759 Tasting Notes

drank Blue Lady by The House of Tea
759 tasting notes

so it’s true i went to philly for 5 days. well actually 4 days. we cut the trip a little short. (and now i wish i was back)

i visited a pizza museum that has a mural that is all philadelphia people and i am in it.
(that’s me in the Melvins shirt with no bangs cuz my first show with my band was opening for The Melvins and i had no bangs back then)

my sister and i also went to the modern wing of the museum as i ALWAYS do and uncharacteristically of my usual taste, i really liked the new Sean Scully room.
i’m such a modernist that color block stuff doesn’t tend to do it for me. but something about this room gave me the super warm fuzzies. i took like 4 panoramas of it.

i cannot tell you how thrilled i was that the coffee shop i used to always go to now has a healthy selection of loose leaf tea. this one was citrusy and flowery and was perfect for sitting outside and reading our kindles in the breeze.


So awesome that your are immortalized in a mural. I’m jealous!


That’s awesome! Love the mural. Also I like the fuzzy mural thing too.

Terri HarpLady

That IS cool!


Shmiracles yer adorable


Welcome back!!

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oh noes. i have 8 teas that i logged and have to write reviews for. from this weekend.
got a bit behind.

i saw Iron Man 3 on sunday and as soon as it ended i felt like i could watch it again.
so i went home and watched the first hour of The Avengers. then tried to watch the first 2 Iron Mans.

went dancing saturday night. and drank a lot. and grabbed toooo many butts. i’m sure of it.


Oh my, I haven’t grabbed a butt in sooo long. Marriage means I get stuck with one butt forever! :D


hahah just when i think the list is long enough for me … reason #156 to not get married.


I don’t know, if you find the right butt… the perfect combination of muscle and bubble, you might want to grab it for years!


This comment thread is so absurd and hilarious, I must jump in! TastyBrew is right, I found the perfect butt and I’ve been grabbing it for years, so being stuck with one butt(Nxtdoor, you should get paid for these words!) is proven to be fun!!


to each his own butt!!!


or in your case «buttS» Shmiracles, haha!


nothing wrong with grabbing random butts after your married as long as that’s all you do! grin


ok everyone, way TMI! keep your weirdness to yourselves. LOL.


This is the perfect tea for this thread!

Josie Jade

Haha, great thread! Hope your run went well, Shmiracles, if the weather cleared up. Well, and in between all of the butt grabbing! :)


hey Josie! thanks for asking!! but i mega stubbed my toe friday night, so between that and the rain i just didn’t do the race at all. (which was good cuz it poured rain during the race time too)
(here’s a pic of my toe: warning for blood content – http://instagram.com/p/aSHXq1oc0b/ )
but i have a marathon next weekend, so i still have plenty of running to look forward to :)


5 years from now someone (new people) will read this and they’ll be like.. “What freaks!” Loosen up, yo. It’s just tea.


haha. I’m already thinking as much about you guys. It’s all Shmiracles, she’s the source! It gets pretty boring around here when she isn’t logging teas (btw Shmiracles, I missed the part where you actually said something about the tea here. :p )


I did not like the last bits of IM3.


Hahah Shelley! i don’t need to actually “review” a tea called TEAse now do i?
i mean, it’s created off of a show about teenage werewolves and lizard mutators and grossly-romanic romeo & juliet type scenarios. not to mention basically any reason to get the alpha werewolf to take his shirt off.
this tea wasn’t really created for is nuanced personality i don’t think.
so, ya, this tea is basically a shirtless hunk. and it’s getting it’s butt grabbed on my dance floor.


Well gee, shouldn’t the tea at least get a cameo in its own note? :p


Lolol this review / all the comments made me giggle haha. Thanks for making my day :)


OMG it’s a TEEN WOLF tea?! Why does shipping to Canada cost so much! I can think of so many people who I need to get this for…


OMGsrsly – if you want to do an Adagio order some time, I AM ALL FOR IT. Even if you have to ship it to me in Toronto, I’ll take the $10 shipping over $35. (Cuz I want me some Tardis)

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well, this one was not a hit on my tasting adventure with my sis on sunday.
i think it might require some finesse to brew well.
thanks moraiwe for letting me attempt it!

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i generally love all the Dammann teas i’ve had.
this one isn’t at the tippy top of the list, but it still falls under the ’i’d smash that’ category.
maybe it’s the cherry notes? ever so slightly too tart is all. for me at least. if it was just a tad more subtle it would be on my buy list i bet.
still love it.
thank you bunches Sil for the beautiful sample!!
i just wanna put this song here cuz i’m really into it today.
this one goes out to Capsicle.

If you’re still alive, My regrets are few
If my life is mine, What shouldn’t I do?
I get wherever I’m going, I get whatever I need
While my blood’s still flowing, And my heart still beats…
Beating like a hammer
Help, I’m alive, my heart keeps beating like a hammer

Hard to be soft
Tough to be tender

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my sister picked this one out of the swap box.
she’s taken to trying the new teas with a bit of personal zest, so it really helps in encourage me to drink more new teas than i might otherwise. also sharing rules.

and she is an earl grey person. always wants to try it.

this tea was fun! i mean, i know it’s weird to describe a tea as fun, but i just never thought of an earl grey green before. i don’t know why not.
and it seemed playful.
thanks for the taste CHAroma!


Glad you and your sister enjoyed it. :D

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drank Marco Polo by Mariage Frères
759 tasting notes

i got this sample thanks to Sil!
i will probably try to buy some.
it reminds me of the Mariage Freres Macaron tea. something about the perfumey scent it gives off dry.
i had one cup. and then my sister came down from her room and we had another cup right away.
and then i cradled the last of the un-brewed leaves in my hands like a baby bird.

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a slice of orange in my tea sounds nice to me!
a delicately citrusy cup.
thank you Sil for the thoughtful sample!

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i personally think this tea is fairly dull for such a bold and jittery character. but it’s a drinkable tea.

there are may be something like 4 boxes of tea i should be putting together and mailing out but all i keep doing is reading in my room and ignoring all my responsibilities. and tea sample mailings is one of those responsibilities i’m ignoring evidently.


fanfiction consumes all.


Star, i have thought of this small statement you made at least 20 times since yesterday. le sigh.

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okay so i drank this days ago. it was my first tea on a saturday morning. fruity and caffeinated. perfect for breakfast don’t you think?!
i like a few of the berry teas i received in swaps a little more than this one, but it’s still a bright cup. i’ll drink it again soon.
thanks moraiwe!

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oh my, Scheherazade my sister is an earl grey fanatic. so i gleefully brewed this up to surprise her.
got out the nice tea cup set.
even got out the little spoons.
i like this tea for it’s balance of boldness and subtlety.
my sister once accused me of never buying earl greys. i said ‘of course not, that’s what you’re for!’.
but i would buy this one, i really would.

now back to my fic in which iron man proposes to captain america. dingaling wedding bells dingaling.

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i have a cat named House Party 3.

i drink my tea plain.

vegan. fine arts major. bass player. runner. yoga do-er. childfree. scifi fan. e-reader fanatic. knitting newb. ADHD club member (ie; all my exclamation points are for realz!!)

i’m always aspiring to read more books.

i don’t care what you say, chamomile is barfaroony.
i’m so over rooibos.
evil hibiscus is evil.

some tea pictures!

Steepster’s Ultimate Fan Fic Thread!

i only log each tea i taste once.

!!! SWAPPING !!!

ALWAYS interested in reducing my tea stash, so please ask if you want to swap or sample something! even if it’s just one tea.

every tea in my cupboard is swapable! (at least i TRY to keep it up to date)
every tea i have tried is listed in my rated teas.


Virginia, USA

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