A review of Organic Masala Chai Tea by David Rio Fine Teas

Date: 09/24/2012
Company: David Rio Fine Teas
Tea Name: Organic Masala Chai
Tea Type/Varietal: Black / Green Matcha
Steeping Vessel/Amt. Leaf: small pan / 2 tea spoon
Plucking Season:
Liquor Color: Golden rosy brown
Leaf Characteristics: Added to this classic blend is the organic matcha, the ceremonial green tea of Japan. Matcha contains more than three times the antioxidants of other green teas, making this cup as heartful as it is satisfying.

  1. Steepings

1st Steeping:
Water temperature: 200 Fahrenheit
Time: 5 minutes

Note: After another of many morning walks, upon returning I suddenly felt I wanted something like a cup of cocoa. Instead I reach on the shelf for my tin of David Rio’s Masala Chai. I purchased this chai back in the summer during a store visit to Williams-Sonoma http://www.williams-sonoma.com) in Copley Square, Boston, MA. I must say I had forgotten about it until having moved and with re-arranging of things I came across it. So today, I took my small pan with a small can of condensed milk and one half cup of water; I put the water to boil and added the milk to it and after opening the Masala Chai (which is wrapped in a gold thin foil-like coffee bag) and smelling very rich. The granules are fine, like brown sugar but grainier in texture.

It is lovely to see a real chai, not a tea bag one. I put in one teaspoon into the pan’s milk/water mixture and decided to add one more tea spoon, making for one large spoonful of the chai.

I covered it and left to come fully boil. It is lovely to see when one removes the lid from the pan…it is a golden froth and when I pour this into my mug the chai’s aroma is all cinnamon, ginger and cloves that I recognized immediately.

I cannot wait to take a first sip. Burning my tongue, I continue with sipping it as I adjust to the tea’s heat and eventually I am able to swallow and feel the golden froth descend pleasantly as I swallow and sip some more.

I wanted this cup of chai to match what I have seen from tea vendors like Golden-Moon Tea. He once had a lovely photo of his favorite cup of chai. And color wise I did accomplish Marcus’s cup of chai.

Having this cup of chai while enveloped in one’s favorite throw and a journal or a good book out on the patio is one of the ideal ways to enjoy and cherish this chai tea.

I came in from the cold wanting a cup of hot-cocoa, instead I fixed a cup of warmly hot Masala chai, and it was wonderfully inviting and invigorating. I only had one large cup of it.

I am happy to have finally tried this chai. Thank you Williams-Sonoma for carrying such fine teas!

Boiling 5 min, 15 sec

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I enjoy a lovely cup of tea most days,and I like sharing my tea experiences with the world. I have been doing this for most of two years now.

I am at that thresh hold, unsure of how to proceed and why. My blog page is there for viewing and I am thankful for the experience as I have been allowed. Thank you everyone, sorry to have failed by not writing a tea book. I simply could not do it. I simply could not.
Steepster is offering: Steepster Select and together we’ll explore the world’s most interesting teas; with one free month and the resuming price of $24.95 for the remainder and one is free to cancel at anytime. I have no income and I live on my husband income; so would this be un-wise to do knowing where my life is at right now?
It is something to consider and thank you for the invite. Thank you for Steepster.com’s community of tea drinkers, tasters, reviewers, aficionados and all.


Leominster, MA



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