Heath's Tea Room Restaurant in Rockport, MA
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A review of Heath’s Tea Room

Email: [email protected]

Hours 2012
Fri, Sat, Sun, & Mon: 11:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Dinner or high tea by reservation only, 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Reservation accepted up to 6:00 p.m.
Relax and enjoy our room until 8:00 p.m.

Heath’s Tea Room is a family run business: (Kimberlie and Michael O’Connell, Brian and Fatima Heath are Kimberlie’s parents) serving lunches and Afternoon Teas in the best English tradition. Serving homemade specials such as quiche, soups and salads. Their afternoon Teas menu offers a choice of either Queen Catherine’s Delight (a three-tier presentation featuring an assortment of six tea sandwiches, a freshly baked scone with preserves, a sampling of three tea treats and a two-cup pot of tea $19.95 per person. Or you select The Dartmouth, which is a two-tier presentation featuring an assortment of six tea sandwiches, a freshly baked scone with preserves and a two-cup pot of tea. $15.95 per person.

Heath’s Tea Room is available for private functions for up to 50 people!

The tea room includes a small gift shop choosing from fine English china teapots that are made in & imported from England, assortment of books, jewelry, unique gift items and assorted teas.

Tea Selections:
Black Teas:
Afternoon Apricot, Classic Assam, Organic Ceylon, Earl Grey, English Breakfast
Ginger Darjeeling Peach and Irish Breakfast.
Green Teas:
Dragon’s Well, Jasmine Green, Organic Sencha, Wild Blueberry
Oolong Teas: Oolong Peach
White Teas: Papaya Ginger, White Peony
Rooibos Teas: Rooibos Organic
Herbal Teas: Cool Mint, Chamomile
Decaffeinated Teas: Decaf Ceylon Breakfast

I had been exchanging email with the owners for the past year, so I was happy to finally be able to visit this tea room. It is a lovely space with high beam ceiling, kind of barn like or a ships galley perhaps. It is cozy; offers Bridal and Baby Showers, Social Clubs Meetings, Business Meetings, Fashion Shows, Fund Raisers and Private Catering.

I purchased a small tea tin by The Boston Tea Company and Kimberlie gave me a few samples of the teas she carries. I also purchased a lovely cookbook –style magazine that I hope to include in my next blog along with reviews of their teas.

In all a good visit and thank you for having us!

Bazaar on Cambridge Street in Cambridge, MA
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Bazaar on Cambridge Street
Royal Delicacies at Peasant Prices

Bazaar on Cambridge Street is fully equipped supermarket for gourmands. Easily accessible from both Cambridge Street and Brighton Ave. and has parking lots at both entrances. They have the freshness of produce department with exceptional selection and quality.

On website they carry the Mozums Tea brand…Karkade Tea, Raspberry Tea, Rosehip Tea, Strawberry Tea, Green Peppermint Tea and Lemon Tea all for under $2.00 for a box of 20 tea bags.

I have not visited this Bazaar but it is one of two Bazaar Delicacies to be found in the New England area. I have shopped at their Brookline Store on Beacon Street.

Bazaar International Gourmet in Brookline, MA
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A review of Bazaar International Gourmet
Royal Delicacies at Peasant Prices

I visited this store to purchase some Russian Teas. It is located on Beacon Street in Brookline, MA next to Petropol Russian Book Store. The store is a mini-market with fruits, vegetable and cooked/prepared food to go. The pricing is so very affordable and reflects their slogan: “Royal Delicacies at Peasant Prices. The have wonderful selections of breads and deserts baked fresh, daily.
Bazaar’s first international food store was opened in Boston in 1982, with their latest door opening in 2004. It is said to truly understand the store it must be done in person. The smell, the look, the variety and freshness of their products do overwhelm the senses.

Bazaar carries all sorts of smoked fish, caviar, candies, chocolates, and cakes. Has a very large selection of beers and wines. It is a take-out food haven.

Their tea shelves are filled with such teas as:
Twinning Tea
Ahmad Tea
Favorit Iced Tea (Alpine Iced Tea, or Green Iced Tea)
Akbar Earl Grey
Princess Noori Teas
They carry several type of dieter’s tea as well:
Senna Green Tea, a Herbal Infusion
Peppermint Green Tea

I tend to go over board when I visit a teashop or store; in that I purchase far too many and then feel guilty for spending so much on tea.

Daily Bagel Café in Salem, Massachusetts
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Daily Bagel Café

It was not by choice that I stumbled into this café early on Sunday morning. I was to be volunteering at the Mass Poet Festival being held over in Salem, MA this past weekend. I was to report there at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday. I did as much with the help of my husband who dropped me off and I walked down to where I was told to report. A change in plan, a note was left to report to the Museum Mall next door or nearby. I tend to get lost easily, so it was good another volunteer came by and we walked over there together.
Not at all a good start to the day, and volunteering out of goodness of heart. Since my presence was not needed this early, so it seems or I was not dressed appropriately (others wearing jeans and t-shirts); I was to be a greeter at this event and since it was a demand on dress code I dressed as I normally do. I wore a dress as I had done the day prior when I volunteered, except I was wearing a skirt.

I was waiting around in the corridor of this empty mall since all the stores were closed. I noticed an open sign and decided to go sit in there and sulk in private. I saw that it was a bagel store and as I approached the counter I saw that they had several boxes of Harney & Sons Teas. I decided to order a cup of tea (Harney’s Organic Passion Plum) and a bagel. I noticed the display and asked if I could take some photos and I did as much while waiting for the bagel to be warmed in toaster.

I took my order and proceeded to sit. I took one of their menus (I asked for this as well) and in viewing it I noted quite a selection of bagel sandwiches: bacon or sausage; vegetarian with egg; Roast Beef and Egg; and there is even one called The Bayou (Andouille sausage, two fried eggs & cheese served with your choice of bagel) for $3.75.
For beverages they offered: Milk, chocolate milk, vitamin water, fresh brewed coffee, Assorted Teas (Harney & Sons Earl Grey, Green Sencha, Darjeeling and Herbal teas like this Organic Passion Plum tea). They carried Chai as well as Iced tea and Fountain Soda. I did not notice this, as I was too upset.

The tea was very hot and refreshing in curbing my anger/disappointment. I arrived on time for an event and was treated as if I had done something wrong. Anyhow, all I could make of the tea is the plum flavoring as it was very prominent through and through. I did enjoy the tea for its warmth, but I did not like being used as I had been and continued to be used all day long, most of life it seems. It was a good cup of tea for what it was worth.

I am often reminded during times like this: “no one said life is easy” and we have hemlock as a remedy.

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I visited this Map Room Café last year and thought to stop in again and purchase another sampler tea bag of Harney & Sons Tea. I purchased their Pearl Jasmine Tea (single silken sachet). I hope it will be as depicted by other tea reviewers; since all have said wonderful things about most Jasmine teas.

The Map Room Café seems to always be busy with folks either ordering or seating idly reading the paper or a book. And the side room where the Catered Affair restaurant is found seemed busy as well. I have not been in there, but can see into it.

These are all great landmarks of Boston, Massachusetts to be treasured and enjoyed by tourists as well as those residing in this state.

I took great pain to know they had raised the price of the tea bag; as I paid I asked the cashier if it was not less last year and quoted the price and she gladly confirmed this.

Quality is the same but the price is higher. I should note that the weather was lovely. There is a courtyard to be found outside of the two buildings connecting the library or should I say that comprises the library. The courtyard has a lovely water fountain, and plenty of Italian statues and columns. It is lovely and one feels or should feel privileged to be in it.

Cambridge Naturals in Mid Cambridge, Massachusetts
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Cambridge Naturals is health food store that carries Numi Teas, and many other teas. I have frequented this store over the years to purchase supplements or to have a healthy snack. I was happy to purchase this iced tea by Numi.

I mentioned always the places I find that carries a variety of teas…iced, brewed and already packaged teas.

In wanting all things naturally good, a visit to Cambridge Naturals would suffice.

Williams-Sonoma in Boston, Massachusetts
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A review for Williams-Sonoma
Copley Place

This store carries the finest in culinary tools and products. It is a well-known brand name. This store was recommended to me because they carried The Marriage Frère Teas. So I went there to have a look. I noticed they carry many of Harney & Sons Teas and some Chai teas as well. They had this Chai Trio brand and it seemed to have been put out for me since perhaps they knew I was going to be there. Weird!

I remembered as I was perusing the teas, some man walked past me and around me to view up close what was on shelves. I suspect he was part of whatever was being played out. What I experience is not real. Anyhow, they have a whole section for cookbooks and as part of their April Culinary Activities on April 11, 2012 and their April cookbook club presenter will be Giada De Laurentiis of Weeknights with Giada will be there for a book signing.

Featured recipes and tasting menu:
Asparagus Soup with Herbed Goat Cheese
Crispy Chicken with Rosemary-Lemon Salt
Pasta alla Formiana
Broccoli Rabe with Pecorino and Lemon
Chocolate Mascarpone Pound Cake

The fee for this event is $75 per person; includes cookbook with signed bookplate 10% discount the night of the class. I was wondering why it cost so much until I saw and read the menu; so perhaps that is why.

I did take some photos of the shop upon entering and speaking with the store manager and a sale associates. Since I was purchasing the Chai Trio Tea, I had to ask them about preference for making it: with milk/soy or without? The sale associates said she liked it mainly with milk, not half or slim but whole milk and could have it either cold or warm. I could tell that she liked Chais.

I did see several items of interest, like The Beekman Boys Lavender Goat soap for $10.00 and there was this Kinfolk magazine that I mistook as a free sample book to take but this cost $18.00; I only was able to purchase the Chai tea.

Trader Joe's in Boston, Massachusetts
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Trader Joe’s is a privately held chain of specialty grocery stores headquartered in Monrovia, California. As of October 2011, Trader Joe’s had a total of 365 stores.

Trader Joe’s carry a variety of teas under the Specialty Teas brand created for the Trader Joe’s stores.

Some teas carried by Trader Joe’s are:
Specialty Teas Green Tea
Ruby Red Chai (Spiced Rooibos)
Blueberry Pomegranate Green Tea
Organic Tea & Lemonade
Unsweetened Green & White Tea w/ Mint
Chamomile Tea

I like Trader Joe’s but it is not a place that I can easily get to.

Winthrop Market Place in Winthrop, Massachusetts
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This was my only visit to the market place while walking past; I entered on impulse. As a market it is very clean and medium size; closer to being small store.

For grocery they carry what is called Great 10 for $10.00 Items. The likes of Barilla Pasta (Assorted Varieties); Red pack tomatoes; Chobani Yogurt; Rosetto Stuffed Pasta 2/$6.00

They have a great bakery with Olive Oil Ciabatta Bread for $2.99; Raspberry Turtle Cheesecake $10.99 and Strawberry Rhubarb Pie for $2.99

The tea brands that they carry are : Choice organic tea for $2.89; this is not the regular Choice tea. It seem different and they also carry Twinning teas; Black and the Assorted Sampler packs for $3.69.

I did not purchase any tea for this visit since I had been buying tea throughout the day earlier. I wanted to save what little money that was left for the bakery store down the street from them, but they were not open. And I did not want to go back in the market to get teas. So another visit, If I get to visit this small town again.

Customer service seem very pleasant. It is a clean and cordial market; seemingly on the international side; but I am not sure why I say this. They had lovely display for Easter; the stand was filled with Cadbury candies, and the old fashioned Brach’s Speckled Jelly Bird Eggs, which is an Easter basket favorites and the likes; I ended up getting this instead of the tea.

Coffelands World Gifts Espresso Cafe in Clinton, Massachusetts
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The World Gift Café has great specialty coffee, a wide variety of unique gifts and jewelry from around the world, and is a comfortable cozy meeting place where you can enjoy a hot cup of soup, fresh baked pastries, or a sandwich from their famous “Regatta Deli”.

Specifically: Fair trade coffee, smoothies, and other cool beverages. Organic, fair trade tea, big containers of java to go; delicious homemade pastries; daily soups and sandwiches; creative gift baskets, pottery and ceramics; paintings, wood carvings, purses and wallets, jewelry, scarves, home décor, and one-of-a-kind handicrafts.

The café main function is to provide employment for people who have disabilities and raise funds for the [non-profit 501© 3] work of the Polus Center (www.poluscenter.org).

I ended up visiting this Café for a performance by the Madra Rua performers of Irish music sing-along. Compose of singers, fiddlers, guitar, tin and whistle, and they performed Irish/Scottish songs like: Whiskey in the Jar, Tell Me Ma, Old Dungarven Oak, Galway Girl, Irish Rover and many more. I went for the experience and to say I once attended a live Irish/Scottish Celtic performance.

While there I found that they carried Choice Teas; and they had a stack of Choice Organic Celtic Breakfast teas; so I purchased a box as well as a box of Umpqua Oats (natural oat meals), I call it real oats. I also gave in to purchasing a cup of sweet Italian fountain soda with cream; I had a large cup. It was quite nice. It was a lovely evening.

I tend to not fit in, but this place I highly recommend for genuine folks with no pretense and elaborateness. It is a place for unpretentious folks who enjoy a real, solid and sedate bunch that at times may get rowdy.



I enjoy a lovely cup of tea most days,and I like sharing my tea experiences with the world. I have been doing this for most of two years now.

I am at that thresh hold, unsure of how to proceed and why. My blog page is there for viewing and I am thankful for the experience as I have been allowed. Thank you everyone, sorry to have failed by not writing a tea book. I simply could not do it. I simply could not.
Steepster is offering: Steepster Select and together we’ll explore the world’s most interesting teas; with one free month and the resuming price of $24.95 for the remainder and one is free to cancel at anytime. I have no income and I live on my husband income; so would this be un-wise to do knowing where my life is at right now?
It is something to consider and thank you for the invite. Thank you for Steepster.com’s community of tea drinkers, tasters, reviewers, aficionados and all.


Leominster, MA



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