

drank Laoshan Black by Verdant Tea
245 tasting notes

I kept reading about the Laoshan Black, and became increasingly intrigued by the chocolate, honey, and spice description. Due to a generous gift from JustJames, I have a sample of this tea, and finally had to try it. And now I see why everyone just loves this tea. Another fan of this tea has been made.

Rich, deep cocoa flavour, that makes me feel like I am sipping on a decadent chocolate/fudge treat. This is an outstanding tea.

Michelle Butler Hallett

Isn’t it? I avoided Verdant for years, because I was afraid I’d be disappointed, and I can only budget so much for tea. Disappointed – ha! As if. Verdant is a whole new path to tea. I’ve got their Imperial Breakfast Blend on the way and can’t wait.


Am on hiatus right now, but as soon as I am off, this is FIRST order.


I hope they still have Golden Fleece in stock, but may have to break hiatus dir that one, unless is already gone :(


well, hiatus or not i sent you stuff middle of last week. and worst comes to worst i will send you some of my golden fleece if they’re out. both ways you’re covered!

Michelle Butler Hallett

Oooh, Golden Fleece! I have some more coming. Let me know if you end up short, and I’ll send you some, too.


I really appreciate your generous offer!! I’ll probably put in an order soon, but thank you so much. :)

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I did not like this tea when I first tried and wondered how I was going to finish the bag. But it seems to have grown on me, so I will be able to finish it, just not as quickly as some of the other tea’ I have.

The dry leaf smell reminds me a little of spinach.

The brewed flavour is more reminiscent of steamed asparagus. The taste is a little odd, there’s something that I can’t quite place that is throwing the flavour of this askew. It’s ok. Not a re-purchase tea.

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I ordered this tea a couple of months ago, and forgot that I had it, which is unfortunate, because this would have been long gone if I remembered. Now that I know, I’m sure I’ll get through my package fairly quickly.

In dry leaf form the tea has long green needles which looks and smells like green tea. The tea brews up to the palest of yellows that reminds me of the colour of butter.

The colour of the tea is probably contributing to my impression of the taste which to me is a light creamy vegetable. There is no heavy grassiness in this tea, but rather a cross between a neutral white and veg-like green. The flavour light and complex.

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I received the 5 for 5 from the extremely generous JustJames, and I have finally decided that it was time to try it, seeing that it is the weekend and I have the time to treat this tea properly, and really enjoy it.

On opening the bag a fresh aroma wafted towards me, not unlike nori.

The brewed flavour of this tea is oh so smooth, creamy, fresh, lightly vegetal. Oh JustJames, I am now so sorry I waited this long to try it, and will be so disappointed when I finish my packet. Thank you so much for sending this my way!

Holly Faye

I got some of this the other day and it smelled delicious! I’m most intrigued to try it.


It is an outstanding green.

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Yumyumyumyumyumyumyum. Did I mention that I think this is yummy?

Sweet, creamy, gooey, cinnamon-y deliciousness in a cup. I have been drinking this all day, and was reluctant to drink anything else. This tea is gonna go fast, despite the fact that I bought a 100 g’s of this.


Della Terra does dessert-y stuff very well.


I agree…had I known I would have ordered from them a long time ago.

Aimee Popovacki

that one sounds so good.

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drank Mamma Mia by DAVIDsTEA
245 tasting notes

I got a package of this as a free sample from David’s on Mother’s Day, because I spent more than 50 or 60 dollars in-store. I’m glad it came as a free sample package, because I find this tastes more than a little strange.

I know I tried it as a hot brew and not liking it very much, probably because it was too sour. So I recently cold brewed this and all I taste is the tartness from the hibiscus and overpowering cinnamon. Drinking cold cinnamon is not enjoyable.


We loved mamma Mia hot, but I was heavy handed with the sugar. We went through 100 grams in less than a week, I don’t know what it was about it. Somehow I don’t think I’d want it again though, never refilled the tin. Must have been the honeymoon phase of those first few days as a loose leaf drinker


I have enough for one more cup. I’ll take your suggestion and try it with loads of sugar. Thanks for the idea! :)

Aimee Popovacki

its like koolaid when you add lots of sugar/agave haha… thats the only way i like to drink it too.

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I am on a tea reviewing roll today!!

I LIKE this a lot!!! Probably because I do drink coffee, and the sronger the better! This brews up to a dark espresso colour, which did not scare me a bit, although I knew I needed to add cream to it.

This is so smooth, mellow and nutty. I’m on my second steeping and no flavour has been lost. I will get another steep out of this, as for a fourth? Yet to be determined. Yeah, I’m done reviewing. I’m just gonna sit back and enjoy this one.

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I did something a little odd with this tea…

I initially bought it at the request for a fellow steepsterite member who did not have easy access to Teavana. I thought the dry leaf smell was awesome! I thought it would make a great cold brew.

I remember drinking it hot at work, and liking it, but for some reason held off on posting any reviews. I have recently cold brewed it, and found it a little lacking in flavour than the hot brew. So, I wondered how I was going to bump up the flavour…well, I have this thing for orange flavoured Bacardi Breezer, but after a couple of glasses, the sugar content in the Bacardi coats my tongue with yucky sugar paste. How did I cut out the sugar? I did a 50/50 blend of Bacardi with this tea, and it worked really well…I still need to find a better ratio, but the Bacardi is no longer sugary, and the tea is more palatable as a cold brew with the mix.


Sounds like something good to try!


I have to admit…I am enjoying this! :))

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I had read a lot of great notes on this tea, and was particularly interested in trying some. Dexter3657 was generous enough to send a sample my way…thank you! I have not forgotten your fabulous generosity!

I am a huge fan of pistachio’s and ice cream. Put them together in a tea? Yes Please and Thank You! I really like this tea: it is yummy, roasty, nutty, creamy and delicious. The green tea works really well and complements and blends smoothly with the roasted pistachio flavour.

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My tea journey started in 2012, when a friend gifted me some loose leaf. I guess she thought I was drinking too much coffee. Blown away by the amazing flavours I immediately embraced the loose leaf tea. I still drink coffee, but my main choice of beverage is now tea.

My tea preferences are blacks, pu’erhs, oolongs and greens.



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