766 Tasting Notes

drank Chocolate Delight by Tea Guys
766 tasting notes

you guys are right! this is a very nice chocolate cup!
the slight touch of vanilla really rounds out the chocolate flavor. warm and nutty is a good and accurate description. and i’m glad i have more of this left so i can make it with a little milk and agave.


Had to check and make sure this was on my “purchase” list!

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i opened this timolino to let it start to cool down, and as i finished the previous cup of another tea all I could smell was warm vibrant coconut.
i’m SO GLAD i bought this. i stood there at the counter hemming and hawing about whether i should spend the money. but once i get the tea home i’m always glad i have it and don’t think a bit about the money.

i’ll write more notes later. probably tomorrow when i drink it again. i just have too much to get done today is all.
i’ll obviously have to compare it to the davidstea version once i get time to taste that one.

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i love lemon teas. and Della Terra sent this sample along with my last order so i was jazzed to try it.

it didn’t do much for me. but i feel kinda certain that it was me and not the tea. or maybe i missed the shinny tartness in the lemon. or maybe i should have added milk to enhance the cakeyness. or maybe i should have used more leaf. or maybe i could have tried it iced. or waited until summer. but despite all i maybe could have done differently, for some strange reason i wasn’t interested in trying again. and i just gave it to my sister. because i love my sister. and my sister loves tea. and she needed more herbals.

Marcel Duchamp

I liked this tea but I would have liked more tartness too.


I agree, there’s not a lot of tartness in this one. It really is more of a lemon dessert taste, rather than a lemon dessert tea – if that makes sense? :)

Marcel Duchamp

Yes, It is more of a dessert taste in general. Maybe I just need to eat a lemon bar while drinking this one. haha.


Oooooo i love a lemon bar yum
maybe it was the honeybush. i mean, i haven’t had much honeybush so i’m not sure yet, but maybe i don’t like it.


I really like the lack of tartness in this one! Fluffy lemon dessert is what I wanted, and what I got :D

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drank Copabanana by DAVIDsTEA
766 tasting notes

this is a tea i would never buy because i don’t eat banana-flavored anything. i only eat bananas.
but great that Davids sent me one of their little sample pouches cuz now i can try it despite my banana feelings! and i always wanna try a new tea. no matter what i suspect i MIGHT think of it i still ALWAYS wanna try it once.

but alas, yes, i mean, it DOES taste like banana. and not really fake tasting either. almost like they squeezed a banana’s juice out. and that is a big compliment coming from me :) so if you like bananas that aren’t bananas, you should totally buy this!


Know what you mean, in reverse. I don’t like to eat bananas, but I like banana flavoring.


Haha, I like trying everything once as well. I’ve actually found a few unexpected things I like that way! For example, Laoshan Black (I disliked black teas, especially straight!), and DavidsTea’s Dulce & Banana (hated chamomile… or so I thought.)


hah interesting! cuz Dulce & Banana was the one where i realized i hate chamomile. i was like ‘this tea should be yummy, so why can’t i even like it’s scent?’ it wasn’t the banana that was turning me off, but something else, and that’s when i finally understood.
i would DEFINITELY drink Copabanana before Dulce&Banana. i might even say i like this banana tea! maybe i should try Banana Nut Bread. people seem to be comparing them a little.
i did go through the trouble to take my soggy used Copabanana tea bag the whole way home so i could start a cold brew. :)


I didn’t drink Copabanana and Banana Nut Bread close enough together to really remember how they differed. Other than Banana Nut Bread being great at clogging up filters… I don’t really mind either, but herbals just don’t seem to be my thing anymore (and they’re so expensive by weight! And don’t re-steep well.)

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drank Honey Bee by DAVIDsTEA
766 tasting notes

umm………i don’t like it. mostly the smell. but i’m glad i have it. cuz i think other people will like it and i can offer it to them when they visit. and my boyfriend is the mate guy and he drinks it. so it’s all cool.

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drank Gyokuro Yamashiro by DAVIDsTEA
766 tasting notes

vegetal ! like rah rah vegetal! like fresh rain and a freshly picked garden. like a cucumber salad or wheatgrass shots after a great run.

and it’s slightly naturally sweet too.
so glad i got this early on and don’t know why it’s not already gone. though i’m glad it’s not because it will be perfect for spring. the bright green leaves and cloudy lime colored liquor will make the sun seem just a little warmer.

for lunch today i went and took and short ABS class. also i’m lazily attempting Intermittent Fasting. no doubt i’ll talk about it too much on here. it’s what i do.


How come you’re attempting Intermittent Fasting?


hi Lynne-tea! ummm sorry in advance for this kinda a long complainey sounding story??
i will preface this by saying that i am not a petite gal. i am basically an amazon and am by no means underweight and i don’t have a runners gangly body.
but basically, all my crazy marathon training has me eating like a crazy person. (i ran a marathon saturday too) my appetite is sky high. which is okay enough, but lately i’ve been making dumb food choices. and i pay for it with bad nights sleep and bogged down training runs and some weight gain. i’m running 3 marathons in April and the next 3 weeks i am tapering training, which means less miles. so it’s a good time to experiment and train my hunger impulses to chill out a bit more.
if i eat lots and really healthy i have a MUCH better time running.
i will say though that it’s almost 4p and i feel STUFFED on the half of the giant lunch i ate. the experiment continues!
have you done IF before? basically i’m reading up on the leangains model and eating all my calories for the day in an 8hr window starting at 1pm.
blah blah blah
i could talk about this forever.


Thats really neat! I always skipped breakfast and had no problem maintaining a lower, cut weight. But now, due to pressure from my family and friends, I’ve started eating breakfast. I hate it. I get hungry within a few hours of having my breakfast and now I’m gaining weight… not too much, but enoughs enough. I’m not going to conform!
I wish you luck :)

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drank Caramel by Kusmi Tea
766 tasting notes

goddamn it i can’t believe i just steeped this for 9 min :(

am i right that it would be kinda respectable to dump some out and add water until it’s not bitter? that’s a thing that people do?

…. WAIT WAIT wait. how is it possible that this tea isn’t horribly bitter?!?!?!
i didn’t add water or anything and sure it may not be the best steep of this tea but i swear i am amazed that i can drink it and it’s only slightly more potent than i would like. after 9 minutes!!! how is that even possible?!

this accidental power steep has kinda given me a whole new level of appreciation for this tea. grace under pressure. i’m gonna drink much more of you caramel! cuz now that i’ve seen your inner beauty, i understand you much more.


I want to like that one more


i know what you mean whatshesaid. i bought a big tin of it and was like ‘meh’ and gave most of the tin away slowly. but today something clicked! and i’m glad it finally did. now i will appreciate it with a new perspective.
interesting how illusive tea can be sometimes! such a tease.


It didn’t turn horridly bitter because the base is Chinese, and the rule of thumb for the majority of Chinese blacks is that you have to really go out of your way to ruin them. They have very little bitterness and astringency in them.


Good to know!! How can a person tell if the base is Chinese?


it says in the description of all their teas really basically “Chinese black tea flavored with caramel”. i just don’t know the differences between teas, but now i’m sure i will remember chinese blacks. and how they like to be abused. ;)
i plan to read some books on tea eventually. so i can learn more. just haven’t quite gotten there yet.
thanks Angrboda


Whatshesaid, you can’t. Not unless they tell you. But if you get an experience like this one where something extremely oversteeped stands up to it and remains drinkable you can make an educated guess that it might be Chinese. :) It seems that most often your average flavoured black has a Ceylon base or some sort of blended base.

Shmiracles, this is one of the major reasons that I prefer Chinese over Indian blacks. Indian teas in particular are often terribly finicky and demanding, whereas I find I can get away with most things when brewing Chinese. Chinese blacks just suit me better. :)
As for really being able to tell the different characteristics between regions, I’m afraid that’s largely a question of experience. Books will help, certainly, because they can give you an idea of what to keep an eye out for, but most of it is paying attention while drinking. (Non-flavoured, obviously, because flavouring can hide the base quite effectively)

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drank Orange Blossom by DAVIDsTEA
766 tasting notes

whoa listen. it has been an AWESOME 24 hours.
last night we had a party at my house and i drank this iced. i also had whisky white iced and made a few others for the future.
then today i had a pretty great marathon. considering how under-trained i am and that it rained even before the race started.
then we went to Carytown Teas and i got a Blood Orange Puerh and a Coconut Oolong and MY GOD Carytown Teas has the best tea ever so i can’t wait to go to sleep just so i can wake up and drink them.

Orange Blossom makes a pretty rad iced tea. i might say that it’s taken me almost a year to enjoy iced tea and this one is the one that helped nudge me into agreement.


Oh, never heard of Carytown Teas. Their stuff looks good indeed.


It’s the only tea place in my smallish city. I purposefully went to just get the blood orange puerh. Because even though I reviewed it wimpily, I basically hadn’t been able to really enjoy another puerh since. But when I saw the coconut oolong on the counter, and everyone on steepster has been talking about coconut oolongs and making my mouth water, I figured I should just get it. The main problem is that they only let you buy a 2oz minimum at a time. So if I do buy tea I end up spending way more $ than I should and my “only buying smaller samples” rule goes out the window.
But like always. I may feel guilty at first, but in the end i’m never unhappy that I have more tea. :)

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so you KNOW i like lapsang blends. i just really like how there is this super distinct tea that you think is so strong and kinda overbearing that it’ll only ever be a lapsang. and then you blend it with other teas and it goes all kinds of other new places!
i like to be surprised by lapsangs.

smaug is still my number one lapsang blend i guess. and also the only tea i’ve ever rated on steepster hah. but this one is special as well.

when i smell it dry, unfortunately it KINDA smells like cough syrup. definitely the berry blastiness is to blame. this tea would probably benefit from trying different kinds of steeping. i used a slightly cooler temperature water and let it steep for only about 2ish min. i don’t remember the last cup being so rose hips and hibiscusy, but that is also the nature of blends sometimes. one scoop can turn out noticeably different than another.
(come to think of it, i might have found a good lapsang iced option. weird i know but i’ll try anything once.)

i might go so far as to make my own blend including the lapsang souchong & almond tea but removing the berry blast and replacing it with orange rinds? marmalade? I’m Brillaint! anyone know how to get in contact with Cara McGee asap??!?!? it’s urgent!


i just totally messaged Cara. like a rude tea nerd.

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drank Jasmine Pearls by Tea Guys
766 tasting notes

Bring It On Down To Veganville!

little balls of yarn!
yummy yarn.


haha. I think SNL had one about tea before… rather than Veganville.


ya with Kristen Wiig dressed as a tea bag and playing the auto harp! but man do i have the veganville songs stuck in my head hah


Little balls of yarn never fail to make my day. Thanks for the pic :)

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i have a cat named House Party 3.

i drink my tea plain.

vegan. fine arts major. bass player. runner. yoga do-er. childfree. scifi fan. e-reader fanatic. knitting newb. ADHD club member (ie; all my exclamation points are for realz!!)

i’m always aspiring to read more books.

i don’t care what you say, chamomile is barfaroony.
i’m so over rooibos.
evil hibiscus is evil.

some tea pictures!

Steepster’s Ultimate Fan Fic Thread!

i only log each tea i taste once.

!!! SWAPPING !!!

ALWAYS interested in reducing my tea stash, so please ask if you want to swap or sample something! even if it’s just one tea.

every tea in my cupboard is swapable! (at least i TRY to keep it up to date)
every tea i have tried is listed in my rated teas.


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