746 Tasting Notes

oh Watson!
“Does yours rub off too?”
“Are you going to keep that?”
“Seriously it’s not a joke, you’re keeping that?”
stiff upper lip and all that…
this fuzzy tea is irish breakfast with a crumb of chai. not too much chai.
(that was really my main concern you see. balance.)
but it’s yummy! yummy like john.
keep the ‘stache john! you’re an independent man! celebrate!
you go gurl!

what am i even saying, we all know john is, well, maybe not entirely that.
john is in pain. and this tea is comforting. comforting like the little blanket he has there on his upper lip.

thanks so much to the darling jump62359! this was the tea, that lead to the swap, that started it all.

fyi i’m looking for fandom blend swap buddies


haha gotta love Sherlock!


Blanket on his upper lip! That just gave me the heebie jeebies! :)

Tea Sipper

Ah, I just rewatched the moosetache episode. :D

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drank White Christmas by Lupicia
746 tasting notes

from my shinny brand new swap with jump62359! it’s definitely past christmas time, but there is snow on the ground for the first time this season, so this tea,…still appropriate. :)
i stared at the little white nodule that was in the tea bag for a long time. still not sure what it is. haha i love a mystery. …
… but now that it’s steeped the white node is gone, so i’ll assume it’s sugar. made to be pretty!
between the bold fruit flavor and the sugar pre-added, it’s definitely a sassy cup. this really is the most apricoty apricot tea i’ve tasted. it’s very apricot. and not really chocolate at all. (but maybe steeping the bag a second time will be different.)

this cup, and the snow covered ground, and my giant office window, and my giant mug, goes well with the Bach Partitas i’m listening to. (insert ‘ilovespotify’ rant here.)

i have a dance class tonight i’m already looking forward to. counting down the hours.

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drank Golden Honey Dew by Lupicia
746 tasting notes

this is seriously one of the best rooibos teas i’ve ever had. i thought i was done with rooibos all together. but here is green lupicia rooibos proving me wrong.
if you have a chance to try this tea you really should.
i steeped every last drop of flavor out of this first tea bag.

thank you jump62359! thank you so much for sending me this great swap!
it started so innocently on my part, all i wanted was to try Watson’s Mustache. (cuz i love Watson! but i kinda don’t love chai.) simple plan and all.
and next thing i knew, i was hyper-ed up about getting to try lots of hobbit blends i thought i’d never get to taste! (boyfriend called them contraband. i’m gonna re-sell them on the black market for top dollahh!)

this honey dew tea was an uber bonus to the swap. uber uber.

other news:
i also received a new big fat beautiful mug in the mail yesterday too
so i may have over done the tea a bit today haha

btw, if any of you who follow me have ADHD chat me up in a message! i wanna talk about how tea may or may not effect you.
when i say i drink a lot of tea, i’m not sure other people understand, and it’s definitely different than coffee ya know…


Green rooibos is slightly more tolerable than regular IMO…cute mug too :)


green really is better. i have david’s 3 lemon green that i also find very tolerable, …i might even say i like it hah.


That is a nice fat mug – so cute!


I had David’s Green and Fruity…and it was drinkable :)


I had found myself getting alittle weary of rooibos and then having a green one knock my socks off.


hmmm might need to try this sometime

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idk. this tea is one of those times when you know that it’s a good tea and many people seem to like it. and even though i know logically that it’s good, i still just can’t bring myself to like it.

so that’s, that.

in other news.
my boyfriend has been working on these shelves for quite a while and he just finished them.
he had basically NO building experience when he started.
So not only have his woodworking skills grown, but i can attest that his profanity vocabulary has also increased nicely.
they are proof that he is an insane optimistic determined and visionary man.


His ‘patience’ really paid off. Those are awesome! Yea, I am not a huge fan of this tea, either. It is all right.


OMG those shelves are amazing!


those shelves are awesome!


Yep. Also don’t like it. I did the very first time I had it, and then not so much.


That’s pretty sweet!

Tea Sipper

NO building experience? WHOA. I love the empty/full pictures.


that’s really fun!

Sami Kelsh

DUDE. Feel free to send your boyfriend to mine if he feels like building more shelves. My storage situation here basically amounts to an ikea side table and matching storage cube (which I’m proud to say I assembled all by myself!)
I had that tea once in New York with my girlfriend at the time. She ordered that one and I ordered Paris blend and halfway through we swapped because we liked the other better, and then I couldn’t remember which one she liked best and bought her a tin of each for Christmas. Now it reminds me of my ex-girlfriend, which is an uncomfortable cross between nostalgic and awkward.


The big questions is, are there enough shelves for your stash?

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drank Chocolate Tea by Harney & Sons
746 tasting notes

holy whoa.
i had a cup of this yesterday. it was nice, but not notable. i kinda forgot about it right after drinking it.
then i came here and read Miss Starfish’s mention of steeping longer and thought that was a good idea.
so this morning, after my 5 minute steeped cup, i was WIRED! and it was delicious! or maybe that’s the caffeine motivated positivity talking.
who knows. who cares!
when i place another harney order i’ll probably throw a sample of this in again. i don’t need 4oz of it, but an enjoyable cup or two is definitely in the ‘do want’ column.

oddree and i were too tired to watch Sherlock on Sunday night, so we watched last night. and i’m not gonna say any spoilers. but episode 3 was kinda bonkers. all over the place. and i SERIOUSLY need to re-watch this whole season. the show is so fast paced that i get TONS of new things from re-watches. (i feel like the creators know that and have made each season even more complex than the previous one for this reason.)


Bonkers is right! I’m watching it now, and holy moly…


I couldn’t be bothered to find a stream or tv so I’m waiting for the dvd to come.


Every hour or so I remember the episode and go “Whoa!” all over again. Like, did that really happen? All of that? Will def have to rewatch about 10 times, like with the last 2 series. With lots of tea. Sherlock-themed tea.


Watching an entire season sounds like a lot of work!


I still have only watched part way into the second episode because I can’t get them to stream without excessive lag and that is no way to watch Sherlock! You are definitely right about picking up on more during the rewatches. One thing I thought was kinda cute was they used Benedict Cumberbatch’s actual parents to play Sherlock’s parents :)

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ya right, the scent of this tea is pungent! but it tastes much mellower thank goodness. my sis immediately said it smelled like cough syrup (granted she also has a cold at the moment hah). but the taste of the tea is very much currants and very little cinnamon. which both work for me pretty well.

it’s not one i need to get in my cupboard again soon, but i could see myself buying a sample from time to time for some variety in my cupboard.

a lot has happened for my head space in the past 24 hrs.
unrelated, issue #1 of the new Black Widow comic series is released today. i’m not a collector or anything. but i was an art major. so i think i’ll go pick it up. i’m super curious. and all the covers and most of the art is gonna be by Phil Noto (philnoto.tumblr.com/) …who has been supplying me with phone & computer wallpaper for a few years now. (please please i hope she is written smart please please please) (don’t fuck it up Marvel!)

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my morning was kinda a mess. nothing went accoring to plan.
but somehow i got 2 cups of tea down my gullet before i left the house.
that’s a small win.
my sis was right, this does have a strong peach tone to it. the ginger is just a slight slight hint at the very end of the swallow. which is fine. it’s just a touch of fruit zest!
it’s a very nice cup. glad to have this sample.

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Happy Birthday Sherlock Holmes.
your fictional birthdate will be on my calendar forever.
i will drink Russian Country all day and pour each cup in honor of you.
excuse the all the feeelz! last night was a heartbreaking episode. and compounded with the inordinate cloudy and overcast and freezing sky, it’s just got me in “a mood”.

i drank this tea yesterday morning as i watched the first 2 episodes of the new Community season with oddree and my boyfriend. it was a very satisfying viewing. and breakfast was a very british toast and beans with a fried egg. plus earl grey.
(i was already in sherlock mode. my early morning cup was 3 fandom blends all mixed.)

this mint chocolate tea might be a little weird for me. it’s just not what i’m used to or what i think of when i go to drink a chocolate mint tea. it’s totally mint. and i’m pretty sure it’s chocolate. but they just kinda balance and blend strangely?
i feel like i’m being hasty to judge. i’ll have another cup soon i’m sure. and i’ll get back to ya.


I started watched Sherlock for the first time on Netflix last night, because of all the raving comments I read here on Steepster! I’m a believer now, he’s so darn cute and witty, I love how humorous and smart the show is, what an entertainment!


Ooh, you have lots to look forward to, TeaFairy :)
Yesterday’s breakfast was great. And I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Yay, Community’s return!
Today is also Lily Lam’s birthday too, and tomorrow is Cary Grant’s. Good week for classy British men over 100 years old. You know, if Sherlock existed in RL, but still…


YAAAAAY i’m so glad you enjoyed it teafairy :)

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i drank this the other morning,
and was gonna make a note about it tonight.
but then i watched the new sherlock episode (3×02)
and now i’m so bittersweet-sad that i can’t bring myself to do anything further.

(… it’s next morning)
i made this cup of tea by steeping the “leaves” on the stove in unsweetened vanilla almond milk with agave added. since i never ever make lattes it felt EXTREMELY decadent. and when i added the herbal tea to the milk the kitchen filled completely with a rich chocolate smell. i sister smelled it immediately from far across the room. the flavor was a little strange to me at first? but i think i could get used to it in a very good way.
the true bonus was just making a latte and being reminded that i really should encourage myself to enjoy them more :) so much yum.


I have been trying to watch the episode for over 2 hours now but it keeps buffering. The episode is so great but it sucks watching it in like 5 minute chunks :(


oh VariaTEA, that is seriously no way to watch quality tv! (my house has several film & movie snobs in it’s ranks, and if i watched like that i would seriously risk ostracization! hah. or at least get made fun of a whole lot)(but i understand. desperate times call for desperate measures!) i hope you go through the episode and enjoyed it.


That latte was awesome, yes. Super creamy chocolate.


I have to find the time to watch it tonight…


I definitely agree Shmiracles but I introduced my sister to the show and she refused to watch on the laptop which meant that I had to hook it up to the television and if it went into sleep mode while waiting for it to load the sound would only play through my laptop speakers as opposed to the televisions ones, which also she was not okay with. That left me with the option to stand there and tap the laptop for an hr waiting for it to load or to watch it section by section :(

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drank Atomic Lemon by Dammann Freres
746 tasting notes

haha suprise mate and tea. it says tisane on the bag and it lead me to assume wrong.
and here i am trying to stop drinking caffeine after 2pm. well, at least it’s a friday. !!!
i’ve been trying to play viola more. i am very much a uber beginner. and can’t read music or anything. i just figure out the main melodies to songs i like and then play them poorly.
my fortune cookie on new years day read “Do it because you love it”.
that’s a pretty nice reminder.


don’t let the music snobs spoil your love of music—reading music can come in handy for sure, but also handy (if not more necessary, imho) is having a great ear and a lot of fun! My fiancé is almost completely blind (as am I), and although he can read braille music, he doesn’t read it at all anymore and learns everything (very quickly) by ear, and works as a music therapist (his primary instrument being the piano). I sing, and when he and I are learning pieces/songs together, it’s all about ears! :)


sounds like you’re doing the kodaly method. very good for strings, very good for emphasizing intuitive playing. =0)


hey thanks for the cheerleading! yay!
i play bass by ear because that’s what you do in bands. but when i started viola the first time a few years back i took lessons and tried to use a book and it just basically sucked all the fun out of an instrument that is already WAY difficult! i quit lessons and put it away for a few years. so now it’s time for a re-do! 2014!
if all i do is play the Hobbit Misty Mountains song and Lykke Li’s ‘I Follow Rivers’ on repeat then so be it.




That’s awesome. :D I did Suzuki method, which is a lot of listening to tapes with the printed music as backup.

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i have a cat named House Party 3.

i drink my tea plain.

vegan. fine arts major. bass player. runner. yoga do-er. childfree. scifi fan. e-reader fanatic. knitting newb. ADHD club member (ie; all my exclamation points are for realz!!)

i’m always aspiring to read more books.

i don’t care what you say, chamomile is barfaroony.
i’m so over rooibos.
evil hibiscus is evil.

some tea pictures!

Steepster’s Ultimate Fan Fic Thread!

i only log each tea i taste once.

!!! SWAPPING !!!

ALWAYS interested in reducing my tea stash, so please ask if you want to swap or sample something! even if it’s just one tea.

every tea in my cupboard is swapable! (at least i TRY to keep it up to date)
every tea i have tried is listed in my rated teas.


Virginia, USA

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