A review of Chaga Mushroom Tea by Chaga Mountain Inc

Company: Chaga Mountain Inc
Tea Name: Chaga Mushroom Tea
Tea Type/Varietal: herbal
Region: Western Maine
Steeping Vessel/Amt Leaf: cup/ teabag
Liquor Color: dark amber
Leaf Characteristic:

  1. Steeping:

1st Steeping:
Water Temp: 200
Time: 10 minutes
I have been enjoying this tea since I purchased it from the Harvest Food Co-op in Cambridge, MA.
This tea is one of the more expensive teas that I have acquired in a very long time. I had been reading about this mushroom tea from one of the health magazines that I peruse every now and again. When I saw this tea brand and the many different forms offered at the Harvest I had to purchase the tea once I saw they offered it in tea bags. (They also had Mushroom Powder Tea, Mushroom balm, Mushroom supplements as well) all from the Chaga Mountain Inc.

The tea bags are all in one zip lock bag, individual tea bag with no strings. I take one of the bags and put this in my mug and adding the boiled water, I leave it to steep for the desired suggested time, minus five minutes since I could not wait.

The tea darkens to a dark reddish amber and does not seem to have any particular aroma at first. It is raw and slightly earthy when I taste of the tea; realizing it is the mushroom that I am enjoying in its raw form.

I continue to sip of the tea until finished.

2nd Steeping:
Water Temp: 200
Time: 15 minutes
I let the tea steep for the allot time of 15 minutes and tea is very dark and the aroma is strongly of earth and rawness that I equate with the mushroom. I take sip of the tea and it is strong and earthy cup of mushroom tea. There is a dryness effect after swallowing of the tea. I did not notice this when I had first cup of tea.

I like this tea because it is raw and earthy and I feel that I am drinking something that is good for me.

Overall tasting notes: This tea is raw and earthy with dryness to the throat upon swallowing. I like the way the tea tastes and I feel it is worth the money.

Classification: Year, and region of production; i.e.; Product of Western, Maine

Cup’s characteristic: Earthy and raw

Liquor color: dark amber

Taste: raw and earthy and when steep longer the mushroom is more noticeable.

200 °F / 93 °C 8 min or more

mushroom tea ! thats sounds amazing

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mushroom tea ! thats sounds amazing

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I enjoy a lovely cup of tea most days,and I like sharing my tea experiences with the world. I have been doing this for most of two years now.

I am at that thresh hold, unsure of how to proceed and why. My blog page is there for viewing and I am thankful for the experience as I have been allowed. Thank you everyone, sorry to have failed by not writing a tea book. I simply could not do it. I simply could not.
Steepster is offering: Steepster Select and together we’ll explore the world’s most interesting teas; with one free month and the resuming price of $24.95 for the remainder and one is free to cancel at anytime. I have no income and I live on my husband income; so would this be un-wise to do knowing where my life is at right now?
It is something to consider and thank you for the invite. Thank you for Steepster.com’s community of tea drinkers, tasters, reviewers, aficionados and all.


Leominster, MA



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