252 Tasting Notes

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A sample of this was provided to me by looseTman – much appreciated, since I was pretty curios about these tea’s.

Dry leaf form is long, twisted, with rose petals, and chunks of vanilla bean, papaya and orange peel. The aroma is slightly floral. I don’t generally enjoy floral tea’s, but one never knows unless they try.

After steeping for 4 minutes at about 90 produced a chardonnay coloured brew (no surprises there). The aroma was quite vanilla, but one of the vanilla chunks was quite large.

If I were to try this tea blind-folded I would say it’s all vanilla. I didn’t pick up any of the other spices or fruit flavours that other’s have. I like vanilla, so that is not a problem for me. As a vanilla tea – it’s quite good. But this doesn’t say chardonnay to me.

I have enough of the sample provided to have a couple of more tries to see if I can pull out other flavours.

Cameron B.

I wish they offered a sampler of these teas, I want to try them all! But not for $17+ a piece… :P


I agree! If not for the swap, I probably would never have gotten to try them.

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Another tea from Dexter – thank you! So many tea’s from swaps, it seems like I don’t have my own tea.

I really enjoy these types of oolong’s. Charcoal with roasted notes to be found in the background. In this one I got some mineral notes as well. I appreciate that the charcoal notes in this tea aren’t so powerful that they don’t let the other flavours through. The brew is a beautiful colour – almost purple in the cup that I’m using.

The second steep didn’t work out too well – too bitter. But most likely due to my bad…water temp was too high, I think.

This is the type of tea that would be perfect on those crisp but sunny autumn days. I have enough for one more cup, and I’m gonna save it for that perfect autumn day.


Ah good call, does sound autumn-y


Congrats on your 200th tasting note!


Stephanie – yes, something about the charcoal and roastiness reminds me of fall :)

LooseTman – thank you for noticing!


You’re welcome!

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When I opened the packet I couldn’t tell if this was an oolong or black tea. there was nothing on the packet to indicate which it was. the leaves were huge, twisted and dark chocolate in colour.

The steep was brewed for 2 minutes, below boiling. The colour was deep amber.

Took my first sip…aaargh – too hot! Burned tongue :(

Lesson learned. Waited a minute or two before taking another sip. Hmmm. This seems to be a little too fruity for my liking (burned tongue did not factor in my opinion). But, I kept sipping. As the cup cooled…WOW! Rich, thick honey flavour came through. I was convinced I wouldn’t like this, but it is so much better a little cooler.

Second steep was at 4 minutes. Let the cup cool a bit, and same sweet cup of honey.

Thanks for the sample, Dexter! It didn’t start too well for me, but ended up being really good!

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I just finished steep two of this tea, after 2.5 hours of vacuuming in this disgusting heat and humidity (I love the beast, but man, can he shed!). I debated whether I actually wanted hot tea after vacuuming and sweating (and, yes – some cursing), but decided to go for it anyway.

The dry leaf is interesting. LooseTman already said it…short dark twisted leaves, and some tiny dark pebble-like leaves. I’ve never heard of manuka, and since looseTman already provided links in his post, I now know what it is, and I guess that’s what those green leaves in the blend were.

The manuka provided a light aromatic essence of pine in dry leaf form, which I don’t recall getting in my brewed cup in the first steep. But I added a bit of creamer to the first cup, so that was probably why I didn’t get the pine essence. I don’t usually add creamer, but I think my time contraints this morning made me add it, so that I could sip it quickly and do my chores and errands.

I found the pine notes were more prominent in steep 2 – no creamer additives this time. The second steep was malty delicousness. The manuka leaves added an interesting note, with what I might otherwise find to be just another malty assam.

I appreciate the sample looseTman…this was different in a good way! I have enough leaves for a few more cups, and will be very sad when this is gone. Tasty indeed.


“Tasty indeed.” +1 I’m glad you enjoyed it!


The addition of manuka leaves added a different and welcome dimension.

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The first time I had this tea, the smokiness that I usually associate with keemuns eluded me. I couldn’t find it. What I do recall from the first cup was the fruitiness that came through.

Today’s cup is different. I took my time and paid attention. The fruit note was still predominant, but I found those subtle tobacco and smoke notes. They came through at the end of the sip and sat on the tongue for a bit before disappearing. Interesting.

I have a couple of keemuns in my cupboard that I need to taste to see how this compares. I haven’t had keemun in a while. When I finally found the tobacco notes I enjoyed that, although I wish there was a touch more smoke.

My thanks to looseTman for providing me with a sample!

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drank Je t'Aime by Nina's Paris
252 tasting notes

I received a surprise package from JustJames quite some time ago, and I’ve been remiss in posting any notes on the lovely tea’s that were generously sent my way. Partly because I’ve been turning away from flavoured tea’s in favour of straight up tea’s. But once in a while I indulge and reach for flavoured.

On opening the sample packet I could immediately detect the sweetness and vanilla. I used to be fanatical about vanilla tea’s, and this just reawakened my love for all things vanilla.

Sweet, delicious caramel and vanilla. Mmmm.

Thanks JustJames!

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I slept in this morning, and now I feel a little groggy and out of my element. I’ve got a lot of stuff/chores to do, and ‘cos I feel so bleh, it’s gonna be hard to get going.

So to make myself feel better I decided chocolate was the way to go. Chocolate tea, that is. YUM! Malty, chocolatey deliciousness.

Thanks for the sample, Dexter!

Cameron B.

How did you brew them? Trying to find the sweet spot on this one. :)


Western style. 4 pearls with near boiling H20. Hope you find what works for you! Is so good.

Cameron B.

How long did you let it go for?


Oops…sorry, meant to include that. 1st steep 4 min, 2nd at 6 min.

Cameron B.

Thanks for the help! I really want to love this one but I felt it didn’t live up to its full potential when I tried it. :P

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It is really stinky hot and humid, and for these type of days I usually find myself slurping back cold brews, but they don’t usually give me the caffeine jolt that I need to get going. Usually I drink fruity herbals cold brewed. So, I do need a strong, caffeinated brew to get me going. This one.

This is strong – just what I needed. First steep at 3 minutes with near boiling water resulted in a coppery clear brew that was strong, malty and earthy. My second steep at 4 minutes was still flavourful, but the malt was toned down, letting through more of the earthy notes.

A surprise and a delight, I think I’ll have to explore more Kenyan blacks. I like to start my days with a strong malty tea and this satisfied that need. Thanks to looseTman for the sample!

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For some time this company and these tea’s have intrigued me, and I wanted really badly to sample the tea’s, but for some reason never placed an order. My opportunity to try a couple of these finally came up in a recent swap.

I’ve had the merlot twice. My first sampling of it yesterday didn’t work out. While the leaf in the bag smelled sweet, it didn’t translate to flavour. That was my fault. I think I over-leafed and water temp was too hot. Yesterday’s cup was disappointing.

I tried again today, and decided to let the water cool a bit longer and used less leaf. I also added a drop or 2 of agave, just to see if that would pull out more flavour. Today’s brew was a lot more flavourful. I definitely got the grape/wine coming as the cup continued to cool down. The problem today was the agave that I thought would help, but in fact made the brew too sweet.

So maybe third time will be the charm, and hopefully tomorrow’s sipdown of this I’ll get it right. I guess I should bust out the thermometer for proper brewing temp and skip the sweetener.

Thanks to looseTman for providing me with a sample.

Cameron B.

I’ve been very curious about these too, since stumbling upon the website. Especially the white tea riesling version. Good to know they’re at least decent. :D


It’s pretty good. I’m glad that I finally got to try it via swap rather than purchase.

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My tea journey started in 2012, when a friend gifted me some loose leaf. I guess she thought I was drinking too much coffee. Blown away by the amazing flavours I immediately embraced the loose leaf tea. I still drink coffee, but my main choice of beverage is now tea.

My tea preferences are blacks, pu’erhs, oolongs and greens.



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