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Shaws Market in Clinton, MA
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Shaws Market
1175 Main Street
Clinton, MA 01510

I have shopped at Shaws Market in the past and this weekend we thought to visit them and get our groceries there for a change. I immediately went to their tea aisle to view what they had. All the organic items are in what is call the Wild Harvest.
This store is very clean and professional and spacious, which is something that is lacking with some other grocers. I did view their tea aisle and found it most interesting and selected several teas for purchase: 100% Organic & Pure Green Tea and several Argo Tea (bottle tea); and health food as well as a lovely lavender soap and an aromatherapy essentials. Yes, I splurged.
I like Shaws Market and hope to return without folks following me as they tend to do when out; always someone must be present to mock me since they I don’t have money of mine own. So sad!

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Hannaford Supermarkets

I came to be in this supermarket after visiting a bead expo show in Marlborough, MA after which we decided to stop in and get some groceries. They are costly, so husband was hesitant but willing. Anyhow, once I found the tea aisle, I scooted down on the floor to read the many teas they carried. As there were many that I was not familiar with; like Newman’s Own Tea Premium Black Tea and Newman’s Own Green Tea. I was very surprised at this.
I did purchase several teas that I had seen other steepster reviewers viewed/tried and with this season for wanting a cup of spice tea I thought I would try some as well. And yes, the hubby allowed me to purchase what I selected: Oregon Chai, Guayaki Yerba Mate, and a Fennel Seed Tea by Alvita. I did not get the Newman’s Own Premium Teas since I have so many store brand premium teas and I wanted something a bit different.
Hannaford Supermarkets are spacious and environmental friendly stores. They carry many items from around the globe and price wise I think they are lower in cost than Super Star Market or Stop and Shop and perhaps equaling in value with Shaw’s Market/grocers.
I did another visit to this market for 2013
We visited Hannaford Market again after having attended the Innovative Bead Expo just nearby where the market is located at. Hannaford Market remains to be a lovely and clean store and pricing wise it is best affording those with two incomes.

I did purchase one bottle of mint green iced tea and this Masala Chai Tea and some other goodies since husband was being generous.
I took a photo of their mural which reminds me a bit of Trader Joe’s store mural; only this one is bigger/wider. The only similarity is that they both a mural on their interior wall, that is all.

I had attended the Innovative Beads Show in Marlborough, MA and decided to do grocery shopping at Hannaford Market. This is a very good grocery store on the high end of the pricing with lots of international and organic foods. The store is well kept and fully stock.

I find their tea aisle to be full of teas that I could try were I wanting to try new teas. During this visit I purchased some Hemp Milk for my Chai Tea (purchased at another market) that I have yet to use; along with some tea tree shampoo and conditioner for dry and itchy scalp.

Price Chopper in Worcester , MA
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Price Chopper
72 Pullman St.
Worcester, MA 01606
508) 854-8474

Manager: Mary Barone
Co-Manager: Mike Camiolo
Sunday: 9:00am – 3:00pm Monday: 8:00am – 8:00pm Tuesday: 8:00am – 8:00pm Wednesday: 8:00am – 8:00pm Thursday: 8:00am – 8:00pm Friday: 8:00am – 8:00pm Saturday: 9:00am – 7:00pm

Price Choppers motto: Healthy, delicious food starts with making informed decisions. Bring out your inner gourmet and learn more about selecting the best ingredients and preparing nutritious, restaurant-worthy meals.

Pricing wise this market is a bit more than the usual grocery store we normally frequented, but not wanting to travel further, we just stopped in there to get a few items. I don’t enjoy grocery shopping since I perceive folks doing things where ever that I am. It is an illness since they don’t do things; our store receipt stated that a Bob Murphy as store manager, yet on line something else is depicted. Or the store has several managers.

All grocers have tea shelves full of teas from all sorts of distributors. I did snap a photo of their tea aisle and not sure why since I have not submitted to doing this at other stores. This is not a tea shop review; I am noting a place where I purchased some teas.

Natural Marketplace in Salem, NH
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Main Street Nutrition
219 Main Street
Salem, NH 03079
(603) 893-6490

“Bridging the gap between the science of nutrition and the art of helping others.”

Main Street Nutrition offers complete focus on wellness, nutritional assessment, individualized approach and preventive care.

Natural Marketplace
G. Daniels Plaza
471 South Broadway #2
Salem, NH 03079
Phone: (603) 893-2893
Fax: (603) 893-1388

During one of my daring jaunts from Methuen, MA I attempted to venture further into New Hampshire’s Main Street and while there I took notice of this shop and decided to stop and peruse.

It looks sparse when one first enters, but as you slowly take in the shelves and realized it is not crowded, it is a big space and the shelves are fully stock with teas: Numi Teas, Pu-erh Teas, Three Leaf Teas, Ayuverdic Teas, Yogi Teas and there is the herbs section with leaf teas in the jars for selection. The aromatherapy section and elixirs; the natural beauty section, the vitamins/supplements section and toward the back there are the bottled tea: Teas tea, Honest Tea, rice crackers, nutritional bars, ice cream, rice and soy drinks etc.

As stated it is a Natural Market focusing on wellness.

I was able to take photos of their tea shelves and herbal area. The teas carried are more than reasonably price. I was over whelmed and had no money to make a purchase, I am sorry to say. I hope to return and purchase some Pu-erh teas and the Three Leaf Detox tea or the Laxative tea; all for under $5.00 dollars.

It is shame I stumble unto this goldmine when I am planning on leaving the area. It is most sad. But I can say I was there once.

cobweb consignment in Salem, NH
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Cobweb Consignment & Gifts
385 CS Broadway
Salem, NH
(800) 509- 0135
(603) 685-3030
Email: [email protected]

Cobweb is an eclectic mixture of collectibles for decorating one’s home or humble abode. I became interested in Cobweb for the tea it was to have carried. During my tea researching last year, I came across a newspaper article on Brenda Ghorashi, who lectures on the importance of tea and the benefit it offers.

I sent several emails and we exchange correspondences but I was never to attend her lectures or tea presentations. Finally, I took myself to the Cobweb store to see for myself what it is about. I was able to take some photos of the store and was told they don’t carry teas any longer; they had a few remaining: Canadian Tea, Maple Leaf and one house blend by Brenda Ghorashi, proprietress of The Tea Parlour, can lecture on the benefits of teas at your next meeting, conference, or tea party.

I did not have money during this visit. I hope to return and purchase some of the Maple Canadian Tea. Maybe!

The Boston Tea Stop in Cambridge, MA
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The Boston Tea Stop
54 JFK St
Cambridge, MA 02138
Neighborhood: Harvard Square
617) 945-0017

Tea shop is small and cozy…making it a place to stop in for smoothie bubble tea and play a video game or talk with friends or watch the big screen television on corner wall. Or simply purchase your milk, smoothie, black tea, honey bubble tea and take it with you for your jaunts in the square.

The service is very efficient; you place order and pay for it and by the time you are seated your order is ready and it is so very good.

Thank you for the experience.

Miso Market in Cambridge, MA
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Miso Market
(617) 945-7789
963 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140

It is fine market with most stocks at reasonable pricing. Store is very spacious and shelves are fully stocked.

I visited this store on several occasions and the other day, I made a point to do my grocery shopping there; which I do not get to do often. I rely on husband income. Anyhow, I purchased several Ito En teas, a wonderful Green Tea Soy-milk made by Kikkoman and I must remember to get more next time I am around the area. This soy-milk is very similar to the Green Ice-cream tea that I had at the Japonaise Café several weeks earlier at the Porter Exchange Building, as they had a power outage and this made me walk the extra round to the Miso Market on opposite end of Porter. Not far.

Please keep this location and grow and welcome me again. Thank you.

The Cozy Tea Cart Café in Brookline, NH
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This is not a review, but a notice for The Grand Opening and Festive s…

The Grand opening was last month, with offer to sample New Hampshire’s freshly baked foods and tea from the iced tea fountains, share conversation amongst friends, but most of all…and to enjoy a taste of tranquility!

Take a moment to enjoy the fascinating and relaxing experience of an authentic Japanese Tea Ceremony (noon). Visit throughout the day with local artists, authors, and health and business professionals to learn about the great talents our community has to offer.

I have yet to visit this new location. But do give it a try!

Willard House & Clock Museum in North Grafton, MA
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Willard House & Clock Museum
Hours: Wednesday-Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Sunday: 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. or by appointment
Closed: Monday & Tuesdays and major holidays
(508) 839-3500
11 Willard Street
North Grafton, MA 01536

I was fortunate to experience an Iced Tea Social at Willard House & Clock Museum this past Saturday. The museum offers tea events in the Main Gallery of the museum and reservation is to be made if wanting to attend.

I phoned and reserved my spot for this activity, as it was a first for me. I was not sure what to expect socially, I mean. Anyhow, the idea was to spend a quiet, relaxing summer afternoon with a tall glass of iced tea and period refreshments.

I got there just in time and was greeted by the museum director Meredith, who insisted I sit at the front table where some ladies were already seated and having their teas and socializing. The ladies all seem to know each other from The Grafton Senior Center. Their table had one seat left and so it became mine.

I sat down and introduced myself and the ladies did the same (Annette, Barbara, Judith & Pauline [Paula]). At least this was my recollection of their names…after making some comments on how I remember things which at times is annoying.

Meredith came over to ask me which tea would I take; sweetened black tea, unsweetened or green tea? I selected the Green Iced Tea. She returned with a tall glass filled with iced and tea. It looked more like lemonade upon sight but when I tasted it there was no tartness as lemonade would have. It was green tea, sweetened and there in the background lingered some other notes that I could not discern…not mint either.

It was nice tea and I kept wondering if it was powdered tea or cooked tea than made into iced tea. I forgot or never got a chance to ask. They had said when I made the reservation a menu of sort might be provided but nothing was handed out.

I sampled some of the small desserts/refreshments they offered: small bite size peach cobbler, Danish, tart, and there was a bowl of fruit salad with blueberry sauce to pass around but I sampled only the desserts and had none of the fruit salad.

Behind us, there was another table with several ladies and I kept turning around to speak with them and not to be rude I said, in seeing the back of someone’s head. Perhaps best, with the way I look. That table had two seats remaining and much later on another couple arrived and was seated with those ladies. And of course I had to think of my father-in-law for some reason.

In all the experience was lovely. A tour of the museum was offered and we were broken up into several groups and we got to learn about this family of clock makers, who originally were shoe makers (shoe cobblers) I prefer this term best. It seems that Benjamin Willard traveled to Connecticut where he learned about making clocks and when he returned to Grafton, he opted to devote his time to the making of clocks. In his lifetime he received three patents. His most famous clock is The Time Measurement Piece which we all know as the Banjo Clock.

The tour ended in the museum gift shop where I purchased a couple of small items; I had eyed during an earlier visit.

This museum is a lovely place and setting for having teas and social gathering. I am thankful for finally being able to attend a social tea event. Thank you!

Japonaise Bakery & Cafe in Cambridge, MA
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Japonaise Bakery& Café

1815 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140
Phone: (617) 547-5531

I frequented the Porter Exchange Arcade the other day and visited this bakery shop filled with goodies; desserts and breads.

It is a small kiosk like store across from several Korean restaurant style booths that is to be found there as well.

I know that they sell ice-cream as well and I had wanted to sample their Green tea ice cream, so I ordered some…a small cup and while waiting I notice that they carried Ito En iced teas; so I retrieved two bottles of the Ito En tea (Golden Oolong & Oi Ocha Green Tea) from the glass case refrigerator and took this to the counter and the girl gave me my Green tea ice cream. I had tried to get her to fill the small cup with extra since so costly. Anyhow, I handed the cash I had been trying not to spend. I knew once walking into the Exchange I would be spending money. That is why it is best to not enter places when not wanting to spend money.

She placed the two bottles of tea in a bag and I ask her to double it since I was walking. I took my change and one of their business cards and proceeded to leave with my ice cream in hand. I took a scoop and the sweetness with the creaminess was most surprising. It is rich and smooth and filling. It did not take me long while walking to my next errand to finish the ice cream.

The Green Tea ice-cream was very good and next time I am there I must try their Ginger ice-cream. Perhaps a large if not a pint, well one can hope.

I now realize that I did not get a receipt with my purchase…maybe because I did not tip the girl and took my change instead of putting in their tipping cup.



I enjoy a lovely cup of tea most days,and I like sharing my tea experiences with the world. I have been doing this for most of two years now.

I am at that thresh hold, unsure of how to proceed and why. My blog page is there for viewing and I am thankful for the experience as I have been allowed. Thank you everyone, sorry to have failed by not writing a tea book. I simply could not do it. I simply could not.
Steepster is offering: Steepster Select and together we’ll explore the world’s most interesting teas; with one free month and the resuming price of $24.95 for the remainder and one is free to cancel at anytime. I have no income and I live on my husband income; so would this be wise to do knowing where my life is at right now?
It is something to consider and thank you for the invite. Thank you for Steepster.com’s community of tea drinkers, tasters, reviewers, aficionados and all.


Sterling, MA



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