284 Tasting Notes

This sample is getting kind of old, so the flavours have probably muted a bit.

I got the apple flavour when the cup was hot, but it seemed to have disappeared as the cup cooled. Once the cup cooled I got that floral note that other’s have mentioned.

For me, this was only okay, but I’m not really a fan of florals.

Short note, but I have to get logging a bunch of tea’s, ’cos I know more is coming my way…

I haven’t seen Cameron B posting in a while…but thank you for the try!

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I got this a while back from Cameron B. I thought the sample might be a little tainted (which would have been my fault for keeping it stored near other scented tea’s) since it smelled faintly of cinnamon. Fortunately the I don’t taste the cinnamon.

I’m not sure if I’ve tried a Jin Jun Mei before. I really enjoyed this one, so I think I will keep this style of tea as part of my rotation.

The first steep was all dark honey and dried dark fruits. Yum!

The second steep was much lighter. Still very honey sweet and fruity, but much less so.

I really needed this cup of deliciousness after receiving the bad news about the cost of repairing my car…boo :(


oh noes. car repairs :(


ohhhh man!!! my head is ready to explode!! time to start saving and looking for a new one :(


I’m sorry to hear about your car!


Yeah…it sucks :(


As one of my favorite literary characters would say (Cynthia in the Mitford novels by Jan Karon): Oh, poop.

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I have been committing tea sacrilege with this wonderful tea…but you know, it really works for me. I’m so busy at work that I can’t make myself a proper cup, so decided to start doing ‘grandpa style’ until I find my new work groove.

I have discovered that I really like grandpa style with roasted oolongs, and will probably continue to drink them in this manner. I really like the mineral, salty notes that seem to come through when I brew in this manner. And when the flavour starts to become weak I just add a few more leaves.

I expected to find some strong bitter notes with grandpa style and oolong, but I didn’t get that. This tea holds up really well to this style of brewing. When i’m out, I will definitely see if my other roasted oolongs do as well.

Now that I’ve gone grandpa style, I probably won’t go back (at least with this tea)….so easy, convenient and ridiculously delicious.


grandpa style?


From Marshaln…throw small amount of leaves in cup/mug of choice, add H2O and keep adding H2O to same leaves until flavor weak or gone. I can usually top up 3 or 4 times before adding a FEW (3 to 5 leaves) more leaves.


I’ve yet to try that method, but just by the sounds of it, doing roast oolongs that way sounds great!


I love it :) ! No gongfu, found my happy place :D


I love grandpa style for oolongs.

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drank Salted Caramel by Bigelow
284 tasting notes

I’ve been absent from Steepster, and will probably continue to post sporadically until my personal issues are resolved.

I got this a while ago from a steepster friend. I also drank it a while ago, but have been unable to log it until now. I believe the member called this a ‘cheapie steepie’. For a cheapie steepie, I remember it being really gooooood. I don’t recall getting the saltiness, but I do remember the strong caramel flavour, and how much I enjoyed it. Whenever i’m in a grocery store (and if I remember) I have a look to see if they have it. I’d buy a box of it for sure.

Thanks for the sample, gmathis. For a ‘cheapie steepie’, this is mighty tasty!


Welcome back and hope your personal issues get worked out!


Thank you!!


Can you get Bigelow there? (Laughing at myself as I ask that…you live much closer to actual civilization than I do :)


Actually, I wondered that too :) in the grocery store I was at today they had Bigelow k cups. Sadly, not what I was looking for.


Blecch. K-cups just taste like the cups.


Never tried them, but now I know not to :)


Hope things will get better for you and it’s great to see you around!


Thanks:) Can’t wait for the stress to end.


the cheapie steepie part makes me laugh

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I’m finding this tea quite bitter, first and second infusions. I thought I let the first infusion go too long, so I reduced the time, but the bitterness is still there. It’s still drinkable, and I’ll keep going as long as the leaves keep giving.

Both infusions brew up really dark, like coffee, and it is strong. The first infusion was earthy and bitter. I did pick up dates too.

Infusion two is earthy and bitter, with a bit of nuttiness.

Because of the bitterness, it’s not really a favourite of mine, but for now it’s keeping me warm on this really cold day.

Thanks for sharing Cameron B!

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I’ve already reviewed this tea once before, but I’m drinking it again this morning while watching the snow fall.

Not that I’ve tried many pu’erhs (hoping to change that for 2015), but of the ones I have, this is my favourite. Upfront notes of spice, with an underlying earthiness and maybe some autumn leaves. As the cup cools the mushrooms become prominent.

A sample that was shared by Dexter – thank you!

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This is the last of the sample that Dexter sent my way, and I’ll probably order more soon, ‘cos it’s just so good.

So far I’ve done three solid steeps, and I’m gonna go for another in a minute. Nutty, creamy, and a bit of chocolate. Steep two, I’ll admit, I added a bit of creamer, just to see and it turned into delicious sweet milk chocolate.

Thanks Dexter for sharing!


I’ve never been brave enough to try dairy with pu-erh. Always afraid it would come out tasting like milky rocks :) But I do have some coconut pu-erhh that might work…

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This morning started off gray and dreary, and now it’s snowing. Thought I’d get me some sunshine in a cup.

I like this so much! It’s so creamy and lemony. Sweet lemon, like pie. Not tart at all. I am really gonna miss you.

Thanks for the sample Dexter!

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The fist time I brewed this one up (yesterday) I didn’t realize it was an oolong. I thought it was a black tea. Had I looked at the leaves more closely I would have realized that right away. I wondered why it brewed up so pale. I didn’t realize until I cleaned out the infuser and saw the leaves…oops.

I recall picking up the nutty notes and a bit of tang that was the citrus coming through.

So today I was when I did the sipdown, I was more prepared about it being an oolong. To me this is till more nutty than citrus. Yesterday it was a vague nutty flavour, but today I found the almond flavour. The citrus peeped through occasionally.

A pleasant cup for a dreary afternoon. Thanks for the sample Cameron B!

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I’ve hoarded my last little bit of this, because I was afraid I’d never be able to try it again after finishing it off. But I see on the Verdant site that they’ve blended it again, so another sip down.

Now I just need to figure out if I’m gonna order an obscene amount or just a moderately obscene amount. I still haven’t decided.

Many thanks to Cameron B for providing the sample!


Crazy ingredient list!


But oh so tasty :)

Cameron B.

Obscene amount! :D

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My tea journey started in 2012, when a friend gifted me some loose leaf. I guess she thought I was drinking too much coffee. Blown away by the amazing flavours I immediately embraced the loose leaf tea. I still drink coffee, but my main choice of beverage is now tea.

My tea preferences are blacks, pu’erhs, oolongs and greens.



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