252 Tasting Notes


Thanks goes out to Dexter3657 for the sample of this tea!!

When I opened the package I felt like such a newbie…how do I deal with this pressed sample? I left it for a while, even though I was dying to slurp it up. I finally overcame my fear and broke off a piece (I know that this was not the correct way to get a piece).

The dry leaf aroma is fresh and woodsy. It reminds of walking through the ravine.

The brewed taste is light and nutty. I have not yet had any issues with pu’erhs -for me this one is on the lighter side, but still an excellent tea that was sweet, flavourful and mild. For those who are unsure or wary of pu’erhs this would be the one to start with. No fishiness or strange tastes.


Awesome!!! Glad you liked it. Verdant has amazing teas, I really liked this one, but there is something about Mandala Pu’erhs that is even better for me.

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drank Sweet Pear Punch by Tealish
252 tasting notes

It is still ridiculously humid in TO, so I have still have not had any hot tea beverages, and I have so many to try!!!

Yesterday I went to ‘Toys R Us’ to buy a kiddie pool. Not for me…but for the furry beast (shep/lab cross) that I live with, to help him get through the heat. He still prefers the stink water creek a few minutes away…but will jump in the kiddie pool if encouraged.

Back to the tea….on opening the bag I smell over-ripe pears. This told me that this would be fairly sweet on it’s own, without any sugar additives.

Because of the heat, my first tasting of this one is as a cold brew, and I have to say…I am surprised that I like this as much as I do. When I first saw the fennel seeds as part of the mix I was like “What??!!!” This will not be good. WRONG!! This is my second fave cold brew…a real surprise to self.

Cold brew tastes like sweet pear. No tartness. Just sweet pear. Sugar is not needed here…it is sweet on it’s own. YUM!!!! I will be sad when it’s gone (2-3 cold brews left). But, maybe I will find something as good. The tea journey continues…. :)


ah my friend… humidity’s no fun. we’ve had it at 100% and making puddles here (ie:rain).

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It is stinking hot in Toronto, and I have not been drinking any hot tea’s since yesterday morning. My tea related beverages that I have been drinking recently have all been cold brewed, including this one. I have a few others on the go, since this stifling heat won’t be letting up in the next couple of days.

It is tart. I am so over tart tea’s. I don’t like it, and find myself reaching for sugar or some other type of sweetener. I had purchased from IKEA Lingonberry syrup and added it to this cold brew, so it no longer tastes like strawberry parfait – it tastes like the Lingonberry syrup. Strawberry parfait is drinkable to me this way, but it is no longer strawberry nor parfait. But it’s cold and refreshing on this stinking humid day.


oh no! it’s muggy here, but nice and cool in the evenings. i find the longer i wait for my butiki and verdant orders the more mundane everything else tastes.


I saw your recent comment, I think it was about this tea…but is true, I am getting particular about what I drink! I am very surprised!! The more tea one drinks, the more sophisticated one’s palette becomes. I still like dessert tea’s, but I like sweet…not sour. Have never enjoyed fruit desserts, so I should have reasoned that I would not like tart fruit teas.


tastes also change in surprising ways… no harm in trying things over again! xoxo

Aimee Popovacki

i used to really love this tea.. when it first came out.. but the tartness of it is offputting to me this time around.. i think my tastes have changed, and its just not a favorite anymore


For some reason, I had this idea in my head that this would taste like a strawberry sundae. I don’t know why I thought this. I will finish it, with added sugar or syrup, but it will not be a re-purchase.

Aimee Popovacki

in theory it should taste like a sundae! … i definitely added almond milk to mine to make it a little less tart.. it helped but its still not the best

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This is a backlog from yesterday. I had this in lieu of my morning coffee, as I had slept in, and The Man left me no coffee, and I was too lazy to brew any.

This is earthy and mushroom-y. Maybe a little too mushroom-y for my tastes. I drank it bare. I was able o finish the cup, but I think for the rest of this sample I will be adding cream (maybe sugar). Maybe I will like a little better then. I didn’t get too much roasted flavour, but I was still not quite awake when drinking this. Next brew hopefully will work out better!

Thanks to Dexter3657 for a sample of this !!

No rating until I try it again with different parameters.

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I like this one. I get how the lemon flavouring is in your face, but this one I enjoy. This is a tea that I bring to work, because I don’t have to worry about steeping times and being all finicky about water temp and keeping an eye on how long it’s steeped for. Because I don’t bring extra special tea’s to work, this one does just fine.

I cold brewed this one, and I really like as an unsweetened iced.


maybe i should try it iced…..

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drank 7th Heaven by Tealux
252 tasting notes

It’s funny that I got this particular tisane because it is made with something called ‘Lapacho’ (I’ve never hear of this), and I was looking at a Toronto based tea company that also uses this herb (??) in a couple of blends, and I was thinking about buying them to see. Now that I’ve actually tried it, I know I will at least request a sample of it.

In dry leaf form it smelled like chocolate orange – not a favourite combination of mine (until I tried Terry’s chocolate orange). It also looked like it would taste like chocolate orange – large pieces of orange, and a dust that I thought was cocoa powder.

Once it was brewed, it didn’t have an overwhelming citrusy taste, nor chocolate. I got a hint of both, plus something else that I am not able to identify – probably due to lack of experience with this herb (?). Not bad.

Thank you JustJames for introducing me to a new tasting experience!!

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Delicious coconut…one of my favourite flavours in a tea.

The dry leaf smell reminds me of coconut rum with a bit woody scent from the rooibos. Generous shreds of coconut are mixed in with the rooibos.

I had a couple of sips of this without and creamer or sugar, and it was quite tasty and sweet on its own. I decided to add almond milk to bump up the creaminess and now I’m in creamy coconut, nutty almond heaven. Yeah, this is good. No added sugar. Not required here.

Thanks goes out to Dexter3657 for this yummy surprise sample!

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drank White Tropics by Adagio Teas
252 tasting notes

I requested this tea specifically, because I couldn’t believe that it was so disliked, and needed to see for myself. Now I see why. The description of this tea doesn’t match the flavour. I don’t hate the tea, but it certainly is not reminiscent of a tropical journey to sunny beaches. It actually has no flavour except for the white tea base. I’m ok with white tea, and that’s all this tea is…an unflavoured, ‘flavoured’ white tea.

Thank you Short Sorceress for a sample of this tea!

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drank Coconut Cream Chai by Tealish
252 tasting notes

When I saw this tea I was really excited…coconut AND chai!!! I thought this was gonna be fantastic. Reality? I am really glad I didn’t send out any of this in swaps because I’d never be able to log on here again.

To me the dry leaf smell reminds me of horses. I don’t know why or where or how, but I think horses when I smell this tea. I love horses, and I really miss riding. But I don’t want to drink a tea that reminds of horses. I had The Man smell it and he said he smells sweet spice.

Despite the dry leaf smell I proceed with brewing and drinking. I added almond milk and sugar, and it was ok. I’ll finish it. At some point. Maybe. If don’t have anything better to drink (unlikely).

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Thank you Dexter3657 for sending me a sample of this tea!

When I saw that I got a sample of this, I thought, ‘ohhh, this is gonna be goooood.’ I love gingersnap cookies (probably that spice thing that I so enjoy). But then I opened the pouch and found it quite strongly fragrant. Hmmm. Well, maybe brewed it will taste different.

I took a couple of sips after the recommended brew time, and thought, ‘Ok. Not bad. Maybe add a little sweetener.’ I think I added too much sweetener, ’cos then it turned sickly sweet.

I’m not going to rate this one right now, because it may have been my heavy handed approach with the sweetener. Next time I’ll added a little at a time, or leave it out completely.

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My tea journey started in 2012, when a friend gifted me some loose leaf. I guess she thought I was drinking too much coffee. Blown away by the amazing flavours I immediately embraced the loose leaf tea. I still drink coffee, but my main choice of beverage is now tea.

My tea preferences are blacks, pu’erhs, oolongs and greens.



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